Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Going Back In Time to Three Travel Days at the Beginning of March

It is Wednesday Morning, April 3, 2024, as I finish writing this blog. We stopped in St. Augustine, FL for Easter and this morning we will be heading North into Georgia. 

I am still trying to get the Blog caught up to us. The next bit of information is an FYI for us: In the last blog I wrote about our time parked off of Ogilby Road in February. I blogged about leaving there on February 22, 2024, our two day drive to Quail Ridge and our time there is in this blog and this blog the second blog also contained information about our first travel day as we made our way to New Braunfels, TX which was our next stop.

For the most part I am just posting the pictures from our travel days. Not a lot to say really we were on I-10 and moving East.

Friday, March 1, 2024 (Roadrunner Rest Area to Walmart in Ft Stockton, TX -- 286 miles)

After about 31 miles Friday morning we left New Mexico behind and crossed into Texas and construction.

Going through El Paso.

It is really nice when the highway numbers are printed on the road.
Upper left: every time we have come through here I wonder
what this is?

We have been through Border Patrol Checkpoints before but
this was the first time we have seen a sign asking that you have
 your immigration documents ready. We were waved through.

Just west of Ft. Stockton this was on our left

and these metal figures were on our right. 

We ended out day at the Walmart in Ft. Stockton. We have stopped here before and it is usually a quiet stop and tonight it was. 

Saturday, March 2, 2024 (Ft. Stockton Walmart to Walmart in  Boerne, TX -- 284 miles)
Today we were reminded of two things pay attention to your surroundings and if a place does not feel comfortable just keep moving. We stopped at a small truck stop for diesel, there were only two pumps. While Tom was inside paying I watched two young men walk towards the motorhome from the back door of the store where they had been sitting and then disappear behind the Jeep. I did feel us move a bit while Tom was still inside the station which means they were trying the Jeep doors or fooling with the hitch. When Tom came back out I waved him inside to tell him what was going on. He went back out to pump the diesel and they were still behind the Jeep. At that point he asked them what they were doing back there and they claimed to be taking pictures though they were obviously looking inside.  After Tom finished pumping he pulled around to were some semis were parked to take a quick walk around the Jeep and check our hitch. Luckily nothing came of it but I was nervous while Tom was out there pumping the diesel. As soon as I saw them walking towards the motorhome I was sorry I had not trusted my instincts and asked Tom not to stop at the pumps but to circle around and get back on to I-10.

As we were pulling out of the Walmart this morning this was our
view. Evidently if you are running for office in Ft. Stockton this
is the place to put up your sign.

We stopped at this Rest Area and there were no spots to park 
and for a while there was no way out. 

 It is green!

I just liked the look of these trees.

More green.

Today's plan had been to stop for the night at a rest area but when we pulled in there were only a few spaces for semis and RV's plus they were at an angle. So I looked ahead, made a phone call, Tom pulled the Stinger "B" back out onto I-10, and we continued to the Walmart in Boerne, TX. 

Sunday, March 3. 2024 (Boerne Walmart to York Creek RV in New Braunfels, TX -- 59 miles)

Today we only had about and hour left before reaching our destination and check in was at  1:00PM so we were not in a rush to get on the road. So we took our time drinking our coffee before heading out.

Leaving the Walmart.

Merging on to I-10

Between this picture of us going South on I-10

and this one of us going North on I-35 there was a lot of construction
  on the bypass. No one was actually working as it was Sunday but 
  all the evidence of construction was there just the same.

I did not take one picture as we drove through the construction as I was to busy helping keep the Stinger "B" in her lane so she did not hit the cement barrier on our right and that involves a lot of leaning in towards the center of the motorhome. If you are scratching your head about that one then you have never sat in the passenger seat of a Motorhome. Everyone who has I am pretty sure knows what I am talking about...It is not easy and it is a stress full job!

We pulled into the York Creek RV Park just a little after 1:00PM, unhooked the Jeep, Tom backed the Motorhome into our spot, and we got settled in. Our reservations were for a week but we ended up staying 9 nights. This is a no frills RV Park and it looked like there were mostly long term rigs parked here. The park itself was clean and Tom said when he went to do jeans the laundry area was decent. For us this park was the right price and in the right location. It was Northeast of San Antonio and within an hour or less of the places we wanted to visit. We would stay here again if we are in this area.

Today, March 3rd, I saw my first Dandelion in person
for this year. Not the prettiest but one just the same...😊

We spent four days traveling East for a total of  873 miles. The weather cooperated and for the most part so did the wind. There were no construction delays worth mentioning. The traffic well it is what it is on I-10 and we knew what it would be like before we pulled on. All in all we would put this part of our trip in the good travel days column.

The Drive into San Antonio on March 6th, 10th and 11th.

Since this blog is pretty much about traveling on the Interstate, I-10, I thought adding our drive into San Antonia on I-35 would fit in here. The pictures below are a combination of the three times we made the trip. I will be talking about why we stopped here in the next couple of blogs.  

Once we were on I-35 it was not to many miles and we would
pass by this sign.

Then several miles later this was our view.

It really did not slow down traffic but it is going to be 
something when it is finished.

There is going to be a lot of highway up above.

In our opinion for flying both the US Flag and State Flag 
Texas wins! 

One of the days on our way back to the RV Park.

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  1. Happy to see you've had Safe travel days. Enjoy the adventure.

    It's about time.

  2. So glad you were able to quickly leave the surroundings where you felt uncomfortable and that nothing happened…. There have been lots of times I’ve wished we had a back window!
    I feel your ‘lean’… been there, done that 😊
    Safe travels as you continue…

    1. Thank you Kim. I agree a back window would be nice.

  3. Thank you for the good laugh I had while you described leaning in the motorhome. Been there done that! Becky

    1. Glad it gave you a laugh that is what I was hoping

  4. Ha!!! You should be DRIVING in those narrow construction zones with barriers six inches from your bumper. I admit, being a passenger is worse because you have no control! LOL

    1. I wonder if it is easier for you with no help on the passenger side or Tom with me telling him you are getting close, calmly of

  5. My first thought was the same a Nancy's. I sure do not miss driving in the narrow construction zones in a big rig. Scary incident at the truck stop!

    1. I do not even like those construction zones in just the

  6. Good to see
    some enthusiasm love ya

    1. If this is who I think it is...Jeff??? Love you back.