Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Leaving the Desert Behind and Moving East

After 119 Days Parked in the Sonoran Desert on Friday morning, February 23rd, we pointed the nose of the Stinger "B" East. (She actually spent 2 nights and 3 more days parked in the desert then we did but that will be another back in time memory blog.) It is time to start our slow trek to the Atlantic Ocean and South Carolina. It is bittersweet to leave behind the quiet beauty of the desert yet at the same time we look forward to the road ahead and the adventures that await us. There are some planned stops along the way including our destination but mostly this next six weeks will be about enjoying the journey. We are living our retirement dream thankful for every day that God gives us on this path of life. 

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Our last day parked in this beautiful place was spent quietly. We had finished up a lot of the packing that needs to be done before moving over the last couple of days so there really would not be a lot left to do in the morning. Our plan was to just enjoy this last day. We had a wonderful happy hour with our neighbors along with Melissa and Lyle who drove over from where they are presently staying for a visit and some last hugs until we cross paths again. It was nice to sit out and just enjoy the company and conversation. Plus there may have been some laughter in the afternoon air. All to soon Melissa and Lyle were folding up their chairs and on their way. A picture at any point during this time would have been nice but there is not one. With hugs and a see you down the road they were off.  The rest of us sat and chatted as the sun left the sky and then headed in for dinner. 

Our neighborhood in the suns last ray's of light.

When I got up to take a picture of our last sunset in this place

I also took the time to click some pictures of the views
surrounding us.

Including the moon rising over the 
Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

The sun setting on another perfect day parked in this place.

The wind co-operated and we had one last fire.
Upper left: Tom getting the fire going.
Upper Right: Riley and Deb
Bottom Left: Tom and Kim  Bottom Right: Ken

It was wonderful spending this time parked in the desert with friends while enjoying beautiful views, sunrises and sunsets. Our time was filled with good company, lively conversations, and laughter. This lifestyle we have chosen in retirement has brought us many surprises along the way. The best surprise is the people we have met along the way that we now call friends. We have moved on but the memories always stay with us. Looking forward to the next time.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Up early today we watched the sun come up through our windows while drinking our coffee. Then we finished getting ready to move our home down the road.

The sun rising up over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Left to right: Ken, Kim, Riley, and Deb
All to soon it was time for hugs and to say see you down 
the road. It has been fun!

I can see the waving and picture taking

as Tom steers the Stinger "B" unto the road.

We did make one stop to take some cuttings from this Ocotillo.

One last picture of our neighborhood.

There is a green "carpet" on the desert floor.

Pilot Knob Peak

Then we are back in Arizona.

We left Ogilby Road in California driving separately this morning. Tom wanted to stop and dump our black tank plus take on some fresh water. I had two stops I wanted to make which included a quick stop at Walmart for a few groceries. The plan was to meet at the Arizona Market Place and it worked out as planned. After a short walk about and a quick lunch we hooked the Jeep up to the Stinger "B" and we were on our way.

Taking Telegraph Pass through the Gila Mountains just east of
Yuma. The bottom left picture is my favorite as we come out
the east side. I am not sure how many times I have taken it and
published it on this blog....LOL

I did not plan on taking a lot of pictures over the next couple of days as we travel East on I-8 then I-10 as far as Benson were we will turn South on AZ-90. This is a route we have traveled several times over the years going both East and West and I have taken a lot of pictures many of which have made there way to the blog. I plan on mostly just enjoying the views.

I could not resist taking some of the green in the desert.

It is hard to see in the pictures

but the green went right up the mountainside.

A power plant with solar panels in rows

for acres and acres. 

Not long after the above pictures we exited at Gila Bend thinking
we would spend the night parked at the Pilot Travel Center.
A smaller rig would fit in their RV spots and we did not want
to park in the Semi Area besides they were all back ins.

So we kept going with the sun setting behind us. 

We are now driving through the Sonoran Desert National
Monument and there are Saguaros as far as the eyes can see.

This is were I always take way to many pictures of these 
Majestic Beauties.

The moon was rising in front of us as we made our way

further East looking for a parking space.

We remembered there was a parking area before I-10 where
we had stopped and ate lunch in the past. Then about thirty
miles down the road there it was. 

The sun had dropped behind what I believe are the Sand Tank Mountains as we pulled into the parking area. The light was fading fast, as it does in the desert, and though this was not an ideal place to stop it was a place. We knew it would be noisy and it was with semis and various vehicles coming and going throughout the night. Quite the change from the quiet of the desert never the less we did get some sleep. 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Up with the sun this morning we had our coffee before heading out to continue our trek East to where we will spend the next five nights, Quail Ridge RV Park.

Tom took this before the sun had made its way up

and then I took this just as it peeked up over the horizon.

I know I mentioned above that I did not plan on taking a lot of pictures as we make our way to Quail Ridge RV Park. Then we are traveling through the Sonoran Desert National Monument and knowing we will soon be saying goodbye to the Saguaros for this Adventure that plan So below are a few of the pictures I did take.

There are so many Saguaros and 

they are all majestic

and beautiful.

Then they are gone from sight and replaced with green fields.
They are on those mountains ahead of us though.

A few last pictures of the Saguaros

and we are merging on to I-10 and back in traffic.
Upper right: I always like seeing this semi company truck
pass us. A nice reminder.

Then passing Picacho Peak we see the green 

and the Saguaros

one last time.

I like how Arizona decorates there over passes.
The two middle pictures for the first time ever as we are going
by Tucson we are in a construction zone.

Continuing East we have come to our exit. 

Top: We can see snow on the Huachuca Mountains.
Middle: Coming up to our turn to the right on AZ-82
Bottom: We have made it to where we will park our home,
Quail Ridge RV, for the next five days. Those are the
Mustang Mountains in the distance.

We arrived found our spot and got settled in. It was an uneventful trip the kind we really like. As much as we will miss the wide open spaces and the quiet of the desert we are going to enjoy having full hookups. 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Today we are headed over to Tombstone and Sacred Heart Catholic Church for Mass. Then we will take a walk up and down Allen Street. There may even be a stop or two for some browsing in the various shops. 

Going over the San Pedro River. 

The altar area.
This is a small pretty mission church.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
I wrote a short history of this parish community here. This is
not the original church building but they did build the first
church building of any denomination in Tombstone in 1881.

Below are some pictures of our walk on Allen Street.

Lunch at the Crystal Palace Saloon.
The service was excellent and the food was good.

Linear Garden.
Basically it has become a tradition for us to take a ride up the
hill to check this interesting collection of, lets face it, "junk"
out. I am not sure our visit would be complete otherwise..😊. 

We are almost home and we can see the 
Whetstone Mountains in the distance.

Today, February 26th, was a stay at home day. We both did wash. Tom took four loads over to the laundromat here at the park and I did several loads here inside. Plus I worked at getting the blog caught up, sort of. Several "back in times" to come.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Though there is no place as serene as the desert, but we need to look at all the beauty of nature. Looking forward to your coming adventures.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the views.

    It's about time.

    1. We agree there is a lot of beauty in nature all around us if we choose to look. Even though we will miss the serenity of the desert we are looking forward to the road ahead.

  2. Always so sad to leave, but excited for new views. Yes, the linear garden is organized junk, and getting bigger every year!! Lol

    1. You are right it is sad to leave but at the same time excited for what is down the road.

  3. Oh the memories. Don't we have a few from Quail Ridge too? Haha. That was then, this is now. 😀
    Enjoy the trip.

    1. We do have some memories from Quail

  4. So sorry we were unable to visit with you this year, next year for sure! Safe travels :-)

    1. We will look forward to next years visit which we will make happen...😊

  5. Great pictures Deb… safe travels as you continue east!

  6. I enjoyed the few pics.
    We were all happy to hear you managed to depart before lock up. Lol.
    Tombstone is always a fun visit.
    Safe travels, enjoy the journey, the destination will be waiting when you arrive.


    1. Miss you guys. We were happy to escape in the nick of