Monday, December 28, 2020

Enjoying Life Parked on Ogilby Road


My Christmas Flowers!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Our day started quietly sitting outside looking at the Cargo Muchacho Mountains drinking a cup coffee. 

A beautiful view and a new coffee mug. 
Thank you Tom.

As the day progressed the clouds took over. The sun  
did find a spot to shine through before setting.

Then I looked out and saw color on the horizon

and some pink hovering over the mountains.

As pretty as the color was in the picture above it was not 
what I was seeing. I exchanged my lens for my zoom
and this is closer to what we were looking at.

Not quite a full moon yet.
That happens on Tuesday.

Towards the end the whole sky was a fire.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Today we took a ride a few miles west on I-8. The main purpose to get rid of our trash.  Then we took a ride out to see the Plank Road. We have been there before but it is always nice to see again.

Bottom pictures are a replica of one section.

Some of the actual Road.

Heading back we saw three powered parachutes. 
I caught this one with the moon.

 We are parked off in the distance 
on the other side of these dunes.

I finally got a good picture of the train engines.
It helps when they are parked.

We took a ride closer to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.
The little white dot is the moon.

 We got back just in time to sit out and watch 

the sun go done on our day.

The last of the light lingers.

A quick fire and then inside for the night.

It was a nice Christmas and weekend. We were able to video chat or see videos of our grandchildren enjoying their Christmas. Spoke with our children and heard from family.  We had friends, Doug and Yuma, join us for dinner, nothing burned, and I served it within an hour of when I mentioned we would eat. We spent it in one of our favorite places, the desert boondocking, and we are healthy and together living our retirement dream. Things are far from perfect in our world right now but for today for us it was a good day. 


plus four equals nine of our favorite people.

Our hope is you all enjoyed a Wonderful Christmas filled with love!

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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

The sun rising on Christmas 2020!

 From Our Home to Yours Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a day filled with Joy and Love!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

A quiet day here at the Stinger "B" a few preparations for tomorrow as we will have company for dinner. It was an indoor cloudy and cool, windy day. It was a day to keep busy because as much as we love this life style today and tomorrow are days we especially miss our children and grandchildren. As I am writing this it is hard to believe how quickly the years have gone by. There are moments it seems like just "yesterday" we had little ones anxious for Christmas. Now those once little ones have little ones of their own. 

We had a steady wind all day yesterday fortunately we parked pointed into the wind. It finally stopped at some point in the night as it was quiet when we got up this morning. Pulling the shades though revealed dull grey skies. 

The one thing about a dark grey day is the sand dunes 
shine bright in the distance.

On our way to Yuma and the sun is trying 
to make an appearance.

On our way back I can see 
St. Thomas Yuma Indian Mission in the distance.
This is a beautiful little church and the view from
their upper parking lot is breath taking.

We could not see the sun setting tonight though 
it did light up the clouds as it went down.

Then we were treated to a pretty afterglow.

Some rosy pink in the clouds off to the Northwest.

A nice way to brighten the sky before darkness engulfed us.

We had wind most of today, though not as strong as yesterday, and not long after I took the above pictures we heard rain drops on the roof for a short time. We heard those drops a couple more times as the evening progressed. Still it was a good day to be thankful we are healthy and living our retirement dream.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Lights and Last Morning Near Ajo

Monday, December 21, 2020

Today we will bring in the slides, hook up the Jeep and be off further west. Our destination Ogilby Road. First our morning coffee watching the sun come up over the mountain near us.

The sun's light 

just starting to touch  the hills

and the bushes around us.

We see the light touching the floor

and desert around us just as it

 makes its way above the mountain.

When it finally makes it way above the mountain 
everything glistens in its light.

We had a visitor this morning 

it kept coming towards the feeder then turning back to 

the high branch. After several attempts 
it finally decided to take a sip.

Ready to go and I took one last picture of our site.

There goes the Stinger "B" we need to dump and fill our
fresh water tank before we hook up. 
It has been a great spot but it is time to move on.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

We had planned on leaving today but decided to stay one more day. Doug and Yuma came over for our last morning chat before they took off for Yuma to get the batteries replaced in the White Lion in the morning. It has been a very enjoyable 9 days parked out here off of Darby Wells Road next door to Doug and Yuma and we look forward to seeing them again down the road.

Yuma running ahead to their rig parked down the road.

Yuma is the co-pilot.

With one last picture, a see you down the road, and a wave

they are off.

We spent part of the day packing up and part of it sitting on our patio.

Tonight's sunset.

Just after the sunset we took a ride into Ajo to see if we could see any Christmas Lights around town. The big disappointment was the tree was not lighted. We took a quick ride around town and did see several of the blow ups up and glowing.

Is it just me or does this Santa look a little creepy?
(click to enlarge picture)

This was my favorite. 
It looks like Mrs. Claus is peeking through the tree branches.

We had planned one last campfire but just as we sat down
to enjoy it the wind picked up and sparks started to fly.
Tom quickly put it out and we retired inside for our 
last night in this quiet lovely place.

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