Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Continuing "Saga"

July 25, 2018

The battle with the "stuff" continues and there are days I believe we are winning...and then I walk around. We will be telling our kids to not accumulate "stuff" but not until they take the "stuff" from here. Fair is fair, we bought this house from my parents and they left "stuff" behind.

The "fun" continues with the insurance company that is suppose to take care of getting the Stinger "B" fixed. They sent a check and we are sure they hoped we would take the money and run. No such luck it doesn't cover a third of the damages and we want it fixed. It was not our accident. They did suggest we take the check and have the body shop start the repairs and then as they needed more parts/money they could re-submit. Does anybody know a body shop who would be thrilled with that working situation? Another suggestion was to contact our insurance company which we did and they contacted the other insurance company and were told no problem they want to fix our motor home back to the way it was and get us down the road. So today Tom backed it out of the driveway and we brought it back to the body shop where their adjuster talked with the body shop person as to what  needed to be done and why. So back in the driveway it is and we wait again. I keep thinking about in the past when we have had a claim with our insurance how quickly and efficiently it was handled. Nothing has ever taken this long. Fingers crossed it gets in the shop by mid-August. 

We have been spending time with our local grandchildren and in mid-August we will have all of them here for a few days which will be fun, tiring but fun.

                                      LIFE INSTRUCTIONS:
                               1.  Put one foot in front of the other.
                               2.  REPEAT

Hope you are having a wonderful summer. 
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