Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Special Spot in the Desert

Thursday, November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving)

This morning I opened the curtains to blue skies and no clouds. So I grabbed my camera and headed out to get a couple of pictures of this morning's sunrise. They never disappoint out here.

I always enjoy watching the sun slowly brighten
 the desert surrounding us as it makes it way up 
to travel across the day's sky.

A little later there were 
Thanksgiving Mimosas to enjoy.

Our day quietly slipped by and soon the sun was setting.

I know I have probably mentioned this several times but 

there truly is a softness and quiet that happens in the desert

as the sunlight leaves the day and twilight begins.

Even the colors of the plants and Saguaros 

soften and become muted.

Soon after this last picture the inky darkness of night surrounded us and the stars fill the sky. It was a good day to be living our dream.

Friday, November 26, 2021 

After getting dressed and starting to get things ready to 
pull out of this spot I took my second cup of coffee and 
went outside. As I drank the last of my coffee I took these 
pictures of the views around me. I will miss this place.

This spot out in the desert near Quartzsite, AZ is hands down my favorite place. We have parked at several places over the years all beautiful. Places were the views were wonderful or we have been parked near friends and the memories of those places and times are special.  There is just something about this spot that brings a peacefulness to my whole being one of those things that cannot be explained just experienced. Tom knows how I feel about this spot and as we were getting ready to leave he looked at me and said we will come back. For now for a couple of reasons it was time to leave.

Just as I got back inside to get back to getting things ready to move we both heard the distinct noise of tires coming our way. Looking out the window we could see Black Beauty with Patsy and Bill inside along with Gibbs, whom we got to meet today, he is a cutie and full of puppy life. What a great surprise to see them pull up! It was really nice to see them and do some quick catching up. We are glad you found us.  I just wish I had remembered to grab the camera and take a picture.

One last picture of the Stinger "B" in this spot and we are off.

When we were registering at La Posa South Sue and Lorne pulled up and we had a chance to chat. They mentioned a spot near them that was right on a wash that sounded really nice. They gave me directions as Tom pulled away to head to the dump station and to fill our fresh water tank. After heading into Quartzsite to put gas in the Jeep which was showing low on fuel I went in search of the spot. I thought I knew where I was going but not on the first try. Then spotting Patsy and Bill sitting outside of their rig I pulled up to ask them where Lorne and Sue were parked. While chatting they mentioned they, along with her sister and husband, were going to go in and have dinner at Gringo's, what I would describe as a Mexican Food Truck with a seating area inside a tent, and asked if we would like to join them. We had read about it on Lorne's Blog A Place Called "Away" and were thinking of checking it out so after talking with Tom we decided to join them. Tom and I were glad we went; the food was good and so was the company.  We will definitely go back again. 

Getting myself back on track, Bill pointed out where Lorne and Sue were so I headed over towards their rig I spoke to Lorne and he pointed out the spot and it was a nice one. The only problem was it was not really flat and presently are stabilizers are not working, it is on the list, and so we needed a flat spot. So I turned myself around and headed over to where I knew it would be pretty flat. I then called Tom, who by this time was wondering where I had gone and he headed out to where I was waiting. The good news is it is flat, the sad news it is not by the wash Sue and Lorne mentioned.

Dinner at Gringo's
Tom, Bill, Patsy, Gayle, and John.

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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 25, 2021 

To our Family and Friends 

Wednesday, November 24. 2021

I started today watching the sun come up through the clouds. I am still hoping for a sunrise with clear skies. 

I walked over to watch the sun begin to brighten
our day with this guy. 

Leaving a small trail of dust behind Kathy and Shane are off to
enjoy some new surroundings. It was nice spending this time
parked nearby and we are looking forward to doing so again
 this winter. For now they are off to new adventures.
The wind had picked up pretty good by the time the sun
started to set and there was quite a bit of dust in the air.

The wind, of course, kicks up quite a bit of dust but these
guys contributed to a lot of it today.

I would like to take a moment here to say we understand everyone is out here to enjoy the desert in there own way. We understand that ATV's are fun to ride but this evening these guys road up and down the road near us several times as fast as they could leaving a trail of dust behind them. We felt really sorry for the RV's parked a lot closer to the road then we are. I was walking around our site taking pictures of the sunset and snapped this one of the trail of dust they left behind on each pass. Then as the night progressed the loud music took over. Again, we know it is a holiday weekend and our guess is they are "weekend warriors". We remember those days crowding as much fun into a long weekend as we could but at the same time we never thought it was okay to not be considerate of those around us. Rant over.  

We have enjoyed several nice sunsets
 since we have been parked out here.

I took one last picture and decided to head inside.
Between the wind and the dust it was time.

Our Thanksgiving Day has started 
under clear blue skies!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Sunset at Roadrunner BLM

 Tuesday, November 23, 2021

No mystery as to what today's blog is about.  We did take a quick trip into Quartzsite to stop at RV Lifestyle as we are still having an issue with the water pump and they are going to look at it Monday morning. We checked out a couple of the vendors that are up on Kuehn Street and found some solar lights we were looking for so that was a successful stop. 

The clouds had been with us most of the day. Though we did have some blue sky for a short while in the afternoon. So as we sat outside for Happy Hour I knew the sunset would be behind the clouds. Sometimes that means it just is behind the clouds and sometimes it means we will have a beautiful afterglow. Browsing through the pictures below you will see we lucked out and there was beautiful color as the sun dropped behind the mountains

There was a small opening in the clouds letting the
last of the day's light through

and it nicely lite up the mountains to the northeast of us.

Then the color began to build.

 We watched as the sky all around us began to fill with color.

It was a beautiful show until the vey end.

Then the darkness and the quiet of the desert engulfed us.

There is a beautiful quiet in the desert just after the sun goes down and before the night creatures can be heard. Even with the noise of the highway behind us, as we sit out, I can feel that quietness and peace surround and wrap us in its softness.

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