Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Days are Floating By!

Saturday, November  20, 2021

As I started writing this I thought, okay what did we do on Saturday? One of the thing that happens when we park the Stinger "B" in the desert is the days seem to melt together. The sunrises and sets while in between we live the day. Some days are spent doing and seeing but more of our days are filled with moments passing as we enjoy just being where we are and happy to be here. 

Cathy and Shane walked over for Happy Hour and  as the
conversation flowed I looked at Cathy and noticed the sun had 
dropped behind the mountains and left a lovely golden glow. 

Sunday, November 21, 2021

On the mornings I watch the sun come up I do enjoy that quiet time between dark and light. When the sun's rays slowly brings light to the day and the darkness recedes. So far since we have been parked out here all the sunrises have been behind the clouds which are still wonderful to enjoy but the bright lighting of the desert takes a little longer. Plus the sun's heat, which I am waiting for,  takes longer to arrive. 

The sunrise is behind those clouds. Then I turned 

towards the west were the moon is setting
and except for a few whispy clouds there is blue skies.

Looking north there were clouds this morning but they 
had a beautiful white beauty all there on.

Between the sunrise pictured above and the sunset below we went into Quartzsite to attend Sunday Mass at Our Lady Queen of Peace Mission. 

Just before we walked over to Cathy and Shane's for 
Happy Hour tonight I zoomed in slightly with my
 camera and took this picutre of the sun slowly setting.

By the time I walked over the sun had slipped almost entirely
behind the mountains and I took this with my phone.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Today after a cup of coffee we were out the door to head to Yuma to pick up groceries and we did come home with groceries. So the plan

The sun making its way up behind the clouds 
still pretty to see with the wonderful blue sky.

By the time we pulled out the sun had brought its
 light to the desert. I just love the early morning shadows.

On our way

and soon we are passing by the road to the Yuma Proving
Grounds and the Imperial Dam LTVA. 

 In Yuma and there are fields and fields of vegies.

Saw our first Christimas Tree at the
Yuma Palms Shopping Center.

Heading back and there are more fields. 
Some are being picked, some picked, some that looked
ready for irrigation pipes and some growing.

 Over the years we have been 
waved through most of the open ones. 
This past year we went through more then one closed 
Border Patrol Check Point.
This was the first one with a sign telling us not to stop.

Then we are passing what is left of the Stone Cabin.

This was an old stage stop for travelers going from Yuma to Quartzite, Arizona or Ehrenberg, Arizona. It was also a former gas station and store. Reopened circa 2004 as a very small store, selling T-shirts, caps, toys and novelty items. But the big attraction is Randy's Hamburger Stand. The first time we went by here it was closed, as I recall, and that was in 2015. Wish we could have had the oppurtunity to stop here when it was open.

We were back and had all the "stuff" put away

in time for Happy Hour

and to watch the sunset.
This is my favorite one so far this year.

We are enjoying our days filling them with memory moments.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Sue and I are going to come find you soon. You are one of the easiest people in the world to find out in the desert. See you soon.

    1. We would love to see you pull up. It is hard to hide the Stinger "B"

  2. You should print your first and last pictures. Don't you just love the desert??

    1. Yes, Tom and I do love being parked out in the desert.

  3. I agree about your sunrise and sunset pictures. How can we go wrong in the desert, eh? We'll catch up with you soon too, you're a hop skip and a jump away now. :)
    Gayle told us they got a burger, one of the best they've had, at Randy's, once and by the time we came in 2016, they were closed so missed out.

    1. The beauty of the desert makes it easy to capture some beautiful pictures. We are just a hop skip and a jump away...:) Closer on Friday we will be coming into La Posa South to take care of some "business" and get

  4. Isn't it funny how the days seem to fly by when you are in your Happy Place. Enjoy the weather, I am sure it is below freezing in Escanaba.

    1. It truly is true that time flies when you are having fun. It is pretty darn cold back there for sure...:)