Sunday, January 30, 2022

How Did Ten Mornings Go By So Fast?

As I mentioned in the last blog we moved back over to Roadrunner BLM  on Thursday, January 20th and as I sit here writing this I cannot believe this is our 10th morning here the time has flown by so quickly. I would have thought because of how we have felt things would have slowed down to a crawl.

When we woke up in the morning on the 20th I did feel better and the sinus infection was gone. Tom on the other hand had a headache and just felt sick in general. The plan, and we all know about those "plans", for today was to get moving early so we could dump and then head into Discount Solar for an appointment to have our batteries looked at. We immediately knew with the way Tom felt "the plan" was not going to happen he was sick and though we will not get tested looking back, hindsight is 20/20, we are now pretty sure what it was. So we did dump and then headed back to where we were parked. Living in a motor home pretty much makes it easy to quarantine but as we drove back and we could see billowing dust heading towards our site we made the decision to pack up and move. When we pulled back in we also found out sadly Nancy was not feeling well and was heading home. This is certainly not the way we had planned these two weeks to go but sometimes no matter how much you want things to go a certain way you have no control over what will be and just need to accept what is.  So after a social distanced goodbye we watched Nancy leave and soon after we followed suit leaving Patsy and Bill in a much smaller neighborhood. I headed out to search for a parking place at Roadrunner and Tom followed with the Stinger "B" after he called to cancel our appointment. 

After we found a spot we got set up and Tom went back to bed. Like I said I felt better yet even though we may be able to easily quarantine from others but we live in a 40 foot motorhome and that pretty much makes it impossible to quarantine from each other. By the next day I knew I had the same illness. Neither of us ever got so sick that we felt we needed to seek medical help so we are lucky in that respect. I did not get as sick as Tom and he did have a fever for 24 hours which I never experienced. I can say as I write this I feel  back to normal. The hardest thing has been getting our strength back and Tom is still fighting that. Our coughing has pretty much subsided and we both feel like we are past it. So that in a nutshell, as the saying goes, is why there has not been a blog.  I did take some walks and sit outside when it was warm and so did Tom. I also took a few pictures but opening up and dealing with the computer and typing just was not anything I could face. 

Below are the pictures I took during this time. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

I missed the actual sunset but I was able to capture the sun light
shooting sideways across the top of the mountains.

That light caused the bushes across the way
to turn a lovely gold color.

Turning back towards the mountain 
I could see this lovely glow.

I could not resist using the Photo Illustration Effect 
to capture this picture.

The views around us soften into greys and light browns
as the light of the day disappears.

This time of the day has a special quiet quality that I do love.

Friday, January 21, 2022

I missed the actual sunset again this evening.
Though there was a lovely glow on the top of the 
mountains where the sun had slipped behind.

This is just a, I really liked the look of the mountain in this
light. If you click on it, it will enlarge to see it better.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

These next four pictures are of the area around us. 

This was our view until a couple of days ago.
Now there is a fifth wheel between those two trees.
I will never understand why anyone would park directly across
from anyone like this especially since there is plenty of room
in several directions. It is was it is though and our view is gone.

There is a morning dove sitting on the branch. It was cooing
away and we could here another in the distance answering.

I sat out until the the sun dropped 
behind the mountains this evening.

It gets a little chilly once the light starts to fade but it was
so peaceful just sitting it was worth it for a bit.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Another warm day sitting in the sun. The morning dove
landed right across from us today and its partner could be
heard in the distance.

I do not think I could ever get tired of watching 
the sun set on our day. 

In the distance the sleeping Indian can be seen in the 
golden light of the suns last rays.

Friday, January 28, 2022

We did not sit out today but I did take a walk outside

around our site to catch the last of the sun's light

and the lovely rosy afterglow.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

To chilly to sit out today. 

Yet after watching the clouds through the window

I decided to take a walk and snap a couple of pictures.

The sky is always beautiful and so I did sit for a bit
 to enjoy watching it change. 

Looking out to the south I could see what
 looked like blue skies on the horizon.

After capturing the light left by the sun

I looked up and saw blue sky peeking through.

It has been a different type of time for us out here and yet the time, as I mentioned above, has flown by. On the morning of the 3rd it will be time to move on as our two weeks will be done. I find it somewhat bittersweet to realize our time in this area is quickly coming to an end for this adventure but then this is the feeling I get every time we start to get ready to leave. At the same time it is always fun to look forward to what will come as we head down the road. We know there will be time spent with friends and that is a lovely thought. In the meantime we will enjoy these last days, not wishing them way, and hope to spend some time with friends here before we move on.  

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Coming Back to the Blog

Friday, January 28, 2022 

This afternoon after almost two weeks I decided to transfer pictures from my camera onto the computer then I opened our blog to find this draft I am guessing I started on the 16th. Just pictures no words. Since then we moved because of the dust out at LaPosa South back to the Roadrunner BLM. I decided to add words to this draft and the next blog will be pictures I have taken since we have been parked out here. 

Saturday, January 15, 2022

This was just dark, dreary, windy sort of day. I remember because I decided to bundle up and take a walk after lunch and that was my mistake. Or maybe the route I decided to take was the mistake. It brought me full circle back to where we were parked but the last section included walking along the main road and when several vehicles went by leaving me in billowing clouds of dust I knew I was in trouble. I could taste the dirt and I knew that meant the chances were I was going to be sick. I was lucky and I only ended up with a lovely sinus infection but it also meant this blog would not get finished. More about why it has been two weeks in the next blog.

I could see this guy in the distance. I think I have
visited him every year, Happy to see him still
standing proud and tall holing up the nest in his arms.

It is interesting what people put up to let others know where
they are. It is also interesting just how many take the time to
build "driveways" to where they are parked.

More of the wonderful Saguaros out here.

From a distance it looked something like an owl was sitting
on the side of the road. Up close two stacked rocks.

Even in death the saguaros have a beauty all there own.

Some "just because" pictures.

Walking back to our neighborhood.

The clouds filled the sky today. Lots of grey ones.

A little light is visible on the horizon

as the sun left our day.

There was even a little show

 of some pretty pink 

afterglow as the last of the light left us.

The full moon shining through the clouds.

Definitely a nice bit of color to end our day.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

The sun coming up on our day which included blue skies.

Driving back from Parker after doing some laundry and picking
up a few groceries. I just really liked this cloud formation
over the mountains.


Then slow but sure

we witnessed a lovely pink


Rosy pink waves in the sky.

The best I could do with the lens
I had on my camera this evening.

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