Saturday, January 15, 2022

We Have Moved to La Posa South

 Wednesday, January 12, 2022

We were up early today as we are moving but just a few miles down the road. First things first we our morning coffee was enjoyed. Not a lot to pack up as we had done most of it on Tuesday.  We are headed to La Posa South to join friends, Patsy, Bill, and Nancy, who are already parked out there. Tom did have to go in to Quartzsite to top off our diesel and propane in the Stinger "B" before heading to our new neighborhood. While he did that I made a quick stop at the Coyote Market for a few grocery items. We then met at the entrance of La Posa South to get registered before Tom got to spend time in two more lines to dump and fill our fresh water tank. While he had that fun I drove out to where the group was parked. When he was finished he drove the rest of the way out, he parked our home, and after getting a few things done inside we joined the others at Patsy and Bill's for Happy Hour.  

There are a lot of rigs out here and more coming in every day. I know if we were by ourselves we would not enjoy being here with this many rigs around us. Yet gathering with friends, and I believe this is the fourth time we have met out here during this time in January, it never feels as crowded as it actually is.  (Side note: when I mention rigs around us I am not talking about being parked by friends that is always enjoyable.) 

Happy Hour and everyone,
(left to right: Tom, Nancy, Bill, and Patsy)
including Gibbs was looking at the camera when I snapped it.

The sun going down on our first day parked at La Posa South.

Looking East as the sunsets.
We have a great view of the Sleeping Indian
and the horse galloping across the mountain.

The last of the sun light leaving our day.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

It was chilly this morning and I was not going outside so I slid open the bedroom window to capture the sun as it came up behind the mountains. Today really was just a day to relax. Tom finished putting  a few things outside and I crocheted. Later our neighbors, Nancy, Patsy, and Bill joined us on our patio for Happy Hour. With the wind coming out of the north and the cloud cover an hour is pretty much what it was before the chilled air chased us all in our homes. Still it was a nice time spent together. All and all a good day. 


Lots of clouds filled the sky this evening.

Our neighborhood as the daylight ended.


Friday, January 14, 2022

Today after our morning coffee and a early lunch we headed into Quartzsite our first stop was a store on Main Street for a couple of items we wanted to buy.  The second stop was to take a quick walk around a couple of the vendors on Kuehn Street. Turning onto Kuehn at the Love's Station and heading east it looks like the Rock and Gem area is up and running. A little further down it looks like another vender area is being set up just before the Tyson Wash. We will be going back to check that out as I did spot a sign that said beads. Someone was leaving as we drove down Kuehn near the venders so the Jeep got a great parking space right near were we wanted to walk. Okay to be honest the word should be shop not We checked out a few tents and left a few dollars behind. 

This area will only get busier the next couple of weeks.

We had dinner here this evening.

When we got back in the Jeep to head home I noticed a message from Patsy asking if we would like to go out to dinner at the above tent restaurant. We thought there would be music tonight but no luck. Music or no music it was a nice dinner out with friends. 

Pulling back into our neighborhood we said our good nights and then Tom and I decided a Hot Toddy sounded good. After they were made we took them outside and enjoyed them sitting out on our patio. Most places where we park out in the desert once the sun goes down there is an inky darkness as you look into the distance and a silence only occasionally broken by a distance generator or coyote. Here in La Posa South there is never that inky darkness or complete silence. Sitting out tonight we could hear a crowd having what sounded like a fun time in the distance nothing unpleasant and it is part of being parked here. What I do enjoy is seeing the lights of Quartzsite and especially the headlights of the traffic on I-10 in the distance that twinkle in the night. 

Another good day and evening in the desert.

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  1. We're glad you gave up your private spot at Roadrunner to join us for a while. ;) Hoping for these clouds to move on today but I'm not laying any $$ on it!

  2. Your crocheting might have just rubbed off on me enough to get out my hooks and make an afghan!! So glad you joined us. Maybe if the sun comes back out we can get together again for happy hour!!!

  3. It is always nice to spend some time in the desert with friends, have a good time!

  4. Glad to see you are having fun with Friends that share the same likes to the desert.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It is nice to share time with friends. Hopefully you and Kathy will be out here again soon.

  5. Your post makes me wish I was there!! Only a few more weeks and I'll be making the trip to Q!

    1. We always enjoy our time here. We especially enjoy it when the crowds thin out. Hope you have a wonderful trip here.