Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Another Day Slips By


Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Today we started the day like most with our morning coffee. A little later we had an early lunch then took a ride into Quartzsite to run a couple of errands. First stop the post office to mail out some cards, then a quick stop in Gem World for a couple of things; I cannot seem to get out of there without some We then made a stop at Discount Solar to talk about our batteries and ended up making an appointment to have them looked at. One more quick stop at Joyce's Craft shop and then we headed home. Decided to take a quick ride down Kuehn Street if there was a parking space we were going to get out and take a walk. Since, there were none we decided to take a short ride down Tyson Wash until we saw a way out then connect to Old Yuma Road and take the back way home. 

As we were riding I saw this Saguaro out of the corner of my eye. By the time it registered in my brain what I seen Tom had to back up a ways so I could get out and take a picture. 

It looks like there is a bird's nest between the uprights.

Two "just because"


Once home I put together George's Recipe for ribs on the grill while Tom preheated the grill. Once they were on the grill we sat outside and enjoyed the afternoon sun. 

The air started to cool as the sun 

started its path behind the mountains.

I was actually walking around picking up a few rocks

when I took these pictures.

I really liked how the branches framed the sun.

A couple of pictures of the views around us

as the sun light left our day.

If you check out Chillin' with Patsy you will see that I 
only caught the tail end of tonight's afterglow.

Another mostly quiet day in the desert near Quartzsite. Sitting out this afternoon we did see several more rigs coming in. Do not let my pictures fool you we have neighbors. I have found between cropping and spot fix many just disappear. Tomorrow we will be moving to La Posa South and the other rigs will not disappear but for these quiet days out here parked at Roadrunner I wanted pictures not filled with other rigs. Surprisingly, as I mentioned in the last blog it has been very quiet out here. We can hear a few generators in the distance but no complaints there are times they can hear ours. We have enjoyed this time out here and look forward to our next spot near friends.

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  1. I love the pictures of the tree branches and the sun. Good eye for photography. Elva

  2. Glad you joined our circle. It's nice to have neighbors you know!!!

  3. Love all the beautiful pictures! Nice that you have moved into the circle of friends :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Still hoping the circle will get bigger...hint...hint.