Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pro- Fleet Truck and Trailer Repair

This blog is our thoughts about this last week and the diesel shop our Stinger "B" spent time at.

Saturday, March 28, 2020 (picture taken on this date)

Looking across the Quality Inn parking lot
in Corinth, Mississippi at our home.
After four long days the Stinger "B" is ready to roll. 

Starting last Tuesday morning life became a little more stressful for us when our motorhome started to whistle and loose power. For the second time this month we had an issue and  we were stopped in our tracks. Our goal has been to get closer to Michigan, our children, our grandchildren, our family, and friends and to be quite honest we felt like Mississippi was sucking us in and not letting us go. At the time this happened we were about three miles from the Tennessee State Line.  Do not think this statement is in anyway about us not liking Mississippi. Just the opposite we thing this is a beautiful state filled with our country's history. I have said it before and I am sure you will hear it again. The areas we have been in our beautiful and so full of the Civil War History; we are looking forward to coming back this way to be able to really take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the area but for now we were on a mission to get north. Before getting back on track I will say this: Tom and I have always believed things happen for a reason and sometimes the why is revealed and other times you just have to accept what is and move on in life.

So getting back on track. This was the second time we needed to look for a diesel shop for help and all we had to go on was the reviews posted online. We chose the place based on the reviews and one review in particular posted by another couple with a diesel pusher that had an issue and gave this shop a 5 point rating.  It is a strange and somewhat scary feeling to pull into a shop that you know nothing about in a place you have never been before knowing that they know you are basically in their hands. Thoughts of will they be honest about what is wrong, will they find things that really are not wrong, and will they do a good job go through your head. Then there is what will they charge us. 
This is our home and now we have to trust complete strangers with her because we are going to be in a motel and that is another whole issue I was not thrilled about. The questions about staying in a motel room are always there and with everything going on well lets just say I did wipe things down and all we can do is hope for the best.

When we had the work done at the shop in Vicksburg we were able to still live inside and they did not need to come in at all. Now there was the possibility they would have to come in and get to what needed to be done through the trap door that is in our bedroom. Any other time this would not have been an issue but right now with every thing that is happening it became one. My first thought was how will we ever get all the surfaces cleaned and disinfected. I was pretty sure right off the bat that was going to be a shot in the dark. Luckily it ended up that they never had to go in and did everything from outside. But still, lets face it, they had to trust that we are healthy and we had to trust  that they were. We were at a Diesel Shop, they are showing us what is wrong and there is no social distancing. 

There was something about this man from the beginning that gave us hope and confidence that we were going to get through this and we would leave his shop with the Stinger "B" taken care of. Tom had more interaction with him then I did and he truly felt like he was being upfront with us and when he said he would work with us and try to keep the labor costs down that he would do just that. 

From the beginning they knew are turbo was shot and before they took it off they showed Tom the issue. Then there was our air filter again before taking it off he showed Tom the issue. Then there was the call about the manifold and yet again he called Tom over to look at it and give him the options. 

He kept us well informed about the prices of parts as he went along so we had a pretty good idea what that part of the bill was going to be. The unknown was the labor costs. Tom and I had a figure in our heads as to what the labor costs would be, after all this was the third diesel shop we had been in during March. There had been four days of work (though not steady), two trips out of town for parts plus a search for parts in town so we were prepared to be paying a few dollars. In the end it was just slightly more then half of what we expected.  We feel we were fairly charged for the work done and walked out satisfied, not excited mind you, but satisfied that we were not taken. 

We pulled out of the shop and Tom drove the Singer "B" back to the Quality Inn parking lot. As I was directing Tom into the space I glanced to my left and there was the diesel mobile unit stopping next to me. To say I had a moment of anxiety would not be an exaggeration. Why was he there? To make sure everything ran smoothly and to see how Tom felt it drove. (Tom mentioned that he could already tell the engine had more power and was running smoother then it ever did.)  The next morning as we were getting ready to leave he called to wish us safe travels and to say if we had any issues to call. Okay seriously we have never had that kind of follow up ever. 

One last thing, when he called Sunday morning and I told him we were just going down the road for a couple of days he said we were more then welcome to come back there and plug into the shop for a couple of days if we would like and yes while the Stinger "B" was in the shop they kept her plugged into 50amps to keep our refrigerator running. I told him we appreciated the offer but honestly we were looking forward to full hookups.

So we would like to say publicly, Thank you, Warren Bascomb and the crew at Pro-Fleet Truck and Trailer Repair. We feel you treated us fairly, professionally, and with honesty. If we are ever in this area and it is time to have our engine  and generator serviced we will not hesitate to come back and have you do the work. If anyone we knows is looking for a diesel shop in this area we would recommend your shop without hesitation. Again, thank you.  

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Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Short Ride

Friday, March 27, 2020

We decided to take a ride around the area and check out a couple of RV Parks nearby. We hope to come back this way and explore the history of the Civil War that is plentiful in this area. 

Stepping out our door this little circle of sunshine
was looking up at me.
Yes, I truly do think dandelions are beautiful

We took a quick ride downtown on Thursday I just forgot to put them in the blog.


Friday's ride took us on back roads.

So many of the churches in the southern states have steeples.

We went by some obvious wet areas.

We did find one small park that we would consider staying at when we come back this way. It was a quiet ride down some narrow roads and enjoyable couple of hours.

Today, Saturday, March 28, 2020

We paid the bill at Pro-Fleet Truck & Trailer Repair today and the Stinger "B" is presently parked across the parking lot. We will be on our way in the morning. Tom and I will have a few more things to say about this business in the next blog. For now I will just say we feel totally fairly treated by the owner of this business. No one who has ever done work on any of our vehicle we have owned has ever followed us home to make sure everything was working properly and to ask how the vehicle was driving. Today this gentleman did just this.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Delayed in Mississippi

Thursday, March 26, 2020

We are still at the Quality Inn in Corinth, Mississippi. It seems we were a little optimistic about leaving here on Friday. Tom got a call to come over to the diesel shop this morning. When he got there they showed him our manifold and the several cracks that are in it. Tom made the decision to replace versus repairing. At this point we feel this decision will be less stressful. So there is a chance we will be leaving Saturday but the part arriving will dictate our departure. 

We had the opportunity to see and talk with our grandchildren on a video chat today and that  certainly brought brightness into our day.

Sunday, March 22, 2020 (Catch up post)

Another rainy day but we decided to take a ride.

Raindrops on the front windshield. It was raining when
we started the ride.

This is were we turned around today.

The rain had stopped and with no one around
we decided to take this walk .

Wildflowers along the path and a new tree. (Upper Left)

This is a damp area and there is a lot of moss on the trail.

Clicking on the picture will enlarge it to read about this spot.

Just liked the look of this very large tree.

More views as we head home on the Natchez Trace.

This dome house was near the Natchez Trace RV Park
we were staying at.  We did see several of these in the
area . Googling the only thing I could find is that this
shape of a house is safer in a hurricane and a tornado.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today and Last Saturday A Visit to Elvis's Birthplace

(Clicking on the pictures should open them larger in a new window.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Today was a quiet day in our life. Tom took a run over to the diesel shop to see what was happening and to pick up a few things out of the Stinger "B". Other then that we watched some television. It looks like they may have the Stinger "B" back on the road tomorrow afternoon sometime. If not then we are looking at Friday. They are going through everything including our generator to make sure there is no other damage in the engine. At the same time they are servicing our engine so we will be good to go for awhile.

Saturday, March 21, 2020 (Yes, I am again doing a catch up post.)

It was not raining and we decided to take a ride north on the Natchez Trace. It really is a pretty road and as we ride we see the trees starting to bloom. There are a lot of Red Buds blooming and occasionally we see a Dogwood tree. Plus, there are fields filled with golden yellow wildflowers. I have said most of this before and probably will again as I have one more post about the time we spent there.

Not sure what highway we were on
 by Tupelo but the semis are moving.

Presley Heights Water Tower

This is a really pretty park but a little ways off the beaten
path. It would be a wonderful place to sit and relax or bring
a family for the weekend. There was a nice playground area.

We then decided to take a ride by and check out
Elvis's Birthplace.

When we pulled into the parking lot there were only two
other cars so we decide to get out and take a walk around
the grounds. Everyone we saw while there kept a good
distance and like us seemed to be enjoying the day.

There was no way we could have skipped taking this selfie.

It was interesting to read what those who knew him
had to say about who he was.

This 1939 green Plymouth sedan is a replica of the car the
Presley family drove when the left Tupelo for Memphis.

We could see this from down the hill and decided to take
the stairs up to check it out.

Flowers on the way up the hill.

This is what was on top of the hill.

Tom reading one of the panels.

This is was also at the top of the hill.

Looks like this would be a wonderful place to just
sit and relax.

One thing we talked about as walking around was how visitor friendly this place is. There are benches all around to sit and relax as you tour the grounds. Plus, it is nicely laid out and well kept up. I am sure the inside displays are worth the cost of a ticket. We plan on coming back this way again and will certainly come back to see the inside.

The rivers are high.

Heading back to the RV Park

the sun was trying to make an appearance.

The Natchez Trace RV Park

and there is the Stinger "B".
We are home after an enjoyable day.

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