Saturday, March 21, 2020

Vicksburg to Shannon Mississippi

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tom and I are sitting in the parking lot of Elvis' Birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi. It is a grey cloudy day and we have just finished walking the grounds. Nothing here is open because of the Coronavirus and there are at the most 10 people here and everyone is keeping their distance. I will be posting pictures at some point when we have better internet service where we are parked.

We are presently staying at the Natchez Trace RV Park in Shannon, MS. This small park is located just off the Natchez Trace about 8 miles south of Tupelo, MS. The internet service here is very slow and inconsistent.  We are able to send and receive calls, text, and messages so that is good. After finally getting the blog caught up it is not looking good for keeping it up to date.

Wednesday, March 19, 2020

Up before the sun this morning we wanted to pull out of the Shaw Performance Parking Lot before they were open for business. Tom had turned the Stinger "B" around the night before so her nose was pointed out. Our initial plan was to head towards a Mall down the road to hook the Jeep up. As we were getting ready to leave we decided to see if Tom pulled ahead would it be level enough to hook the Jeep up and as luck would have it was. After hooking up the Jeep we were on our way by 7:20.

Starting this blog post with a little sunshine these are outside 
our door where we are presently parked. These little flowers
say spring to me and I think they are beautiful.

We are on our way.

We were on I-20 heading East for  about 45 miles today and during that time I started to take pictures of the semis passing us in each direction. I certainly did not capture them all but I took quite a few. You will notice a theme in today's blog. Things in our world have changed and I do not need to repeat it here you are living it just like we are. 

As we were riding along it was hard not to think about the women and men who are driving these trucks. They put in long hours as many of the workers in our country and the two countries that border us do on a daily basis so we have what we need to live. Things that up to just a couple of short weeks ago we just expected to be on the grocery and pharmacy shelves when we needed them.

Making our way along the outskirts of Jackson to I-55 North.
Did you ever think you would see a sign telling you to wash
your hands as you drove down the interstate? 

I know we did not.

We stopped for an early lunch at a rest area
just south of Winona, MS

We are on US-82 heading East.

After about 70 miles we turned north on US ALT-45

Driving through West Point, Mississippi

Then we were turning onto MS-41.

Then we saw the sign for the Natchez Trace.

We were only on the Trace  

for about 5 miles today.

After 5 miles we turned off of the Natchez Trace at County Road 506 and made our way to the RV Park which I need to take a picture of.  While we were driving today we heard from Shirley and Ken. They had been north of where we are visiting Ken's brother. I had mentioned where we would be earlier in the week hoping they would decide to possibly head this way as they made their way home. I am happy to say this morning they decided to do just that. They arrived a couple of hours after we did just in time for Happy Hour.  Tom and I were so happy they made the decision to travel a southern route home and we got to spend another evening together.

Thursday, March 20, 2020

We had a chance to see the new truck that is pulling their Mansion this morning before they headed off.  There was only time for a short visit and a couple of pictures and it was time for them to be on their way. Even though it was a short we are glad they made the stop. Until next time we wish them safe travels as they make there way west and north to their home.

A picture in front of the new truck, a selfie, and they are off.

After they left we took a short drive into Tupelo to put gas
in the Jeep and a quick stop for a couple of groceries.

Driving back we went past our turn and checked this out.

Our hope while we are here is to be able to take a ride a ways back south on the Natchez Trace and then check out Elvis's Birthplace in Tupelo.

Friday, March 21, 2020

Today it rained and rained. We did take a ride into Tupelo to a Walgreens to pick up a couple of prescriptions. On the way back we stopped at the turn out pictured below.

We also took a quick ride over to Shannon, MS.

As I mentioned above while here we are planning on taking a ride south on the Natchez Trace and make a visit to see Elvis's Birthplace. We want to enjoy where we are but at the same time not ignore what is going on. So we are, also, thinking about where we will head next. Our plan is to get closer to home and yet try to stay in weather that is a little warmer. Like a lot of our friends with everything going on we do want to be by family but at the same time we need to be realistic about the weather we return to. The other thing we need to think about is where will we park. Now that we no longer own a house in Escanaba the "when" we get there depends on a park being open. For the most part parks in the area we are from do not open until May 1st and that date could change if the ground has not thawed. These are all things we need to keep in mind as we travel North and that is the direction we are now headed. For now we are safely parked and when we move the goal will be to be in a place we can say the same thing about.  None of us know what tomorrow will bring and what is going on in our country is something most of us have never experienced before. What steps our government and the various states take to control the spread of the coronavirus we have no control over. What we do have control over is what we do and our decision is to use common sense, plan our trip North knowing where we will stay next, and not dwell on things we have no control over.

To our family and friends we hope and pray you are staying healthy and safe. If you are reading this as you travel we wish you safe travels and dry roads ahead.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Glad Ken and Shirley stopped by for a visit. I agree you should not hurry north with no place to call home. Enjoy the warm weather while you can. I'm guessing the Elvis house is closed down. That's too bad. Enjoy your stay in Mississippi.

    1. We were glad they stopped by, also. You were right but we did expect Elvis's Birthplace to be closed. We could walk the grounds though.

  2. We certainly enjoyed the time with you two once again! So glad the timing worked. :)) Glad you at least got to walk the grounds of Elvis's home, too bad it was closed down like everything else in this country :( Travel safely you two!

    1. We enjoyed the time together, also. So glad it worked out for one more quick visit.

  3. How nice to meet once more with Ken and Shirley! I missed seeing their truck when she posted it. It looks awesome!
    Safe travels and safe decisions to you both!

    1. It was very nice we were able to get together one more time.

  4. Safe travels .... Doug and Michelle

  5. I do love seeing all the trucks on the highway. Maybe companies will even hire a few more drivers. Eventually they will all get caught up.

    1. It is nice to see all the trucks on the highway. One thing I have noticed over the years is a lot of the trailers have a "looking for drivers" sign of some sort on the back of them.

  6. Not many cars on those roads just the trucks that keep our economies going.
    Nice you could get another visit with Ken and Shirley.
    Who would have known that we would be living through a Global Crisis like this.
    Watching the weather at this time of year is very important to avoiding severe storms.
    The only way to avoid Catch-up Posts is by doing them daily.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, mostly trucks the last time we were out there. It was nice to see Shirley and Ken one more time.
      Never thought this would be the world we would be living in right now for sure.

  7. Sometimes I think the best thing we can do is to turn off the TV. You are correct, we can't control what the governments will do next so do what you are doing.....using common sense.
    Hope the weather warms up in Michigan so you can get there sooner than later.
    Stay safe!

    1. I would agree sometimes all the news, right now especially, gets overwhelming and it is time to shut it off and breath.