Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spending Time With Friends, Quiet Sunday, and Catching Up (Chris's Visit)

Saturday, February 29. 2020 

Today was a fairly nice day and Tom had set this morning aside to give the outside of the Stinger "B" and the Jeep a bath. I was busy inside putting together a couple of salads and doing a little house cleaning as we had guest arriving to spend the afternoon and join us for dinner.  So I never did get outside to take a picture of him hard at work. I did take a picture this morning before we headed off to Mass. They both look all sparkly clean.

The dogsled pulled up right around 2 o'clock with Deb and Riley inside. It was still fairly nice for sitting outside so we sat down and chatted  for a bit in the fresh air before heading inside were it was warmer. The day slipped by so fast and it seemed like they had just gotten here when it was time to say goodnight. We all say it often enough because it is so true, time flies when you are having fun. Thank you for coming and spending the day with us we had such a good time.

Here we are trying to take a selfie and after several tries I did
get one with us all smiling and our eyes open.

It was a special day that will be tucked away in our memory book.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

We went 10 o'clock Mass this morning at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Sierra Vista. It is a lovely faith filled parish and we always enjoy going to Mass there.

They have several niches around the outside walls with statues
of various saints. On the right is Our Lady of Guadalupe.
On the left is St. Kim Taegon Andrew the first
Korean-born Catholic Priest and the patron saint of Korea.

After mass we decided to stop at Sunny D's for breakfast in
Huachuca City. As we passed by heading towards Sierra Vista

 the parking lot was full which is usually a good indication 
 it is a good choice. The service was excellent and the food 
was good. The only complaint would be is that the food 
was warm but not hot.  We would probably stop again.

This was the only blue sky we would see today

and it was way off in the distance.

It certainly was a very pretty blue though

to bad it was not above us with sunshine.

It was a quiet day here. Tom put away the few things we had outside and I worked on organizing pictures I had taken while my sister was here. That was about as exciting as it got here which is just fine. We all need days that are just days to be lived.

Continuing the Catch Up

Friday, February 21, 2020

We had made the decision that today we would take a ride to Bisbee. Long ago when the copper and silver mines were in full swing it was the largest city in the Southwest between St. Louis and San Francisco. Today it is a quirky little town which I read described as filled with eccentric charm perched on a picturesque mountainside. The streets are narrow and the houses seem to grow out of the mountain and many are colorfully painted adding to the charm. Plus, there are murals on walls and even one little alley with a wall of framed art. It is one of those places you need to experience first hand. Tom and I have been there a couple of times and always enjoy the day. We always seem to spot something we did not see before.

Heading south we connected to AZ-92 and would eventually
connect to AZ- 80. After visiting Bisbee we continued
 on AZ-80 until we reached AZ-82 which we took back
to Quail Ridge. This was some of our scenery on 92. 

Even without the sun it was beautiful ride.

We decided to make a short detour and stop at
Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine.

Tom and I had stopped here a couple of years ago and
thought it was beautiful. 

The views of the San Pedro Valley are wonderful.

A picture of Chris taking a picture.

In 2011, a fire known as the "Monument Fire"  destroyed or damaged 40 homes in the area including the shrine. Below is a picture of the original Tabernacle.

The original Tabernacle and relics.  

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The views from up here are truly beautiful and the Shrine,
in our opinion, is worth the stop.

Our next stop was the Lavender Open Pit Mine.

A World War II Memorial in the Viewing area. 

The have "windows" at various heights in the fence

so you are able to take pictures without the fence in the picture.

Our next stop Bisbee itself.

Our first stop was for lunch at the Bisbee Table.
I took this picture from above.

After lunch we took a walk up and down  a couple of the
streets and in and out various shops.
Thought these stemless wine glasses were cute but not
cute enough to pay the price.

A few of the murals in the area.

We then stopped at the Bisbee Coffee Company to try some
of the coffee roasted in Bisbee. 

Then we took a short ride around the area.

We were parked by this unique RV.

Looking down at Bisbee as we make our
way north on AZ-80.

Entering Mule Pass Tunnel

A couple of the views of 

our ride back to Quail Ridge.

It was somewhat of a long day but we did enjoy it. The only thing that would have made it better was if the sun would have decided to make an appearance.  We kept busy while Chris was here and really enjoyed having her visit. More of what we did in the next post.

Stay safe and if you are traveling...Safe Travels.

We are so glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. How nice Deb and Riley came over for some of your wonderful cooking! Because I'm nosey, what did you cook? LOL. Beautiful pictures all the way around! Love the pic of the 4 of you!

    1. Honestly not a lot of cooking just a couple of salads and hamburgers on the grill...:)

  2. Nice being able to visit with Friends and Family while seeing what nature has to offer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Thanks for dinner and the wonderful company. WE had a great time.
    The San Pedro Valley looks interesting, I'll have to put that on our list of things to see in the future. I'm sure Chris had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute!!!
    The truck camper was interesting, very unique.

    1. You are welcome, we so enjoyed having you and Riley come and visit.
      It is pretty to look down at the valley from up there. The road it steep and straight up but there is a path for walking up. The Coronado National Memorial as some beautiful sweeping views, also. Though it is a switch back type climb up and the first time we went up there we did do it in the truck.
      The truck camper was still there when we went back a couple of days later...LOL

  4. I just read your Saturday and Sunday post and it was nice to have visitors drop by. I'm happy that you had a wonderful time with your sister, good memories to last forever, I'm sure. :)

    1. You are right they are good memories to have for sure!!!!!