Saturday, February 29, 2020

Not Having the Brakes Checked and Catching Up (Chris's Visit)

Friday, February 28, 2020

We were up and moving early to get the last minute things taken care of before pulling out to head into Sierra Vista to have the brakes on the Stinger "B" checked. Our appointment was at 10 o'clock. First though we had coffee.

Some background:  Tom called this place to see if they could look at our brakes, as I mentioned in the last post they have been squeaking and we want to make sure there is nothing major wrong with them before we start moving east and then north. When he called he asked if they worked on motorhomes and explained specifically that we were a Class A 40 foot diesel pusher. The person he spoke to said, yes, they do and set up an appointment for Friday the day we were scheduled to leave here. On Wednesday we took a ride to find the place and when we pulled in we could not see how they were set up to work on a rig our size so Tom went in to talk with them. He mentioned again the size of our rig and was assured they could work on it and told him where to pull it in. So on Friday we did just that. I took off to run a couple of errands and check our route out of there and within thirty minutes Tom was calling to let me know they could not check the brakes. The guy he talked to on Wednesday came out and was totally surprised as to how big we were and the size of our tires. Our mistake was twofold when we saw the place we should have just cancelled but in our defense we wanted the brakes checked. Secondly, we should have asked do you know what size a Class A 40 foot diesel pusher and its tires are because obviously he did not but in our defense he did say they had worked on motorhomes so we thought he knew what he was talking about. We are guessing they have worked on smaller Class C's and was not listening to what Tom was telling him. He did apologize though and that made us feel better. (There may be some sarcasm in the above paragraph...LOL)

On a good note, looking at the bright side, they were able to suggest another place. Though no one was sure of the name they were able to give Tom directions to the general area. At this point we made the decision that Tom would drive the Stinger "B" back here to Quail Ridge  and I would take a ride using the directions they gave him to see if I could find the shop. I was able to locate it, stopped called Tom and we agreed I should just go in and make an appointment.This place is equipped to handle larger rigs and trucks. We will be leaving here very early Monday morning as our appointment is at  8:30AM. So again we will be hoping and keeping our fingers crossed it is nothing major and is an easy fix.

While I was out in search of the shop Tom pulled pack into our site, which was available until Monday morning so that worked out, and by the time I arrived he had everything hooked up and we are settled back in for a couple of days. So this was our saga of not getting the brakes checked out. Fun day!

We spent the afternoon doing nothing, actually we both took a short nap so I guess that would qualify as doing something. Just after 5 o'clock we decided to take a ride back into Sierra Vista to pick up a few groceries.  We also took a ride over to the San Pedro River. My Valentine's Day roses Tom bought me had seen their day but I always hate just throwing them in the garbage so we drove out to the San Pedro River and I tossed them in.

I actually did toss them all into the river and with the current
I could see them moving down river quickly.

As the sun slipped behind the mountains this evening it
glowed a bright golden orange. 

The clouds to the East as the sun was setting.

Now to do some catching up.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My sister Chris was scheduled to arrive at the Tucson International Airport at 5:00pm so not wanting to be late we left here in plenty of time or so we thought. From here we have the choice of two routes to get to I-10 and we decided to take the scenic one. About 30 minutes down the road from here on that route there is a Border Patrol Check Point and we have always just been waved through. Today they were stopping everyone to inform them that they needed to turn around and find a different route. There had been an accident ahead and the road was blocked to bring in a helicopter to airlift the victim. Our hope would be that they ended up being okay. This is a two lane road so not much room. So by the time we got back to where we started, the park, we had lost our extra hour. Then checking the flight information as luck would have it Chris's flight was coming in fifteen minutes early. So I messaged her what was going on knowing she would get it when she landed. In the end we were only five minutes late for her original arrival time so she did not have to wait to long.

There she is watching the car in front of us take what seemed
like forever to get their passenger and belongings in the vehicle.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 (Green Valley Market)

Today's "plan" was to go to the Green Valley Farmer's Market. Tom and I had gone last year and their is a lot of "stuff" for sale. Plus, it is a nice ride to and from. Unfortunately for me I had come down with a nasty head cold and did not feel like doing anything. So I suggested the two of them go and enjoy the day, which they did, and I was going back to bed. It was the best plan and by Thursday I was feeling a lot better.

Tom snapped a picture of Chris checking the market out.

Tom caught the last of sunset over the fence.

Thursday, February 20, 2020 (Tombstone)

Today we headed over to Tombstone to check it out and have lunch at Big Nose Kate's. We walked up and down Allen Street just taking in the atmosphere that is Tombstone and Chris checked out most of the shops. There may have been a few dollars spent on her part.

Big Nose Kate's

Before leaving we took a ride up Skyline Drive for the view

and to check out the Linear Garden.

We had found this last year following 

Nancy's, Kissack Adventures, directions.

A new addition to the garden as I do not remember this
from last year.

On our way back to the park caught this picture of the clouds.

Having Chris here is really lots of fun. We enjoy showing her places we have been and enjoyed. More of the fun during her visit in my next post. She mentioned in a message today that we need to take more pictures while she is here and I would agree we do but it seems like we are having to much fun to think about it.

Until next time stay safe and if you are traveling, Safe Travels.

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  1. Interesting about the brake saga. That was sure a waste of time but at least you get to enjoy the area a little longer. Sure hope the squeak is nothing. Very sweet of you to throw the flower pedals in the San Pedro river.

    1. It was an interesting day. The good news is we now know the place to go for any issues. I just always hate putting the flowers Tom buys in the garbage...:)

  2. It's amazing how many people have no idea how big 40 feet is. Sure hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow. I love the idea of throwing the flowers in the river rather than the garbage. And lots of fun times with your sis.

    1. We did have a good time while my sister was here. At a friends suggestion if something like this comes up again Tom says he will be telling them how much the rig weighs in addition to the length.

  3. My friend on the hill has added quite a few things to his collection! I know your pain of the canceled appointment!! I hate it when they say we can fix it, then they backpedal. Here's hoping you get the brakes checked out Monday!! The farmers market is on my list too, but I've just been sitting around WAITING!! LOL

    1. I thought there was more stuff up the hill this year.
      Hopefully your waiting game will be over soon and you will get to that market. I will not make the market this year...:(

  4. Hope things work out with the brakes and you can get them checked.
    Enjoy the time at Quail Ridge guys

    1. The good news is we are in a nice area/park and the brakes are now checked.

  5. The saga of finding repairs for a moving house. Fun, fun, fun.
    I know you folks enjoy having Chris visit and it's always amazing what we do to ensure others are having a good time on their short visits.

    1. The fun never ends when it comes to repairing a home on wheels...:)
      We certainly did enjoy her visit and it is fun taking her to places we have enjoyed.

  6. Its always fun to have family come to visit. Hope the brake check happens. Ours squeak when we sit too long especially if it has rained. They rust up real quick. Hope its that simple for you. Keep on having a good time.

    1. It was fun having family here. We were lucky and the brakes checked out fine.

  7. Tossing the roses in the river..... you are a romantic! Sorry you weren't feeling good but you did get some sightseeing in with your sister. Best wishes for tomorrow!

    1. Thank you, Elva and we lucked out the brakes are checked and fine.
      I like to think I have a little of the romantic in me...😍 I just hate seeing flowers go in the garbage, especially the ones Tom buys me.