Friday, February 28, 2020

Visiting Friends and a Ride Through Las Cienegas NCA

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Thursday, February 27, 2020

It does not seem possible that in the last post I published  I talked about arriving at Quail Ridge and now today was our last day in this area. Since then my sister arrived and left, all to quickly. Then friends Shirley and Ken, Michelle and Doug arrived, visited, and moved on to new adventures. Plus, Deb and Riley arrived and are parked out in the Las Cienegas Conservation Area. As always I have several catch up posts to write and publish in the next few days but for this post I am in real time.

The Las Cienegas National Conservation Area was designated by congress in 2000 and is approximately 42,000 acres, located in the transitional zone between the Sonoran Desert and the Chihuahuan Desert.

We spent Easter Sunday in 2018 riding through this Conservation Area. Exploring the Empire Ranch and various trails checking out the available camping spots. That was then today's visit was about spending time with Deb and Riley. We sat and chatted about this and that surrounded by the beautiful grassland in sight of the mountains. The sun peeked out occasionally and when it did it brought its warmth but even when it was behind the clouds the temperature was comfortable for sitting out and enjoying our day. All to soon we could see the sun heading down towards the mountains and feel the chill that comes with that movement; it was time to head back home. So with hugs and see you down the roads it was time to leave.  We had a wonderful day, the kind you wish would last just a little longer like a good book, and like one of those old sayings my Dad liked to use, God willing and if the creek don't rise, we will have many more such days. Until then memories are wonderful to have.

The views surrounding them are beautiful.

Pulling up to their site.
They have found a peaceful place in the quiet of the
Las Cienegas Conservation Area.

 With no wind there is a stillness and a quiet that was
only broken by talk and laughter in our small circle.

Maternity Well Group Camping Area

After leaving their home we made the decision to ride through
the area and exit on AZ-82. 

The road is paved for a short distance but soon turns to mostly
 hard packed dirt with lots of holes in the roadway.

The beauty of these grasslands with the sun setting then add 
in the clouds and you are saying what holes???  Well almost.

Deb had mentioned they had seen quite a few piles of what
looked like small trees they had been cutting down and we
could see what she meant as we drove through.

The NCA includes a working cattle ranch and we came
across some of those cattle eating as we drove along.

Cottonwood Pond

One of several washes the road goes through.

The next two pictures are of these grasses.

As the last of the sun's light was leaving our day

we reached the entrance, our exit, to the NCA off of AZ-82

Heading east towards Quail Ridge RV and the Stinger "B" 
we could see some pink afterglow in the clouds.

Darkness quickly descends as we make our way home.

Visiting with friends then a beautiful drive through Las Cienegas National Conservation Area was the perfect way to spend our last day in this area.

This morning we will be taking the Stinger "B" into Sierra Vista to have her brakes looked at. We have been hearing some squeaking and squawking when they are applied. We have a lot of miles ahead of us as we head east towards the Atlantic Ocean then north towards the Great Lakes and home so we have decided to have them checked out. We are hoping, fingers crossed, it is nothing major and by this afternoon we will be again heading East on I-10.  Whatever the day brings it will bring and things like this when you live on wheels is just part of those "home repairs".

Enjoy your day and if you are traveling...Safe Travels.

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  1. Been awhile. Glad to see your post. Beautiful pictures of the grasslands. I'll be heading there late March. So glad you had the time to visit Deb and Riley. Good luck with the brakes and safe travels.

    1. Thank you Doug it is pretty out there. It was nice catching up with Deb and Riley.

  2. Replies
    1. It certainly is a pretty area and we would agree very peaceful.

  3. Lots of times the Brakes start making noises because they have been sitting for a while. They develop rust spots with road dirt and they occasionally stick until they break loose.
    Glad you enjoyed your stay and had a chance to visit with Deb and Riley.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the warmer temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. We are hoping it is just something like that but want to have them checked to be on the safe side.
      We are enjoying our time here and it was certainly nice spending time with Deb and Riley.

  4. You took photos. I didn't take a single one. Haha. We were so happy to sit and chatter the afternoon away with you and Tom.
    Hopefully the brakes are a quick easy fix and things go well. Home repairs are never ending. Safe travels friends. See you on down the road.

    1. I took those as we pulled up and then when Tom was putting our chairs up. I knew if I did not take them right away the thought of taking pictures would be We thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon sitting and chatting with you both. Who would have thought the see you down the road would happen so quickly. Nice visit this afternoon, also. So glad you and Riley came over.

  5. Very nice you got to visit with Deb and Riley once again! Hopefully you'll soon be on the road again. Great pictures of on the way home! :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We were glad for the opportunity to sit and chat with Deb and Riley once again and really enjoyed the afternoon. It really is pretty out there.