Friday, February 7, 2020

Last Catch Up Post...Two Days in the Desert and Moving to Full Hookups

Wednesday, January 29. 2020

It we as wonderfully quiet night and we awoke to blue skies. As the day progressed there were fluffy white clouds and wind.
Tom made the coffee and I joined him. The sun was already up in the sky when we got up. Tom took off shortly after we got up to find a stable cell signal to call and make an appointment to get the Jeep in to be serviced. That taken care of he ran in to Quartzsite. I do not remember why but I remember he did call to see if we needed anything. Interestingly my phone was able to receive calls though not always call out.

Just after lunch Deb and Tom took a ride in the Dogsled in search of firewood. We had hoped to take at least one ride with the Jeep while we were out here but not knowing what is wrong with it we did not want to take a chance of going out, having a problem, and not being able to get back. 

The pictures below I took later in the afternoon and you can probably tell my focus was the clouds. With the wind they changed constantly and I do love watching it happen.

There was wind; though right outside on our patio close to the Stinger "B" you could feel some of the sun's warmth. Deb joined us for Happy Hour which is never an hour but a couple of hours of sitting, chatting, and just enjoy our time. Riley did not join us and she was missed.  Sometime after 5 O'clock as the sun started its downward trip towards the mountains plus with the wind the air took on a chill and it was time to say good night. It was a good day.

I failed to mention in my last post that Tuesday the 28th was Riley's 28th Birthday and typing this I just realized it was her Golden Birthday. So Happy Golden Birthday, Riley! a little late on the Golden part but still sincere. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Up this morning in time to see the sun join the day. When I first looked out the clouds were a beautiful pink. So I took a walk around and snapped some pictures.

There is light behind the Kofa Mountains in the east

and it starts to light up the mountains in the west.

The sun is making its way up into our day.

Bringing its beautiful light

 to the desert and mountains around us.

I could feel the sun's warmth the minute it peeked
over the Kofa Mountains.

A shadow selfie in the sun's warmth.

Everything transform as the

sun's light touches the desert floor.

I love how the light continues to brighten our surroundings.

Sun light touching that unusual Saguaro nearby. 

Our neighborhood in the early morning light.

It is hard to put this day into words. Deb and I started sitting in the early afternoon outside of the Igloo out of the wind. I was crocheting as we chatted and I could not tell you about what but I do know the conversation never wavered. Riley joined us for a while. Eventually we move over to our patio as the sun was now there. Riley and Tom joined us and we had a nice Happy Hour. Then we moved our chairs around the fire pit and Tom started a fire.  The sun set and the dark engulfed us and the cold air came with it but we bundled up and the heat from the fire helped. 

The sun leaving our day.

Our fire with a beautiful afterglow in the background.

This is my absolute favorite picture of the day.

There is no way to explain a magical day it just is.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Up to see the sun rise this morning. We will be leaving today for the Westwind RV & Golf Resort in Yuma. Check in is at noon and the drive should take us about 75 minutes of driving to get there so no real rush.

After a couple of hugs and our see you laters then a couple
more hugs I pulled away to get a picture and wait for Tom
to pull out with the Stinger "B". 

As I was waiting I saw Deb walk over toward the motor home and thought what the heck and headed back. I forgot we needed to take the boards out. So with that done and another see you later to Deb I pulled back down the road to wait.

Tom pulled up a few feet and stopped again.
So again I drove back.

I could see he was getting back in the driver's seat so I snapped
this picture and headed back down the road again.
Later I found out we had forgotten to take something off the
wall and he could here it moving. 

We are finally moving and I can just see the Igloo in the
distance through the dust the Stinger "B" is making.
As I look at this picture, even now a week later, I remember
thinking as I took it what a wonderful couple of days we
had here and we will miss being parked by Deb and Riley. 

We were driving separate. Something we never do unless it is a very short distance but because of what is going on with the Jeep we decided it was the best option. Tom followed me just in case I had trouble with the Jeep. Much easier for him to pull in behind me then to try and find a place to turn around and come back. It ended up being an uneventful drive, well except for the idiot who decided to pass several vehicles as he was coming towards me. I slowed up and I am pretty sure the vehicles he was passing did the same and he got back in just in time. Certainly got my heart racing and just before it happened I was thinking I hope some idiot does not try and pass all the vehicles coming at me. That stretch just north of the road to the Yuma Proving Grounds it seems like we always encounter someone in a hurry weaving in and out of the traffic.

Our spot for the week.
The gentlemen who bring you to your site here at Westwind are
 good at getting you into a tight spot.. They always seem to
 "squeeze" us into the site and they are tight.
 I am glad they do this, wish all RV parks did.

With this post I am caught up for this time. I do not fool myself by saying I will never be behind again...LOL I enjoy doing the blog because I want to keep a record of where we have been but if I ever let it take over enjoying where we are it would make no sense to write it.

We are moving today but that is for our next post. For now we hope you enjoy your day!

We are so glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. I love clouds and desert sunrises and sets. They are just so incredible. Jim prefers that we park without help. We've been doing it for so many years we have it down to a great routine. But there have been a couple of parks I gladly turned the directing over to them. Have fun in Yuma.

    1. I love it all, also.
      I am not sure Tom and I will ever get that backing in routine down to a We did enjoy our time parked there.

  2. Always nice catching up but now you really have us jealous of all the nice weather we are missing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    It's about time.

    1. Hopefully, come November you and Kathy will be heading somewhere warmer.
      Stay warm.

  3. Nice fire ... I do so love the light as it hits the mountains turning them different colors. Being single, I prefer to have them park me, but occasionally I get some idiot who doesn't know what he's doing! LOL And I totally appreciate full hookups!!

    1. It is a toss up for me I appreciate full hookups but love the views of the desert. So when we are out here the views win...:)
      It is easier on our marriage, some time, to have someone else directing Tom in especially if it is tight...LOL

  4. Great catch up post once again! Beautiful pictures all the way through. Yeah, that is tight!!! Enjoy your time there!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We did enjoy our time there but we are now happy to be back out in the desert...:)

  5. I don't know how you keep your days straight but glad you're all caught up. Weather is finally getting back to normal and you can enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy your stay. The days blend beautifully through your lovely pictures.

    1. The only reason I keep the days straight is because the one thing I do is organize the pictures into dated folders each day. I know everyone writes their blog differently, since, I start with the pictures this works for me. Otherwise, I would have no

      Thank you Doug I appreciate you saying that.