Sunday, January 29, 2023

Happy Hour With Friends... (A Walk in the Badlands)

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Today started with, you guessed it, our morning coffee. I have to admit the start of our days is very predictable but enjoyable. After our coffee time Tom grabbed three batches of our wash I had sorted earlier and took off to get those out of the way. There was still three more batches to do but I wanted to do those myself later this afternoon. We had decided to attend Mass at Queen of Peace Catholic Mission here in Quartzsite, I was so sure I had read it was at 4 o'clock, then after Mass take care of the rest of the wash. Nothing like pulling up to a church when everyone is leaving and reading on the sign it was at 3 o'clock. So basically today we did wash.

Done and heading home as we approached the light at Kuehn Street Tom said lets just eat out for dinner and I suggested we just grab something and take it home. So we turned and headed towards Carl's Jr. for hamburgers.

Clouds above the Dome Rock Mountains 
with the sun peaking out.

Going over I-10 the sun is lighting up Quartzsite 
and the mountains beyond.

Heading home on US-95 the sun peeked out 
of the clouds for a few seconds.

Arriving home there is some color in the sky.

As the sun set this evening it looked like we would
have some fire in the sky but the color we could see
soon started to fade.
It was still a beautiful sunset!

Well, today did not turn out exactly as we planned but on the bright side we do have clean clothes, sheets and towels and that is a good thing.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Today started slowly and we enjoyed our time drinking our morning mugs of coffee. Going outside after lunch we noticed that several rigs have quietly left the area. I am guessing when we ride out tomorrow to go into Quartzsite we will see more empty spaces.

This group across the way out our door is
several rigs smaller then when we came in

Behind us all the rigs that were directly 
across the wash are gone.

Looking out towards the front we gained a rig.

Sitting outside waiting for our expected Happy Hour guests we could really feel the heat from the sun so Tom decided to put up our sunscreen and he was just finishing up when we could hear a vehicle approaching. Looking out we could see Black Beauty coming our way with Patsy and Bill inside. It was so nice to see them again and get some welcoming hugs. They had brought there own chairs and set them up even though we had four out; we soon found out why. We had just started catching up when we heard another vehicle coming our way a blue truck this time with Cheryl and Dave inside. Patsy had contacted them earlier today and invited them to join us. What a wonderful surprise we had not seen them in over two years. After another round of hugs we settled in to talk about this and that and the other thing. The time flew, it always does when we are enjoying the company of friends, and it was hard to believe we had been sitting and chatting for almost three hours when I noticed the time after they left. Looking forward to more Happy Hours when we come back this way in a couple of weeks. Maybe even a trip to Silly Al's.

Left to right: Dave, Bill, Patsy, Cheryl, my chair, and Tom

Missed the Actual Sunset this evening but this was the
glow my camera picked up.

After everyone left we took a ride around the area. The last place we parked out her last year was a nice spot and we were hoping to find it again. We think we did and if it is open when we come back this way we will be parking there. I have to admit that even though our first impression of this spot was not that exciting, though it is flat, we have come to enjoy it. 

It was a good day!

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Our day started with Mass at St. Richard Catholic Church in Borrego Springs. This is a lovely small church. We have been to Mass here in the past and have always felt welcomed. There is something special about attending Mass at a small parish. You can tell the parishioners are "family" yet at the same time are welcoming of their visitors. At least that has been our experience over the years. 

Upper right: there is always a picture or statue of 
Our Lady of Guadalupe in the churches we attended
in the Southwest. This one is lovely.

Out front an Ocotillo with tiny green leaves!
Upper right: they share the parking lot with the church
next door and everyone parks facing their own church.
Bottom right: a marker at the entrance to the parking lot.

We stopped for breakfast at the Red Ocotillo.
Though there were people sitting outside we chose to sit
inside in our opinion it was a little to chilly out there.

Christmas Circle

After breakfast we took a quick ride to check out a new grocery store I had seen when we came through the day before. Nice to know you do have a couple of options, there is another grocery store across the street, if needed but I would still recommend anyone coming this way come supplied. We then headed back home after Tom made two circles around so I could get the above

Checked in with Deb when we got home and it was still a go to take a small hike to find an arch she and Doug had talked about. So after changing out of our church clothes and checking with Doug, who decided to stay home and watch football, we were off to where the Igloo is parked. 

Deb had already taken off towards the badlands behind them before we got there but she texted saying just stay on the road and keep heading back. The question was, how would we see her out in the vastness of the area? Then we came around a hill and we could see this tiny person in the distance wearing an orange sweatshirt, I will not use the word she did stand out, waving so we headed towards her. She had already been below walking and found one arch but did not think it was the right one. Directing us up to a parking spot on the ridge we parked and walked down to where she met us. (I should have taken more pictures. It seems like somedays I take way to many and other days, like today, not enough.)

Top picture looking out over the badlands
the rest were taken below.

Top pictures the first arch Deb found.
I find it fascinating that the beauty we saw down here
is basically all compacted sand.
Bottom right: a way out.

Standing the way we were at the time we took a left and
found the arch Deb remembered. 

Doug and Yuma showed up just as we found the arch and again no pictures. Yuma had fun running up and down and checking out a lot of the nooks and crannies. 

Turned around and Tom had disappeared then reappeared
up on top. That is him in the bottom right picture.

Deb decided to crawl in and out one of the openings.

The Jeep up on the ridge. It doesn't look
like we are very deep at this angle.

Doug was parked up there also. Deb and I walked up and out of the badlands while Tom walked up the sand hill to get the Jeep and meet us where we had first seen Deb. We then headed back to the Igloo where Riley joined us for a Happy Hour. Doug and Yuma soon took off and then not long after with the sun setting we followed behind. 

Looking back at the our friend's home with the glow
of the last of the sun's light behind them.

When we got back home I took a picture
of the last of the light over the mountains.

It was another good day, one of several we had parked out overlooking the Borrego Badlands. This is my last blog about the time spent here with special friends enjoying the slow but quickly passing days, There is a quiet flow of time that happens when we are parked in the desert yet at the same time, time itself goes by quickly. There is calmness that takes over, if you are willing to let it, then comes the wonderful realization, we do not need to apologize or make excuses for not doing and going all the time. With that realization is the freedom to enjoy the days just as we want to and on some days do nothing at all. Sitting in the quietness as the inky black of night surrounds us there is a peacefulness that fills the  soul and a satisfaction in knowing we are living our life in this moment and enjoying the journey. 

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Visit to the "Big Tent"...(A Saturday Ride to Buy Pie in Julian, California)

Friday, January 27, 2023

Today's plan was to visit the "Big Tent" then take a couple of batches over to the laundromat. Yes, we had a plan and who knows it could all work out.  Up after the sun was up in the Eastern Sky we could feel its heat coming in our front window as we sat and leisurely enjoyed our morning brew. There really was no hurry because our plan included leaving here after 1 o'clock. We had a late breakfast before heading out. 

When we got to the parking lot it looked full but after riding around Tom decided to try the row next to the fence and there like a mirage was a parking space about ten cars away from one of the gates. We really did not need anything but it was nice walking around and picking up some information, plus, some free camping in an area we wanted to check out. As we were walking around it hit me as to what a good job Nancy did describing what was there in her Blog, Kissack Adventures. There really was a lot of stuff we did not need but it is fun walking around and looking. One thing I will never understand, though, is why??? so many people choose to bring their dogs with them to this. Big, medium, and little dogs on leashes (some short and some long leashes) and in strollers. If they are service dogs it makes perfect sense. Otherwise, I do not know about the rest of you, I do not enjoy spending time avoiding them and honestly I feel sorry for dogs needing to deal with all the confusion. (Just a small little rant and I am done.) One more thing, I do love dogs almost as much as cats just not underfoot at places like this. 

Could that be a small dinosaur in the tree
across the wash from us?

On our way Tom pulled over so I could get a picture
of the Sleeping Indian.

There it is the "Big Tent".

After leaving a few dollars behind and picking up our hitch that Tom dropped off yesterday to be serviced we drove over to the laundromat. The hope was to get three washers and our luck was holding as there was a whole row of washers available I should have brought a couple more After getting everything going I left Tom to move the batches to the dryers and headed over to Gem World for a quick walk around, they have beads and yes it is a "sickness", then a stop at Dollar General for a couple of things. As I pulled back into the parking lot at the laundromat Tom was walking out with our laundry. Perfect timing if I do say so myself. Last stop was at the VFW here in Quartzsite for their Friday Fish Fry it is sort of a tradition to stop there at least once when we are here to support their VFW. Sadly, the other couple we started that tradition with have not been around the last couple of years. Maybe next year Kathy and Rick???

Heading home after dinner the sun had already slipped 
behind the mountains. This is the glow the camera on my
phone picked up all I did was crop out the utility pole.

Not a bad day at all. We had a plan and it all worked out what more could we ask for.

Saturday, January 21, 2023 (Back a week this was our ride to and from Julian, California)

As I recall we left around 10:00AM. Doug and Yuma in the Little Silver Jeep with the Little Black Limo carrying Deb, Riley, Tom and I following close behind. The goal, at least for Tom, was an Apple Pie from the Julian Pie Company in Julian. There would also be beautiful scenery along the way, lunch, and a walk up and down the street. I pretty much only took pictures of the ride. Deb, On a long and lonesome highway... and Doug, Miss Adventure Travels both took some great pictures not only of the ride but also of Julian.

I am pretty much going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Honestly, for the most part I do not know what mountains we are looking at. All I know is the views are beautiful and I enjoyed looking out the window at them as we drove along. 

We are on our way with the beautiful Santa Rosa Mountains

ahead of us and somewhere in the distance a Little Silver Jeep.

Can you see the heart in the middle of the picture?

This is the place.

We are heading back.

Deb started it and then what can I say
we did not want to be left out.

We have stopped to take pictures from above 
Borrego Springs.

Large boulder please stay up there.

We are down from the mountain top.

Back home we were sitting and chatting about the day
when a couple that Doug knows stopped by. 
Left to right: Fran, Jeff, Riley, Deb, Doug, and Tom
Always nice meeting fellow RVer's!

The sun going down on what was a wonderful day
spent with special friends. 
I am smiling as I remember this day.

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