Friday, January 27, 2023

Thursday's Short Ride...Wednesday was a Moving Day...

 Thursday, January 26, 2023

We are presently boondocking out at the Roadrunner BLM near Quartzsite, Arizona

Waking up the first thing we heard was the wind. Not as bad as a couple of days ago but wind just the same. After having coffee Tom took our hitch off of the motorhome and headed over to the "Big Tent" to drop it off so it can be serviced. His next stop was at Quiet Times to pick up our mail. I had decided, for me, it would be a do nothing type of day. 

When Tom came back he started going through the mail and we got to talking and decided to take a short ride down the MST & T Road one of several that take you into different areas of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. Today we only took the road as far as the sign that lets you know you are entering the NWR and turned around as it was already late in the day. We decided to take a road along the gas line that would take us, well we hoped would take us, to the road called Pipeline Road then back to US-95. It all worked out because eventually we ended up back home. The ride today was on BLM land.

This was my favorite picture of the day. 
Those are the Kofa Mountains in the background.

Saguaros standing proud and tall.

All different and all beautiful even in death.

Lots of arms on the one on the right.

We would not be able to get to the palms at Palm Canyon
on this road but we can see their home in the distance.
Cholla Cactus, not sure what kind the one in the middle is.
The right and left ones are Teddy Bears. 

This was once a travel trailer.
Must have been heartbreaking to watch it burn.
Something none of us ever want to see happen to anyone.

The road we turned on to followed the gas line. It looked 
fairly smooth at the beginning but turned into a bumpy ride

We went up and down several washes along the way.
The scenery and the mountains in the distance, beautiful.

On a quick ride into La Posa South we saw this rig.
Now that is an array of solar panels.
Our question is how fast does he get those down in the wind?

So that was our day. Not overly exciting but exciting enough for us.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023 (Moving Day)

We started the day on a ridge overlooking the Borrego Badlands while the sun came up over the Sultan Sea in the distance. It was a quiet day as we finished getting ready to roll our wheels East. This was as far west we will be traveling this year. As always it is bittersweet to be leaving a place we have thoroughly enjoyed being parked at. It has been so much fun exploring some of wonders of this place with special friends and it is not easy to wave so long for now and move on. Yet at the same time we know it is time to do so. The memories will come along for the ride and last forever.

The sun rising on our day.  

Looking down at our friend's home as the sunlight
begins to touch the area with its light.

Deb and Riley arrived in the Dogsled just as we finished going over the checklist to make sure everything was ready to roll. After standing and chatting for a bit about our plans and theirs we said our "see you laters" and with a couple of hugs it was time to take off. Since, we are going to be stopping a few miles down the road for Tom to dump our tanks and take on fresh water we decided to wait until that fun is finished before hooking up the Jeep.

I am down the hill waiting to see the Stinger "B" in my

mirror. There she is. I could see Deb and Riley up the hill 
waving and with a wave back the Jeep is moving east. 

After hooking up the Jeep we turned left on to CA-86
heading North. That is the Salton Sea in the distance.

On the side of a building in Sultan City.
Looked interesting.

Not just a beautiful white.

Green fields 

and a lone tractor.

There is snow on the mountain tops.

We made a brief stop in Indio for groceries at Walmart and then Tom merged the 
Stinger "B" on to I-10 and we are headed East.

We have traveled on several Interstates over the years

but we do not think any have the number of Semi's 

as we see on I-10.

I took this as we were going by the Inspection Station  
 after crossing into California.

The Semis were continuing to join the line
as we passed this sign. 

I can see Saguaros on those hills.

We have missed 

seeing these guys.

Going by Dome Rock BLM we can see a lot of RV's.

We can see Quartzsite in the distance.

We will take the 2nd exit to put diesel in the Stinger "B". 
The last time we stopped was in Yuma on December 19th.
She is a little thirsty but her owners
 did not want to pay California prices. 

Looking right, as we turn left after leaving a nice chunk of
change with Arco. We are waving, Patsy and Bill, but you
 probably cannot see us with that building in the 

Heading toward US-95 on Kuehn we can see the 
"Big Tent" in the distance.

The Vendors at Tyson Wells are busy.

Turning left on to US-95 at the light above we head south towards the Roadrunner BLM and this will be home for the next few days while we take care of somethings and make a visit to the tent and some of the Vendors out on Kuehn Street. 
Side Note: We never remember it ever being this busy out at Roadrunner, in years past, when we have been here during the "Big Tent".
We pulled in, unhooked the Jeep, and took a ride back where we have parked in the past and managed to find a spot that was level and a decent distance from other rigs. Not ideal but like I mentioned we are only here for a few days this time so it will do. The plan is to come back up this way in a couple of weeks when it will be less busy and fingers crossed warmer.

We sat outside and watched the sun set behind the 
Dome Mountains. 

Not long after taking the above picture we came inside. The wind was picking up and it was, I have to use the word family and friends in the frozen north, cold it was cold. It was a long day driving for Tom; the wind began blowing as we left Indio and stayed with us all the way here. The good news is we made it safe and sound. We are looking forward to getting things done and hopefully at least one Happy Hour with friends while we are here. 

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. It looks like not too much wind this weekend. Enjoy!

    1. It was hardly windy at all today and that was nice.

  2. Hopefully, the wind dies down and it warms up very soon. I miss the saguaro too. Enjoy your stay in Quartzsite.

    1. The wind was not with us today and hoping it stays away. We are enjoying our time here and seeing the saguaros.

  3. That was my first thought when I saw that solar array. The wind!

    We've been up to touch the palms a few times. A really great hike!

    1. We have made the hike in to see the Palms, also. I especially liked the view when you are just about out and the entrance frames the view ahead.

  4. It is always nice to see the Saugaro's they are just so majestical. I can only imagine how busy Quartzite is right now but nice that you found a place to park while you get your errands done.

    1. It is busy but as we headed out to go in and visit the tent we were surprised as to how many rigs have pulled out since yesterday.

  5. Sorry Deb that comment above was from me. I'm not sure why blogger insists I enter my information each time now, it never use to do that.

    1. I am not sure what is going on. I had a blog I knew I posted disappear from my archive and show up as a draft on my posts' list. When I reposted the comments were there except for yours but my reply was.

  6. miss the saguaros! I believe the middle cactus between the teddy bear is a stag horn. Happy the trip was smooth and everything went well. I think the wind has died down again for at least a few days. Hopefully it warms up in Q soon. It was bittersweet watching you and Tom drive away, but sometimes it’s just time! We travelled that route to Indio today and I was tempted to take a pic of that mural. It is thought provoking!


    1. I am guessing you are right about it being a stag horn I just was not sure. The wind seems to have pretty much died down here and hope it stays that way. It is an interesting mural.

  7. Yup ... more crowded than it's been in quite some time. I think we were spoiled the last few years. Lots of new first-timers who want to park right next to you! LOL. Enjoy ... hoping the weather warms up and the winds stop.