Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The White Lion Heads East...Fonts Point..(Walk Through the Calcite Mine Slot Canyon)

I wrote and published this post on Wednesday, January 25th. I can even see it on Facebook though when I click on it, it says the page does not exist. I have no explanation for what happened because it shows as a draft, shows it has 10 comments (which I remember replying to), and 201 views. Plus it does not show as being published. I am going to re-publish it and see what happens.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

We started today with our first cup of coffee inside the Stinger "B". We brought our second cup outside to enjoy Coffee Hour with Deb and Riley as Doug got ready to head down the hill. Doug then decided to join us and we spent some time talking about this and that including where we would all be headed next. It quickly became time to say our "see you laters" and the White Lion was off. After watching Doug pull away the four of us sat and chatted for a little longer. Tom and I had decided to take a ride out to Fonts Point and we asked if they would like to join us; happily they agreed and we decided on a departure time after lunch. 

Our last sunset parked out near the Borrego Badlands.

The view of the sun setting standing by the Igloo
parked at the Ocotillo Wells BLM

Up the hill and this is the view of the sunset 
standing by the Stinger "B".

While I was taking pictures of the sun setting 
this guy went buzzing by.

He was up above the hill where we are parked then
down below above where Deb and Riley are several
times. It looked like he was having fun.

The sun is gone but I can see our friends home
as the night descends upon us. 

Back to the beginning of our day.
I might as well just admit it now and get it over with; this blog has a picture overload. Or I could say it is filled with pictures when looked at in the future will bring back special memories of a time spent with friends enjoying the days and Tom and I will smile.

Doug and Yuma are on their way.

Fonts Point is part of The Anza Borrego State Park. Looking for information about Fonts Point I found one description of it as one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Southern California. We have not visited very many places in California but I will say the views are spectacular. They are worth the 4 mile ride in the sandy wash, though, it is recommended you do it with a 4 wheel drive vehicle Then it is an easy walk up the hill to see some wonderful views looking down over the Borrego Badlands.  

The views of the canyons, crevices, mountains, and Salton Sea in the distance seem to go on forever.

Click on the next two pictures and they should open in a new window and you can read more about this beautiful spot and how it came to be what it is.

Turning into the wash that will bring us to Fonts Point.

From the parking lot we can see the Clark Dry Lake 
with the Santa Rosa Mountains behind in the distance.

We have walked up the hill and these are our views. I know I have said it before but it is the truth, the camera does not do what the eyes see justice.

The Salton Sea is out there.

All smiling and looking the same with the
Borrego Badlands behind us.
Yes, those are my arms and hands holding my phone 
perfectly reflected in my glasses.

One last picture and we headed back to the 
Jeep to make our way back out to H22.

One last stop on our way out.

Patsy you are just going to have to believe me.
There were to many large rocks to get any closer. 
It is filled with tiny green leaves! 

Our home in the distance with the Sultan Sea behind it
and the Chocolate Mountains behind the sea.

Another good day spent enjoying some of the beauty that is in this place. Our last in this spot for this Adventure. Tomorrow we will head out looking forward to were the road will lead us as we continue the Journey.

(The Rest of the Walk Through the Calcite Mine Slot Canyon.)

Friday, January 20, 2023

I had stopped but Deb, Doug and Tom continued on. Tom offered to stay back and then Doug said no he would stay back with me since he had been there earlier in the week but I convinced them both to keep going. I felt perfectly safe and did not want anyone else to miss out because I did not feel I should continue.

After they moved further on I stood looking around at the spot I would wait for them.

It sort of makes me dizzy looking up but
the colors of the sand/mudstone against the
blue sky are beautiful,
Looking down I could see rocks imbedded in the
sand/mudstone along the path.
Basically they are cemented in there.

Standing there looking at the path we had just come through it is again a reminder of the force and strength of the water that flows through here.

Tom's pictures of what was ahead of where I stopped.

Then they were back and we started the hike back out. I always find it fascinating how the views on the same path take on such a different look going in the opposite direction. 

High Five, I actually remembered to take a selfie of us 
while in the Slot Canyon and I got us all in and smiling on the
first I think you can tell we are having fun.

Do you see her holding a baby?

The shadows and sunlight, bring out the variation

of colors and textures of the walls as we walk along.

Tom took these looking 

down a slot.

These three

pictures are of the walls

just outside the slot.

Is that some one up there?

Tom taking a picture while Deb and Doug
have stopped ahead to discuss something.

Small boulders holding up the walls

or has Deb stopped to do so?


Layer after layer of packed sand.

Almost back to where we started this lovely hike.

How much longer will the column be up there?

Turning the corner Doug has beat us to the Jeep.

It was a great hike and I think we would all agree we had fun.  We headed back home and Deb stayed and visited for a short time before heading back home herself.  

I just liked the look of the landscape and
mountains in the distance.

The sun going down

on what was a good day spent with friends.

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  1. Of course, i believe you! I'm glad you're seeing them but we sure haven't. 🤣

    1. I would see green ones here and there. There were no greens one out on Ogilby either.

  2. We have had a lot of good days together. The time has passed so quickly and yet it is unhurried. The days are peaceful and easy, a little busyness, but nothing hectic. I think a wonderful blend.
    Love the pics, and the fella sailing along the edges of of the cliff looked almost as if he were touching his toes at times. What a view and what a ride.


    1. Totally agree with what you said about our days together.
      He went down from where we were a couple of times and I thought he had landed then up he would come again. You could tell he was having a good time.

  3. Such great pictures of the slot canyon, Deb. I really like the way you caught the beauty of the walls. Great group selfie too. I had a great time walking it with friends.

    1. Thank you and thank you for telling us about it and taking us there. It was fun doing it together.

  4. Replies
    1. This was a reply to a comment "Maxx Trails" had made. Which is gone.

  5. Thank you, the views are so beautiful it is hard to not take a decent picture.

  6. I've often wondered what it would be like to have a paraglider like that. I doubt I ever will be part of me wants to at least take a lesson or two and see if I'd like it!

    1. It looked like the person was having a lot of fun. Not something I would ever want to do. Hope you get the chance to take a lesson or two.