Wednesday, January 17, 2024

A Sunrise, A Sunset, and A Happy Birthday

Tuesday, January 17, 2024 

Tom was up in time to capture the sun coming up over our neighborhood. 

Not a lot going on here today. Everyone was gone for a bit emptying black tanks and filling fresh water tanks. Tom took care of the same chores but with our bladder and blue boy so we did not have to move. We have a large group gathered next door and we can occasionally hear announcements throughout the day. Then tonigh for the second night in a row there was music for a couple of hours but we actually have all been enjoying what they are playing so no complaints. 

We did enjoy a Happy Hour with Kim, Ken, and Keith for a couple of hours and that did include some lively conversation and a little laughter. Always nice to sit and enjoy the company of friends. 

The only pictures I took today were both of the beautiful color in the sky after the sun had slipped behind the Dome Rock Mountains. 

This little guy, our daughter's son, turned 9 today! The picture in the center is one taken recently. The rest are just some of my favorites. I especially love the one of him jumping in the puddle when he was two, pure joy, he was having so much fun. 

Happy Birthday, Nathaniel!
We love you forever and always!

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Monday, January 15, 2024

A Ride In The Cargo Muchacho Mountains

A Short Step Back in Time to Wednesday, January 10, 2024

As I mentioned in my last blog we decided today would be a fun day to take a ride into the Cargo Muchacho Mountains our goal was to find a way through but that did not happen today. It still was fun taking a couple of different roads in search of the right one and we enjoyed the company of friends, Deb and Riley, which made our time riding an enjoyable one filled with talk and laughter. 

Below are the pictures I took as we drove along and at some of our stops. They are pictures of what "jumped" out at me as we drove along. 

We stopped to look at this open pit mine. These are the two pictures I took.

These are the two Tom took.


Deb and Tom took a walk to see what was ahead.

Playing with the effects settings on my camera this is normal

This is Super Vivid.

You have to appreciate the determination of a plant growing
in between all the rocks.

I took his picture in Super Vivid and look how he 
stands out. 

Not a real clear picture but there is not
much earth left around this tree.
An example of the power of water as
it comes down these washes out here.

From a distance

and up close. It looks like some one took a knife and sliced
a section off of the mountain.

This is one large boulder clinging to the side of this wall.

Deb and Tom coming back from another walk
to see what was ahead.

We parked looking across a wash and the power of 
water is very visible.

As we are driving out of the mountains 
the sand dunes are visible in the distance.

This looked like large mushrooms caps on the side of the hill.
At least that is what I saw.

Another view of the sand dunes in the distance.

There is a hole in that rock. 
Deb pointed it out it several times before I finally saw it.

I thought she was pointing at these 
and I could not see the

Tom took a walk up to see an abandoned mine. The picture above is what we could see from the road below. The pictures below are what he took when he walked up to it. (Interesting side note: When he was up there he could hear voices and as we were driving away we could see people up on top of the hill. Interesting how there voices carried to where he was standing near the mine shaft.)

He took one last picture looking up the hill before coming 
back down to join us in the Jeep.

Just after I took this picture we could see the people Tom 
heard talking on top of this hill. This is another abandoned
mine on that same hill.

Tailings from one of the mines in the area.

We did continue our ride over towards Tumco and the black hill just to check out some boondocking sites but for whatever reason I did not take any more pictures.

It was a good time spent with special friends.

The plan is to try again to find the opening through the mountains. We may find it and we may not but there is fun to be had in the search. 

The sun setting on our day.

I never get tired of the sunsets out here.

"Injustice anywhere 
is a threat to justice everywhere."
                                        ~Martin Luther King Jr.

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