Saturday, December 30, 2023

Another Day and Another Beautiful Sunset!

 Saturday, December 30, 2023

Today started like most of our days, enjoying our coffee and talking about what we were going to do today. We needed fresh water so after his coffee Tom took our water bladder over to a rest area just down the road to take care of that. While he was gone doing that I sorted some of our laundry that needed to get done. After our fresh water was refilled Tom headed into Yuma with the wash. While he was gone I took care of a few things around here. Just an ordinary day doing everyday ordinary things yet, and it is a big "yet", we get to do them in this beautiful place we are calling home at this moment in time.

Tonight's Sunset

Happy Hour
The wind picked up and there was a definite chill in the air.
Yet we all managed to persevere for a couple of hours.

If you look closely in the center of the picture you can 
see the truck carrying Brenda and John home.

If you click on the picture it should open larger in a new window.
 The last of the sunlight was lightning up the tips of the clouds.

Another day and another beautiful sunset! It was a day like most of our days not overly exciting just a normal day of living life. It was a good day!

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Friday, December 29, 2023

Another Beautiful Sunset and A Sundog!

Friday, December 29, 2023

It was one of those do nothing type of days for me. Tom was outside "playing" with his new metal detector down in the wash next to us. Ken joined him for awhile and they did dig up an old tin can. The good news is it does detect metal. I am thinking he is going to have fun with this new purchase...🥰

A sun dog appeared during Happy Hour.

Always in search of more knowledge I looked up sun dog and found out something I did not know.
While some are as bright and colorful as rainbows, a sun dog is not a type of rainbow. Similar to rainbows, however, sun dogs also represent a prism effect. Sun dogs are most visible and noticeable when the Sun is close to the horizon. Sundogs are created by ice crystals, whereas rainbows are created by raindrops.

I missed the actual sunset but the color left behind 
was beautiful.

The clouds began picking up color. 
Over the Ogilby Hills.

The sky in the West continued to brighten.

Over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

The color turned from this golden orange

to a beautiful deep orange.

The color was beautiful even as the black started to engulf it.

As Tom and I continue to enjoy this Christmas Season we ended the day chatting with Kim, Ken, Keith, and Deb and that is a wonderful way to end the day. We missed Riley who did not join us today but she to is part of this special group of friends we are enjoying being parked by out here in the desert just off of Ogilby Road.

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Mostly Sunsets and A Duck

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The sunsets out here in the Sonoran Desert just off of Ogilby Road  surrounded with views of  the Cargo Muchacho Mountains and the Ogilby Hills along with the Imperial Sand Dunes in the distance never disappoint. For some reason, I really cannot explain, I have not been taking that many pictures this year. Yet as the sun goes down in this beautiful place we are calling home for right now in this time pictures of the sun setting are just a part of the day. 

The sun was behind the clouds as it set this evening,

About fourteen minutes the clouds to the north of us
turned a beautiful pink.

Where the sun had set turned a brilliant orange/yellow.

Then there was touches of pink, orange, and yellow 
in the sky to the north.
The sky to the west turned a bright orange,

Then I took a walk towards the East to get this view of our
neighborhood in the afterglow.

Around 11:30 I stepped outside and pointing my camera
straight above where I was standing took this picture of
The December "Cold Moon".

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Today after contacting Elva we arranged to take a ride over to their place in Welton to pick up Tom's Christmas present, a metal detector, they had graciously let us have it shipped there. Thank you!

Welton has some Christmas decorations up on their street lights.

After sitting and chatting for a bit it was time to head home.
Elva and Jerry watching us back out. Thank you for holding 
the box we appreciate it. 

Back on I-8 heading towards Yuma.
Top and middle pictures: approaching Telegraph Pass
that brings us through the Gila Mountains.
Bottom picture: Yuma is in the distance.

We made a quick stop at Fry's to pick up a few groceries
and while inside we were "Ducked".

Going by the fields of vegetables on our way home.

Turning on to Ogilby Road we can see the four wheelers
gathering in the pay for use area.

When we arrived home Happy Hour was in full swing, Brenda and John had drove over to join the group. So after putting a few things away we grabbed our chairs and joined them. 

Sunset on December 28th.

It was a good day in the desert!

A Step Back in Time For Our Memory Book
Breakfast in Mexico and Beautiful Sunsets

Monday, December 18, 2023

Today Tom and I met up with Deb and Riley in Los Algodones for breakfast. They had left earlier for their dentist appointments and after breakfast we had some errands to run in Yuma, so we drove separately. We arrived and had enough time to purchase the couple of things I was looking for before we saw them coming our way.  We chose the El Rancherito restaurant for breakfast this morning. The food was good though french fries with our omelettes was a little different.

Top picture: arriving at the parking lot for Los Algodones
Middle picture: breakfast
Bottom picture: leaving after breakfast.

The sun setting on our day

and the clouds had hint of pink in them,

Then the horizon to the west of us turned a bright orange.

Our neighborhood in the afterglow
and the last of the light looking out from our door.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

I honestly do not remember what we did during the day, I asked Tom and he doesn't either. I do know we sat out for Happy Hour because I remember taking the picture below during that time. We could see smoke behind the mountains to the East of us and the black smoke settled into a line above the desert.

A line of black smoke across the sky.

Our sunset

and an afterglow of pink.

Tom and I continue to enjoy our time parked out here in this circle of friends. It is hard to believe that after today, December 29th, in two days it will be 2024. Life is good and we are looking forward to the adventures the new year will bring. 

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

A Day to Be Enjoyed and An Addition to Our Memory Book

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Another day to be enjoyed in our neighborhood. A little chillier then it has been but not cold. Tom decided to take a couple of loads of wash and head into the laundromat in Yuma. I had thought we could wait a couple more days but he said he would just go in and I thought who am I to argue. I really dislike going to the laundromat and he was going to go without me...yay. and now we have some nice clean undies...😉 Always a good  Yes, I do have an all in one washer/dryer in here and I do really like it but it is not something I use when we are boondocking. Anyway, he not only came home with clean laundry but the flowers below. Tom was not feeling that well before Christmas and so there were no Christmas Flowers and that was understandable but the man rarely misses an occasion. I now have these beautifully bright colored flowers brightening up my day. 

I just love how colorful they are!

A little Christmas trivia about how I do enjoy decorating for Christmas. Back in our "sticks and bricks' days I filled all the rooms with decorations and I still have some of them in our storage locker. Okay full disclosure there are a lot of decorations still in  I had boxes and boxes of decorations including dishes, mugs, glasses etc... all of which started coming out the beginning of December.  In the beginning of these adventures I carried three boxes of decorations and over the years I have purged those boxes down to what is below. 

The Reason for the Season.
I do love Nativity Scenes and have several.

This figurine has been part of our Christmas decorations
for a lot of years. It is one of my favorite.

The Christmas Ball on the right is new this year.
It was a gift from Deb and Riley, Deb's sister makes them,
and she had this one made for us. It is just perfect for in the
Stinger "B". Thank you, Deb and Riley!

A few Santa's from our collection.

Upper left: from our daughter, it has all our grandchildren's names
on it. I actually keep that one up all year. The cactus is also new
since we started RVing.

Upper left: I added this little tree this year. I did go to ceramic
class back in the day and do have the large one in storage.

Kim and Ken had a Santa rock with them. If I understood/remember the story correctly, she found it on their step a few years back at Christmas time. This Christmas morning it made its way from the Igloo to the Stinger B's steps. 

 I decided it looked just right with my outside décor
on the table. So for now it has a home...🥰 

Sunset on December 26th

The Cargo Muchacho Mountains with the last 
of the sunlight hitting their peaks.

The last full moon of 2024
The "Cold Moon"

A Step Back in Time For Our Memory Book
A Ride in the Desert near Welton, Arizona

First a short mention about the the third and fourth day of our Twelve Days before Christmas Celebration. Friday, December 15, 2023 Third Day

On the third day, December 15th we had cheese and wine
in the Igloo. Deb and Riley put out a nice spread of cheese
and crackers. It was fun tasting the different cheeses and the
red and white wine.  

On Saturday, December 16th we celebrated during Happy Hour with some chili that Ken made. No pictures that does seem to be a trend with me lately. It was very tasty Chili.

The end of the light on the Cargo Muchacho

as the sun left our day.

Then we did have a little light orangish/pinkish afterglow. 

Sunday, December 17, 2023 (Our fifth day before Christmas)

Today we, Deb, Ken, Tom and I, headed over to Welton to visit Elva and Jerry and take a ride in the desert with Jerry leading the way. Neither Kim or Riley felt up to a bumpy ride so they both stayed home and I am guessing enjoyed the quiet of our neighborhood. 

Tom and I started our morning with Mass at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Yuma then we headed over to Welton to join the rest of the gang. 

Coming out the east side of Telegraph Pass. 

After a short hello we were off. Deb and Ken are with Jerry
in Elva's Jeep and Tom and I followed in our Jeep. 
Going through two short tunnels. 

Side Note: The color of our Jeep is called High Velocity. Jeep describes the color as bright yellow with a touch of green that brings the "bright sunshine" to the Jeep line. When you see this color in person you understand why this is the description. There is no hiding this Jeep. At first I was not sure about the color but now I really like it. Looking at the two middle pictures in the collage above as we started into the tunnels in the different light you can really see the green in the left picture. 
Following the dust, I mean Elva's,  ahead

we were headed to the Naked Date Restaurant.
You can rent a tent and spend the night in between the rows
of date trees. 

We stopped for lunch.

Afterwards, following the dust ahead again, we were off on 
the day's adventure.

Below are pictures of the views along the way as we followed the Jeep in front of us along the levy then through some twist and turns and up and down a few washes. The sky was a beautiful blue making everything brighter. It was a perfect day for a ride. 

I have no idea what the white glare is in the bottom right picture.

Checking out some tanks in the wash for water.

Do you see the face in the bottom right picture?

Stopping back at Elva and Jerry's to say thank you to Elva
for the use of her Jeep and lending us Jerry as a tour guide
for the afternoon ride. We had a wonderful time.

Life is good and we are enjoying our time parked out here in the desert off of Ogilby Road.

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