Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sunrise, Pizza, and A Campfire with Friends

Friday, December 1, 2023

Like several others I am wondering how December came so fast? How did the time go by so quickly between the battle to remember to write 2023 instead of 2022 and December? I finally had that battle won, and now the time to write 2024 is quickly approaching. The years are flying by and picking up speed. Knowing our children and grandchildren are healthy and happy makes these quickly passing years good ones. Getting to spend days like today with friends makes this time in our life even better. All days to savour on this journey of life we are all on.

The desert was lighting up around us and even though my fingers and toes were freezing I waited outside until the sun peeked over the Kofa Mountains before retreating back into the warmth of the Stinger "B". Tom only stood in the doorway and mentioned there is a chill in the air before retreating back inside. Since, he did have hot coffee ready when I came back in I am giving him a pass on wimping out about the "chill" and not coming out...LOL 🥰

Looking north in the early morning light.

Our Neighborhood

Looking southeast
before the sun peeked over the Kofa Mountains,

Just hanging out with this guy
 as we both wait, somewhat patiently,
for the sun to pop up over the mountains.

There it slowly starts to make its way into our view.

Looking west at the Dome Rock Mountains as they
start to catch the first of the sunlight.

He was just flying by.



then it is over the mountains

One last picture of the shadows to the west and I am inside
drinking hot coffee and warming up my fingers.

Later before heading into Quartzsite to join Patsy and Bill for dinner at Silly Al's we had an early Happy Hour.

I took this from the doorway.
Left to right: Deb and Kim deep in conversation
along with Ken and Tom deep in guy talk.

Funtime with friends at Silly Al's!
Left to right: Me, Tom, Kim, Ken, Patsy, Bill, Deb, and Riley

Arriving home the sun had set but I was able to catch a 
 little of what was left of a golden glow over the mountains.

As we were finishing up at dinner we decided a campfire 
just might be fun. So Patsy and Bill joined us out at Roadrunner.
Left to right, Tom, Patsy Bill, Deb, Riley, Kim, and Ken looking
up, I am guessing, something we were all curious about.

Campfire with friends even in the "chill" of the desert night is a wonderful way to end a day in this quiet and peaceful place we have been calling home.

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