Thursday, April 25, 2019

Seriously, How Much Rain Can Come Down?

The answer would be a lot...

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
April 23, 24, 25, 2019

It is raining again and though we did see the sun earlier in the week we have seen a lot of clouds and an occasional sprinkle.  Now tonight, Thursday, it is coming down at a good rate. I wonder do the "weekend warriors" bring it with them? Early this afternoon the RV's started coming in at a pretty good pace. Under cloudy skies and with temperatures in the low 50's the awnings, lights, carpets, and chairs went out. Then we could see campfires being built. We will probably set up like that when we come back in June but for now between the rain, the cold, and the fact that we are not here that much we only put out the small welcome mat. On a day like to day the only fire we have going is our blue flame. Yes, we have become weather "wimps".

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting with our kids and grandkids and there are no pictures because when we are having fun just hanging out I always seem to forget to take them.  Today we stayed here at the Stinger "B" to catch our breath and relax a little. I did take a couple of pictures here at the campgrounds yesterday before we left. Then today we took a walk around to scout out the different sites and right down numbers for future reference. We now have a better idea of where we would like to park in the future. This will probably be our go to campground when visiting down here in the future.

After the campers around us left we realized we did have a  picnic table
and fire-pit. They are next to our electric post.
If we are in this site in the future we will pull in
the opposite way and just pull the electric cord under the motorhome. 

It actually would be better to be able to sit out facing the
opposite direction. So this site will remain on our list.

This site is the one we have reserved in June. Our fire-pit will be close to
the road, we are on a corner like this site, but there is more space outside.
Plus, it is a longer site. 

One of several boats we saw go by today.
I took this one from our window.

Looking back at our site. Yesterday we were the only ones on this corner.

Looking down river there are several boats with people fishing.
When Tom picked up his fishing license this morning the gentleman
told him they are catching Walleye up and down the river.

Looking upriver that is Canada across the way.

Another large boat going by as we were walking.

We are hoping to get one of the sites, visible on either side, along the road
across from the river next year. We can pull into these and be able to watch
the boats, like this one, go by out our front window.
(We have a feeling these go quickly)

Another view of our area.

There were lots of boats with people out fishing today.

The one nice thing with all the rain the grass is a wonderful, bright green.
There are also buds on the trees.

That has been our last few days. Special time with family and quiet time here at the motorhome. Days of just enjoying the moments and listening to the rain fall on the roof of our home.

"Wake up, relax, breathe, and smile.
That feeling is called living!
Enjoy the moment."
                                             ~Sonny Long

We are happy you took the time to stop by.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of where we are presently parked. 
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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Family Time, Hugs, Rain, and Then Sunshine

Friday, April 20, 2019

Today is "Hug Grandbabies' Day" it is the reason we are stopped here. A short/anxious 35 miles back south and we will spend the day with our son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. As much as we love our lifestyle we do miss seeing our children and grandchildren and cannot wait to get there.

The ride.

Three Grandbabies!

It was a wonderful day.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

It RAINED today. The heavy downpour started during the night and lasted most of the day. Which means we had a steady drip coming from the roof leak in the front. 

There is "some" water in the park

and the walking trail above right is a "little" wet.

You have to give these "weekend warriors"  credit as soon as it turned to
only a sprinkle they were out building campfires, walking, and riding bikes.

We spent the day inside dry, warm, and keeping the area under the drip dry.  Not one of our best days especially because of the leak and the rain but it is what it is not everyday can be "sunshine and roses".

Sunday, April 21, 2019 

Happy Easter!

As we drove to St. Clair Shores this morning, we left the park at 7:00AM, we could see blue skies in between the clouds. It is going to be a wonderful Easter. 

While still on M-29 the clouds disappeared and we could see the moon.

We are on our way to Easter Mass with our family at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church in St. Clair Shores. This is their parish, just a few blocks from where they live, and it is beautiful. Stopped at the red light just before the church we watched as they pulled out of their street in front of us.

The Altar area filled with flowers.

Then back home to see what the Easter Bunny brought.

I rarely think to take pictures of the food but we had two wonderful meals today. Breakfast after mass was egg bake, corned beef hash, bacon and toast. For dinner our son made Beef Wellington and added to that was grilled potatoes, asparagus and corn on the cob. We definitely ate well this Easter.

Our daughter and her family.
We did get to talk to them and the cousins all got to visit.
(Looking forward to seeing them in person in a couple of weeks.)

The moon was shining over the river across
from the park when we got back home.

Arriving back this evening we can see that a lot of the RVer's have already left. Check out time here is 1 o'clock so hopefully they enjoyed a fun morning of sunshine before they had to pack up and leave.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The sun is again shining and the sky is a wonderful blue. Tom is having fun dumping some of our grey water; a couple of trips to the dump station with some collapsible containers we purchased for the task. Then he will replenish our fresh water tank. As he is doing that I am sitting her typing this and watching RVer's pack up and pull out of the park this morning. When he is finished we will be heading over to spend time with our family. 

Then it is Monday.

One of several large boats we have seen on the St. Clair River.
This one is headed downriver towards Lake St. Clair.

Driving beside the St. John's Marsh

we spot a Turtle X-ing

and a Muskrat X-ing.
Though in all the years we have driven by here we have never seen
either one. Maybe this year.

I took a ride over to the Selinsky Green Log Cabin with my daughter-in-law.
She is a member of the St. Clair Shores Historical Commission and has talked
about this house several times. Today I had the opportunity to check it out.

She was doing an assignment for one of her Master Classes and it was
interesting to see this lovely small farmhouse museum. 

Our spot here at Algonac State Park.

It was an enjoyable day. I spent a quiet morning here at the park and Tom took care of a couple of household chores. Then we spent the rest of the day with our children and grandchildren which would be the best part of the day. The second best part was sunshine and blue skies.

We are glad you stopped by and we hope you had a nice Easter Weekend with your family.
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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter!.....(We are in Michigan Plus Two Days...Catching Up)

Wishing Each of
 You a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

So after a quite night we pulled out of the Walmart in Bryan, OH. We headed a couple of miles south and then turned East on US 6.  Today's ride is only 88 miles and the RV Park we are headed for, Harbortown RV Resort near Monroe, MI, describes their sites as level and paved. We are feeling confident this park is going to work out. Again more money then we care to spend but we need a place to land for a couple of days before we head further north to the Michigan State Park we are booked at for eleven days.

We are on US 6 in Ohio heading East.

Then a head there was bridge construction. Two bridges to be exact. We
immediately thought of the two bridges driving into the Imperial Dam LTVA
in Arizona.  Those had been very narrow to get through and the barrels at the
end were over the lane one of which we hit. These two as you can see
were wide and and the barrels were place on the outside of the lane. 

Continuing on our way under lovely blue skies 

the one thing we noticed different from a few days ago
 the trees are just starting to bud

and there is not a lot of green to be seen out the window.

I cannot believe I actually got the picture.
I thought for sure I had missed the engine. 

Going by Perrysburg

then again after merging onto I-75.

In no time we were going around Toledo.

Then the sign we have been waiting to see
and since we tow a Jeep I decided to include this one.
We are still about 470 miles from where we call home but
we have crossed into Michigan. 

Our exit

and where we will call home for the next two nights.

Looking down the row at the end of our site.

There we are parked on a paved driveway
that was long enough to leave the Jeep hooked up.

So ended our day. No sunset we were under grey skies but we are parked and have full hookups.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Our first day back in Michigan and we pretty much did nothing. Cleaned a little and did a couple batches of wash. Tom actually put up the Antennae and watched some television and neither of us could remember the last time we turned it on. It rained a little during the day but overall it was a relaxing day.

I went out near the time the sun was setting.
Out towards the east the clouds had made a swoosh.

Looking south there was a slight break in the clouds

and to the west just a little bit of pink just above the horizon.
I would rate today a good day.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Today we will make the trip up I-75 and connect with I-94 to reach our next destination in 92 miles and where we will stay for 11 days. During this time we will spend time with our son, daughter-in-law, and three of our grandchildren. The oldest will make his First Communion the Saturday after Easter and we feel blessed to be here to see it happen. Tom unhooked our utilities and just after 11 o'clock we were on I-75 heading north.

The Stinger "B" is ready for the I-94 challenge.

If you click on the picture and enlarge it you should be able to see
the two ducks swimming in the pool.

On I-75

and we can see Detroit in the distance.

Then we are on I-94

and there is the inevitable construction.

Passing St. Clair Shores we will back here tomorrow.

Having turned at our exit onto 26 Mile Road/Marine City Highway then onto
Marsh Road  we are remembering why we had said when we checked out
this park last fall this was not the best way to come. The longer route was
a better choice. Not "Hazel's" fault she gave us the two choices.

After turning right on to M-29 in a few miles we are at the park.
That is the St. Clair River on the left.

Tom on the phone checking us in.
We are wondering if there is someone in the building during the summer.
We will find out when we head back this way in June.

Our next stop was at the Campground Host's site were we picked up a map of the sites and were to get water. There are several water faucets throughout the campgrounds the only problem is you cannot hookup a hose to any of them. The only thing they are good for is to fill up a jug which is pretty useless if you want to fill up a fresh water tank on a motor home. There is presently only one spot were you can hook up a hose and we had to go back out to the dump station just behind the above building to fill up our fresh water tank.  This is a decent park and the Stinger "B" has all her wheels on gravel so we will not be sinking into the grass. We have a 50 amp electric hookup, we can get water and use the dump station. The sites are tight and from what we can see it is a popular place for families. One last thing which is not an issue this stay, and we will make a note for future reference, from what we can tell we are in the only site without a fire pit or picnic table. In the future not being able to have a fire with our grandchildren here would not be fun. Once it stops raining and the weekend people pull out we will be taking a walk around looking at the various sites and making notes. I did already check out the site we have reserved for June and we will have a fire pit and picnic table. So in the end this may not be a perfect park but it works for what we need and it is only about 40 minutes north of our family. I think we will be happy here and our grandchildren will enjoy coming to visit and staying with us in the summer.

Glad you stopped in for a visit. 
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