Thursday, April 25, 2019

Seriously, How Much Rain Can Come Down?

The answer would be a lot...

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
April 23, 24, 25, 2019

It is raining again and though we did see the sun earlier in the week we have seen a lot of clouds and an occasional sprinkle.  Now tonight, Thursday, it is coming down at a good rate. I wonder do the "weekend warriors" bring it with them? Early this afternoon the RV's started coming in at a pretty good pace. Under cloudy skies and with temperatures in the low 50's the awnings, lights, carpets, and chairs went out. Then we could see campfires being built. We will probably set up like that when we come back in June but for now between the rain, the cold, and the fact that we are not here that much we only put out the small welcome mat. On a day like to day the only fire we have going is our blue flame. Yes, we have become weather "wimps".

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday visiting with our kids and grandkids and there are no pictures because when we are having fun just hanging out I always seem to forget to take them.  Today we stayed here at the Stinger "B" to catch our breath and relax a little. I did take a couple of pictures here at the campgrounds yesterday before we left. Then today we took a walk around to scout out the different sites and right down numbers for future reference. We now have a better idea of where we would like to park in the future. This will probably be our go to campground when visiting down here in the future.

After the campers around us left we realized we did have a  picnic table
and fire-pit. They are next to our electric post.
If we are in this site in the future we will pull in
the opposite way and just pull the electric cord under the motorhome. 

It actually would be better to be able to sit out facing the
opposite direction. So this site will remain on our list.

This site is the one we have reserved in June. Our fire-pit will be close to
the road, we are on a corner like this site, but there is more space outside.
Plus, it is a longer site. 

One of several boats we saw go by today.
I took this one from our window.

Looking back at our site. Yesterday we were the only ones on this corner.

Looking down river there are several boats with people fishing.
When Tom picked up his fishing license this morning the gentleman
told him they are catching Walleye up and down the river.

Looking upriver that is Canada across the way.

Another large boat going by as we were walking.

We are hoping to get one of the sites, visible on either side, along the road
across from the river next year. We can pull into these and be able to watch
the boats, like this one, go by out our front window.
(We have a feeling these go quickly)

Another view of our area.

There were lots of boats with people out fishing today.

The one nice thing with all the rain the grass is a wonderful, bright green.
There are also buds on the trees.

That has been our last few days. Special time with family and quiet time here at the motorhome. Days of just enjoying the moments and listening to the rain fall on the roof of our home.

"Wake up, relax, breathe, and smile.
That feeling is called living!
Enjoy the moment."
                                             ~Sonny Long

We are happy you took the time to stop by.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures of where we are presently parked. 
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. We thought that you wanted more Rain. LOL It would be nice if things dried out just a bit more. Glad you are finding things to occupy some time.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Seriously, the grass is green it can stop any time and yes it would be nice if it dried up just a bit...:)

  2. Glad to see you are home and with family again. The southern winters are wonderful but the warm hugs at home are great too!!

    1. In total agreement here. We would not change our lifestyle it is wonderful to be snowbirds but we do miss the hugs.

  3. The rain has a purpose (I keep telling myself) it just doesn't know that the sun does too! Share the sky! ha ha
    Looks like a nice park and being along the water's edge would be nice. Too bad there is also a roadway there too but perhaps it is quiet. A picnic table isn't used often (when we have one) but it is nice to have it all the same.

    1. Yes, that is it the clouds and rain need to learn to share with the
      One of the reasons we did not pick a front site was because of the road and noise. Now that we have been here we realize that is not an issue. I agree we hardly ever use a picnic table but a fire pit we would use. Of course, with the weather since we have been here it has not been a factor any way...:( It is a nice park but tight when it is full and noisy with all the families but we expected that at a State Park.

  4. Looks like a nice campground right on the river looking at Canada on the other side. And we are only an hour away, could take the drive and wave across the river at you LOL..
    One day the rain will stop again.

    1. I really, really hope you are right about the rain Actually at this moment there is blue sky above...:)
      You and Suzie could do that or one of use could take the ferry across and we can have lunch. We will be back the end of June if you are within that hour maybe we could get together.

    2. That would be nice we should be back here at Rock Glen in June, and we can probably work something out then would be fun. We could come over there, have lunch and stop at the duty free same time, kill 2 birds with one stone, lol...

    3. Sounds good, hopefully it works out...:)

  5. One of the best parts of my trip to Maine was being parked right on the waterway just below one of the Great Lakes locks. I probably took a million pictures of the ships going by.

    1. I know the locks by Sault Ste Marie Michigan/Ontario stay busy in the summer with the boats going through. Where were you?
      My kids and I used to spend one day each week during the summer eating lunch down by the water when they were little. We would watch the Ore Boats go by and the sailboats out on the lake down at are harbor. Miss seeing the big Ore Boats now that they closed are ore docks.

  6. That is a lovely park, I can see why it would be your "go to" park while you're visiting you family! I tend to forget to take pics too when visiting with family. Gotta get better at that! Keep enjoying!

    1. It is a lovely park though tight when full and a little noisy with families but we expected that at a State Park. The grandkids will enjoy visiting and having a campfire so we will add to the noise in