Wednesday, May 1, 2019

First Communion, Fishing, Our Time Here has Flown By

(We are presently at the Covenant Hills Camp and Retreat Park near Otisville, Michigan. We arrived here Monday afternoon in the cold and rain. I am playing catch up again and our service here at the park is sketchy at best. Hoping I will be able to eventually post this. Since, the signal does not hold for very long we have not been able to read other blogs to see what everyone else is up to. Hope you are  experiencing better weather then we have been having. After a sunny but cold and windy Sunday it has been raining and cold.)

Friday, April 26, 2019

On the way to spend time with our son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren today I spotted this pink elephant on top of a building. Now who doesn't like a pink elephant? I know I do.

Saturday, April 27, 2019 (Noah's 1st Communion)

We are Catholic and we raised our children in the Catholic Religion. To our joy our children are both doing the same. Today is a very special day for us as grandparents. It is the day a little boy named Noah Thomas, who made us grandparents for the first time, will make his First Communion. This is a special sacrament in our religion and we both remember our own and our son and daughter's First Communion and it is wonderful to now be able to share this moment with the next generation.

We are in our assigned row waiting for Mass to start and I snapped a picture.
I think this is such a beautiful church and I know I have shared a picture
of this altar area before but today it seems extra special.

After mass the pictures.
Five handsome young boys surrounding one little pretty girl.

Standing with his pastor, Rev. Ronald J. DeHondt.
I may be a little bias but is he not a handsome little boy?
I am going to say it, he was so cute in that suit..
You cannot tell in the picture but the tie is covered in pictures of
little fish. This boy loves to fish.

With his mom, dad, brother and sister.

Then the pictures with Nana and Papa. 

It was a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 28, 2019 (Fishing With Papa & Dad)

Today is our last day at this State Park for this visit and Thomas, Nadine, Noah, Jonah, and Marcella came out to the park to spend the day. I made brunch before three very anxious children got in the car with their Dad and Papa to go fishing. The weather though sunny was windy and cold. Not the best weather for catching fish but it really did not matter they were going fishing. Noah, who like his Dad and Papa, loves to fish had waited patiently all week for today. Jonah and Marcella where almost as excited as their older brother. A little cold and wind was not going to dampen their excitement.

No fish were caught but they still enjoyed their time.

She was done fishing a little bit before her brothers.

It may be cold and windy but the sun is out and these daffodils say spring.

Fishing done they are now on a mission.

There was a Dairy Queen across the street and ice cream was on their agenda.
Father and son waiting at the window for the treats.

Two happy fishermen enjoying their ice cream.

Afterwards we all came back to the Stinger "B" for a dinner of hot dogs and chips. While Papa grilled they got a chance to run around a little. All to soon it was time for hugs and kisses goodbye, more hugs and kisses, then one last hug and kiss and we were waving good bye as they drove off.

Tonight's sunset

lighting up the houses across the river in Canada.

Then the last of the light and our last day here is done.
A beautiful sunset on top of the trees to end a wonderful day.

As always the time with our son and his family went by way to fast. As they drove away Sunday evening I was already missing them. We will be back in June to welcome a new addition to our family and we are excited about that. For now we will be moving a little further north tomorrow. we will take a couple of days to catch up on some household chores and relax. Since, there is an outlet mall within 30 minutes of our next stop I am thinking we will also do a little shopping.

We are glad you stopped by for a visit. 
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Gotta love the family time the communion is special, mine was so many years ago and my daughter #2 brings back some great many memories as well. Fishing with the grands is always a special time, I do remember taking my kids fishing many times years ago as well.
    Not much better weather here across the lake either.

    1. Being with family and sharing special moments is something we treasure. Tom has been fishing as long as he can remember and our son Thomas fished with him and his grandfather. Now our grandkids are enjoying it. Our son's oldest asks to go fishing all the time.
      We have heard a rumor that there will be sun tomorrow this side of the lake hope your side sees it too.

  2. Our oldest grandson has his confirmation last year and I had a hard time keeping the tears back. So nice that you were able to be at your grandsons first communion!

    1. It was wonderful to be able to be there for his First Communion. God willing we will be there to watch the other six over the next eight years. If we are really lucky we will see confirmations.

  3. Not quite the ceremony in my church, but I still remember my first communion. You have a beautiful family. Teaching the kids to fish? That's just the BEST! They will remember that all their lives.

    1. They did make it very special for the children.
      Tom has always loved to fish and so has our son. Tom did not even take his fishing gear on Sunday just spent time helping our grandkids. Hopefully it will be a day in their memory book it will be in ours.

  4. Love the update Deb! What a wonderful time you had and the grandkids are just precious! How wonderful you were there for the first communion! Very special. Marcella is adorable in her pink boots and matching outfit! Awesome that they love fishing! And Dairy Queen ice cream! Is there anything better! Memories, that's what counts :)

    1. It is about the memories. Marcella is definitely a girly, girl and she loves to be all dressed up. There was a tutu under that outfit for
      All the grandkids seem to love to fish with Papa and since Tom loves to fish it is wonderful to share that with them. Plus, they all do love ice cream and Dairy Queen does do a good job of providing a very tasty treat...:)