Thursday, May 2, 2019

We Moved in the Rain, Parked in the Rain, and Left Under Grey Skies That Turned to Rain

Presently we are parked for the night at a Walmart in Gaylord, Michigan. Below is a catch up post from the three days we stayed at the Covenant Hills Camp and Retreat Park.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Today we got up and had our coffee and breakfast before slowly preparing to leave. Check out at this State Park is 1 o'clock and since we were only moving 135 miles  we were in no real hurry.  Though in hindsight we should been a little quicker because by the time Tom went out to unplug the electricity it was raining. Which means he had to dump and we hooked up the Jeep in the cold and rain.

Traveling down a couple of back roads in the rain making our way to I-69. 

Merging onto I-69 there looked like a break in the clouds.
But as you can see the rain never let up.
The first Bronner's sign we have seen since crossing back into Michigan.

Going through Otisville, MI then turning down the road to the park.
On the bottom left is a picture of the road
and  it is a muddy mess but luckily hard packed underneath.
Bottom right, our first look at the park while we waited for a return call
to let us know where to park.
The main road in the park itself is paved but the side roads to the sites were again muddy but hard packed. The site we pulled into, she told Tom on the phone to pick one and stop in the morning to pay,  had some gravel surrounded by grass and mud. Though the site it is hard packed enough that we did not sink. The Jeep and the Stinger "B" do have a touch of mud on them from the trip.

That was our day. We made it here after a couple of hours of Tom driving in the rain and we got
settled in, in the rain. Then we came inside and turned on our Blue Flame heater and our electric heater to warm it up. Plus, we cycled the furnace once to take care of some of the dampness.

It was a wet, cold, rainy day but we made it to our destination safely. We are warm and dry inside our home so all and all it was a good day. Certainly not a perfect day but a good one.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 (Today was a day I would guess many would describe as boring but for us it was a perfect day.)

It rained most of the night. Opening the shades this morning the rain had stopped but all we could see was grey sky. Tom made coffee and by the time I put my feet on the floor he was drinking his first cup. After having my first cup I put a load of wash in and then enjoyed a second cup. After his coffee Tom went up to the office to settle our bill for what will be a three day stay at this park. After which he continued back down the very muddy road to a grocery store in Otisville to pick up a few things.

This is a pretty good size RV Park. (This paragraph is brief description of the park we are at. If you are not interested just skip ahead.) There is a small playground across the way, one of two, and it looks like there are several rigs that are parked here all the time or at least for the season. They are open for camping April 1st through November 1st. According to their brochure they are open year round for retreats, youth camps, team building, weddings, reunions, etc...  Plus, they have a couple of day camps for 1st through 8th graders in July. There are 321 campsites with full hookup (55 which are 70ft pull throughs and we are in one of those), 12 rustic tent sites, and cabins.There really is a lot to do here and I have included a few of the things listed in the brochure. The have a zip-line, climbing wall, climbing tower, game room, volley ball, and horseshoe pits to name a few and there is a small lake for fishing and swimming. You can also rent canoes, kayaks and paddle boats to use on the lake. There is a hiking trail and an archery range. With the weather the way it is, cold and rainy, I doubt if we will be exploring this park. In the information we were given at registration it states this is an Alcohol and Drug Free Campground and if anyone is caught using them they will be asked to leave. They have a Mission Statement: Covenant Hills Camp & Retreat exists to impact lives for Christ, provide hope and renewal, and create lifetime memories. We are sure this is a wonderful place to come and experience family camping, they have fire pits and picnic tables at each site though some could use some work or replacing, there certainly is not a lack of things to do. While we respect what they stand for we do not think we would totally fit in here all the time. For our purposes these few day even with the rain it is the perfect place for us. We are here to basically get the wash caught up and relax. Translation we are here to not do much of  anything and with our Passport America membership the cost is $19 a day Sunday through Thursday nights so the price is right.

What we did today other then what I mentioned above was pretty much nothing.  Well I did talk to our daughter and daughter-in-law on the phone. Tom did bills always a fun time. Also, I went through pictures to catch up the blog.

It rained on and off all day and it is not the warmest weather but we are warm and dry inside. Plus, so far the leak we had upfront has not reappeared. Fingers crossed it stays away until we have some dry and warmer days so Tom can get the roof resealed. This would be classified as a good day.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It is May, the rain is still coming down, and as I write this the temperature is 48 degrees. It is warm inside the Stinger "B" but lets face it has been raining and grey since Monday and it is a little depressing.

As I am writing this, this morning enjoying my coffee that Tom very nicely provided all nice and hot in my mug. I clicked publish on a catch up blog and happily it did just that, finally.  Now I am going to try checking out what our friends have been up to and share with Tom as we enjoy our coffee.

We drove over to the Birch Run Outlet Mall this afternoon to do some shopping and ended up getting a new set of dishes. I really like the dishes we have been using but they are a little to large for our space. Plus not being able to use them in the microwave has been inconvenient. The new ones are Corelle, a brand  which I like, and will be more practical for in here. That is my story and I am sticking to Bonus they were on sale.

After shopping we enjoyed a nice dinner at a place called Bagger Daves. We both had hamburgers which we agreed were very good. The service was excellent and we would go back again.

It is now Thursday morning and as I finish writing this we are both enjoying our coffee but it is again a very grey day. I have one last batch of wash going before we finish getting ready to leave.

One last thing about this park, the internet service is not great.  Our hotspot is sketchy and comes and goes. Downloading pictures was a slow process. They do mention free wireless internet and we did get  the password in the packet but there is no way to access it where are parked. This being said, we would stop here again coming and going in either the spring or fall. Not sure about the summer but never say never. While we were here it was very quite and if the sun would have been out it would have been nice to sit out.

So glad you took the time to visit!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you. 
Hope you are enjoying a perfect day. 


  1. We are actually see a few Rain Free days coming. Hoping you get to Enjoy them as well.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. Except for some sprinkles here and there we are enjoying rain free days back in the driveway. Hope you are too.

  2. We were lucky did get to enjoy some warmer outside weather this week hopefully soon for you guys.

  3. The rain stops for a day and then feels neglected, I guess, so it returns. At least the temperatures are on the rise and that helps a lot. Plus the winds have died down a lot for us.
    We enjoyed Bronner's when there in 2011. Such a jam packed store, you need a lot of time to really enjoy their displays. :)
    As we've mentioned, we seldom have good luck with 'free' wifi with the Stoney Ridge KOA near Toledo, OH being the only exception. It was wonderful!

    1. I remember your post about that wifi. It is so unusual to have good service like that it stuck
      Yes, Bronner's is jammed pack. It is just pretty to ride around the grounds at night with all the lights. It is Christmas year round. Left a lot of dollars there over the years.
      We have seen mostly blue skies, little wind, and just a few sprinkles since we pulled into the driveway. The warmer temperatures have not really reached us

  4. Rain rain go away! Hmm never heard of Bronners. Love the barn pictures! Hoping you get some warmer drier days your way! The campground sounds nice, except the no alcohol rule..guess that wouldn't work for us, unless your stuck inside haha. Travel safely you two!

    1. That is the second RV Park we have stayed at with the no alcohol rule. The price is right and Happy Hour is
      The rain has for the most part finally stopped...:)
      Bronner's is a very large Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI. The city is a tourist stop. They also sell city Christmas Decorations and have them displayed outside. They have stuff for other Holidays but Christmas is the main one. I would guess if you cannot find what you are looking for there, as far as Christmas Decorations, it does not exist.