Monday, May 13, 2019

It Rained on Thursday, Home on Friday, and There was Sun Across the Bridge (Catching Up).

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First and most important:

To all who have played an important part in a child's life
 Happy Belated Mother's Day!
Hope you had a Wonderful Day.

To be honest I some times think I am always trying to get caught up with one thing or another.  This is who I am and probably will always be so I have decided to embrace and except it. The goal will be to not stress about it. So to get started with catching up yet again. The good news it is mostly pictures and not a lot of words. Of course, there are a lot of pictures.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Getting ready to leave our spot at the Covenant Hills Camp Retreat..
The skies are grey but it is not raining. The ground around our site is
squishy but we are on hard packed dirt and some gravel.

Behind us across the road is the tent area.

Upper left the playground across from us. Upper right  looking off to the right
 of us. Lower left looking left.. The picture lower right was looking back
towards the camping area.

I then decided to take a short ride around the park and take a few pictures. While I did this Tom finished up a few things then headed out towards the entrance where the road is paved and flatter. We decided that would be the best place to hook the Jeep up.

This is a Christian Park and the top picture is a chapel.
The Stinger "B" lower left and the small lake with beach lower right.

Upper left I spotted a patch of blue while we were hooking up the Jeep.
The bottom pictures are of the main road out to the highway.
There are several houses down this road and it is a muddy mess.
Luckily for us it is hard packed so we did not sink.

After stopping for propane and diesel in Birch Run we merged onto I-75.

We will be on here until we  cross the Mackinac Bridge and
turn West on US-2.

Crossing the Zilwaukee Bridge over the Saginaw River.

I know it is blurry but it was our first siting of a sign that said,  Mackinac Bridge.

The construction north of Bay City and they were out there working.

Then it started to rain and we found out we will have to get the windshield
wipers checked out. Nothing like having them quit working while driving in
the rain. Of course, this would be the only time we would be using them..

Luckily the rain was coming down hard enough to keep the windshield clear
and we made it to the Walmart in Gaylord with out an incident.
The plan was to stop here for the night so it all worked out.

Friday, May 3, 2019

While having our coffee Tom opened the front curtain and this was our view.

We took our time getting ready to leave.
At this point we are only about 60 miles from the bridge
and would rather not drive over it in the fog.

A few hours later and we could see the vehicles on the highway.
Time to head further north.

I took this picture before we left.
Just in case this is the last stop this adventure.

Correction, the Bridge is 58 miles.

Great Billboard St. Ignace!

We have made this drive countless times and yet honestly between taking pictures with Tom's phone, my phone, and camera, plus it was ten days ago, I am not sure if these pictures are all in the right order. So what follows are just pictures of the ride between Gaylord and the Mackinac Bridge.

Then unbelievably there is sunlight shining on the road ahead.

The signs that say Mackinac Island is ahead.

More signs about the places ahead.

We can see blue sky in the distance.

The first siting of the Mackinac Bridge.
What can I say no matter how many times we see it ahead
it never get old.

There it is and there is blue sky behind it in the Upper Peninsula.

Passing by Mackinaw City.
Looking down a street filled with "stuff" and fudge.

We are on the bridge and looking at Lake Huron on the right.
On the left is Lake Michigan.

A boat just sliding out from underneath the Mackinac Bridge.

There is still fog on Lake Michigan
but we can see blue sky along the bottom edge.

Looking out across Lake Huron we can see Mackinac Island.

We have crossed

paid the toll, $14.00,

and we are back in the UP.

The "plan" was to spend  our last night on the road this adventure
parked at the Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace. and we are in that lane.
On the sign over the other lane the bottom city is Escanaba and I said,
lets go home. Tom said, lets check out the casino and he was driving.

We turned right, went through St. Ignace, out to the casino, and checked out the RV parking. I again said, lets go home. Tom looked at me and knew I needed to be home to see our daughter and the rest of our grandbabies so he said, okay, drove out of the parking lot, turned left back through St. Ignace,  onto US-2, and home.

We are on US-2 headed west and  those are blue skies.
In 141 or so miles we will pull into our driveway.

This drive takes us through areas of the Hiawatha National Forest and along Lake Michigan. It is mostly two lanes but there are 12 passing lanes so the drive is very pleasant and scenic. 

In the summer months there are cars parked all along here on the left side of
this picture. Lots of people enjoying
the sand beach and swimming in Lake Michigan.

That spot of white in this picture is the "S" word.


Driving over the Cut River Bridge.
This bridge is only 641 feet long but neither of us can remember when there
has not not been construction on it.  Or the last time we drove over it for
that matter. Usually we are detoured around it.

Taken from the Internet.

The Whitefish River just before Rapid River, 15 miles from home, is high.

The Rapid River is also high.

Across the lake we can see Escanaba.

No one is sure they will ever complete the rebuilding of the bridge
across the Escanaba River.  

We backed out of this drive way 134 days ago.
After 5983 miles, driven in the Stinger "B", we pulled back in.

The house behind the Stinger "B" is For Sale. It was our home for about 24 years. Before that it was my parent's home for about 31 years. When we closed and locked the door on December 21, 2018 it became a house and the Stinger "B" our home. Though we will always be "Snowbirds"  and so ends our 5th Adventure. We are home.  It feels good to be in this area near family and friends.

So glad you stopped in for a visit. Hope you liked the pictures.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Welcome back to the UP, and Home visiting family and friends, it has been many years since we did that drive 30 for us and 45 for me the first time. maybe again someday. Enjoy your time there.

    1. Thank you, George. It is nice to be able to spend time with family and friends. I do not know how many times we have made that ride over the years and I still think it is beautiful. Plus, since they added all the
      passing lanes it goes by a lot faster.

  2. Always nice to be Home but nicer to be with Family.
    Glad you didn't mention the "S" word because this is the kind of weather that brings it on. How did you get all that Blue Sky? Send some down our way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy visiting with the Family.

    It's about time.

    1. It is nice to be home by family. I was hoping not to see any "S" left we were surprised were we did see it. After that day we did not see much blue sky until four days That is spring in our neck of the woods.
      Take care.

  3. I know what you mean about getting caught up..this morning I couldn't get the wifi to let me post on certain blogs! uhh.. Beautiful drive you had love all the pictures! Enjoy while you're there, certain those grand babies and daughter are so glad to have you around! Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day~

    1. It was a very nice Mother's Day. I do believe they were happy to see us.
      I do not think I will ever truly catch up...and I have decided it is okay...:)

  4. Gotta love driving that Mackinac bridge in a motorhome. At least they have a slow speed limit! I know the feeling of being home, even if you're only parked in the driveway!!

    1. We have crossed that bridge many times over the years in several different vehicles plus pulling different campers it was our first time in a Motorhome. I sort of liked the view from up higher.

  5. It's funny how us full-timers say 'we're home!' when really we are in our home all year round. It is still nice to be on home turf and with luck that little house will soon be someone else's 'home'.

    1. You are right it is funny because where ever we are I always say we are going home, even before we moved in full-time when were on the road it was home. Like you said, it is nice to be on "home turf" with our home.

  6. I know that feeling as you get closer to home you just want to be there. We have often bypassed our last planned stop in favour of continuing on home. I love the saying at the end of your blog ... so true!

    1. Thank you for saying that about the saying. I had come across it a couple of months ago and saved it for this post.
      I love traveling and spending time exploring, especially since we retired, but there is something about getting within about three hours of "home" that says lets just get there.

  7. We always say that we are searching for aplacecalledaway but there is something really soothing about being "home". Home is definitely a feeling rather than a place. Welcome home!!!

  8. Thank you. The nice thing about living on wheels is you/we can search for "A Place Called Away" and still be home. Have a wonderful summer!

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