Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Walleye From Lake Erie, Friends Leave, Beautiful Sunsets

Saturday, December 28, 2019

We are enjoying our days here at Pilot Knob RV and today was certainly was one of those enjoyable days. JoAnne and Bob invited the gang over to their place for fish and chips. What a nice treat that was. Bob cooked and shared Walleye he had caught in Lake Erie. Everyone chipped in and brought a dish and we certainly had a delicious meal. The star though was the fish that Bob and JoAnne shared with us. Thank you for the invitation and the wonderful meal.

It was an evening filled with laughter, good food, stories,
picture taking, and time spent with friends.
Happy hour extended to about five hours.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The sun was already up a ways as we headed into Yuma.

At Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
the front entrance is decorated for Christmas
and they have a small creche next to the stairs.

Inside is decorated for Christmas.
The top left and bottom right pictures are panels
on either side of the entrance into the church.
After Mass we headed over to the Black Bear Diner for
breakfast. The food was good and enough leftovers for
another breakfast Monday morning.

Since we were already at the Palms Mall after breakfast we did a little shopping.

While we were gone Cheryl and Dave packed up and headed out for new adventurous further west. Hated to see them leave but their plan is to head back towards Quartzsite in a couple of weeks. So we will be looking forward to getting a chance to visit some more then.

We made it back to the park in time for Happy Hour which was at Kim and Ken's today. With the sun shining we were actually able to enjoy a couple of hours sitting outside. Right around 5 with the sun making its way down we could all feel the cold setting in and it was time to head home.

Tonight's sunset was  fantastic.


While sitting, eating, and watching the sunset 
we noticed Patsy and Bill walk by. Bill was carrying 
a plane so we also had a nice view of its flight while we ate.

Tuesday, December 30, 2019

Actually slept in this morning. Sort of a laid back day today. Happy Hour was gong to be here tonight and we will be inside. So I did pick up and do a little dusting. Even though trying to stay ahead of the dust in the desert is a losing battle I keep trying to win. It was fun to have everyone in for a visit. After everyone headed home we warmed up leftovers for dinner and then Tom took off to play poker. While he was gone I took down and packed away our Christmas Decorations it seemed like a good opportunity to do so.  In the next couple of days we will take down the outside decorations. As much as we have enjoyed our time here on the 2nd it will be time for us to move on down the road.

We did not see the sun all day but just before it dropped
below the horizon it made an appearance.

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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Clouds and Sunset

Friday, December 27, 2019
Today was one of those ordinary days in life. It was the second day in a row that we did not leave the park; it felt good to just stay put and enjoy the day. I put a batch in to wash and dry here and Tom went over to the laundry room to wash and dry a batch of jeans.  Around 3 o'clock we headed over to Jo-Anne and Bob's home for Happy Hour. Since, it was a little chilly out they invited us inside there very nice home on wheels. As always two hours flew by with lively conversation.  Home for dinner and then Tom headed over to the clubhouse with Ken and Bob to play some Texas Hold'Em he is now $3.00 to the

A little after 2 this afternoon I noticed there were some dark clouds floating by and decided to put on my shoes and take a walk outside.

Looking north that is Felicity, CA  (The Center of  The World)
across the way the clouds cast black shadows on the mountains.

We visited The Center of the World in February 2018 and that blog post is here if you are interested in what is there.

Looking West

Looking towards the East.

Then later as the sun was making its way down in the west there were still some clouds hanging out around us.

Shadows on the desert floor looking north

towards Felicity, CA.

West of us the clouds are just above the horizon.

The sun is quickly decending

in the west.

The last of the sun's fiery light on the tips of the clouds.

Today was a day that when we look back at our time here at Pilot Knob RV  Resort we will remember enjoying.

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Friday, December 27, 2019

Still Celebrating the Season!

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Started the day, as always, enjoying a couple of mugs of coffee and watching the dark clouds that eventually brought the rain. Not complaining because yesterday, Christmas, came with blue skies and warmish temperatures.
Spent some time catching up. Catching up with replies to comments made on our blog. (I really try to do my best to always reply to each and every comment.) Then catching up with the blogs we follow. (We always enjoy reading what everyone else is up to.) Plus there were wonderful Merry Christmas wishes on Facebook to answer. All the while still listening to Christmas music.

Tom took off to shoot some pool after eating a late breakfast and I just took care of some of those small chores around here and continued reading blogs in between.

Around 3 o'clock we grabbed some drinks and headed over to Patsy and Bill's for Happy Hour. Earlier in the day they had offered to host inside their lovely home and since the whole gang, JoAnne, Bob, Cheryl, Dave, Kim, Ken, Gayle, John plus Tom and I showed up I would say the consensus was that we all agreed it was a good idea. Patsy decided to mix things up, after we had been doing the usual chatting for a bit, she started  passing out numbered sheets of paper and pens, us ladies had a feeling we were going to play what we all know as a "shower" game. She had found an RV version of Family Feud. There may have been a few "mandatory" moans and groans but in no time we were all laughing and enjoying the fun.  In the end finding out what the answers of those surveyed was the most interesting part of the game. (I am still not convinced those surveyed had ever been tenting in their In the end JoAnne left with bragging rights for coming up with the most points.

Looking towards the west the dark clouds really made the

sand dunes stand out.

Walking home after Happy Hour the clouds behind the
mountains towards the north were beautiful.

I was thinking as we walked back that I needed to pay attention to the sunset tonight then I got distracted and the next thing I noticed was the absence of light in the sky.

We have really enjoyed our time here at Pilot Knob. So much so that we decided to extend our time here for another week.  When we leave it will 2020 and it is hard to believe another year has flown by.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Christmas Day 2019

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Our Christmas started with 11:00PM Mass at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Yuma buy the time we left and were driving back home it was Christmas Day. Looking down the side streets we could see homes decorated for the season with cars filling the streets then fireworks in the sky.

Immaculate Conception Church in Yuma was beautifully decorated.

A nice surprise sitting on our steps this morning.
Thank you, JoAnne and Bob

We watched these two movies throughout the day.
We were happily interrupted by calls and videos 
from our children and grandchildren. 

Dinner at the club house.
Top picture left to right: Ken, Kim, Bob, JoAnne, & Tom
Bottom picture left to right: John, Gayle, Bill, Patsy, Dave & Cheryl

Patsy set up her camera to take some couple pictures and this
group shot, not a bad looking gang. A nice memory picture.
Thank you, Patsy!

Walking home after dinner the sun was just dropping behind
the Stinger "B". 

The sun setting on what was a lovey Christmas Day!

It was a good Christmas.  We were able to talk with our children and grandchildren (Except for one and we will talk with her this afternoon.) and we had a delicious meal with friends. Through the internet we heard from family and friends who we could not be with.
It is a Good Life, we are together living out our Retirement Dream the best gift of all!

Our hope is that you had a Wonderful Christmas filled Love and Joy!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

We would like to wish all our family and friends
a Wonderful Christmas! May your day be filled
with Love and Joy.

From Our Home To Yours

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve With Friends

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A beautiful start to Christmas Eve Day!

The inside of the Stinger "B" is decorated for the season.

Tonight's Happy Hour included a potluck organized by Kim, Journey with Ken and Kim,. As much as we all love this lifestyle when Christmas comes we do miss our grandchildren, children, family and friends back home. Spending time with this group has made the Christmas Season more joyful. Thank you for organizing tonight and hosting at your home Kim and Ken. A lovely evening spent with friends enjoying a meal and chatting in this circle makes us realize how lucky we are to be able to live our retirement dream.

Christmas Eve Happy Hour

The sun setting on a wonderful day!

As we celebrate this Christmas Season we are missing all these little people who call us Nana and Papa and their parents.

Our son and daughter-in-law's four helping make
Christmas cookies.

Our daughter's three visiting Santa.

From our home to yours Merry Christmas Eve!

Tom and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with Love and Joy!

Merry Christmas!