Friday, December 6, 2019

The Stinger "B" has an Appointment

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Up before the sun, today is a day we have been looking forward to for a couple of months.  But first we enjoyed our coffee and I was able to snap a couple of pictures of the sun making its way up in the sky.

Still behind the mountains but making its presence known.

It looked like a layer of fog was settled in

at the base of the mountains

all around us this morning.

There comes the sun.

A favorite view, the sunlight on the mountains to the west.

One last picture of today's sunrise. It is time to
get dressed and the Stinger "B" ready to move.
She has an appointment and needs to be dumped first.

Driving into Quartzsite this morning the clouds are
down on the mountains
and though it looked like fog ahead it was just clouds
hanging low in the sky.

Today's appointment is to equip the Stinger "B" with solar
power. This is something we have talked about doing for
awhile and one of the reasons we planned to be here in
Quartzsite before the end of the year.

After dropping the motorhome off we headed over to the Bad Boys Cafe for breakfast. One of the guys working on our solar mentioned it was the best place for breakfast so we thought why not.  That was one excellent recommendation. The food was delicious. We both had omelets and they were so stuffed with deliciousness we could not finish them and they came with hash browns plus toast.  We are coffee drinkers and I am not sure we have ever paid only 25 cents for a cup of coffee and it was decent coffee, plus, since we were having a meal, free refills. We will definitely be going back there again. They also serve lunch so maybe next time we will try that.

After breakfast we still had an afternoon to wait for the solar to be installed. So we decided to go and check out Celia's Rainbow Garden. We had seen pictures on other blogs but had never visited. So today was the day. 

There are hand prints all along the top inside of the wall.

A nice touch, several of the plants have a name placards
by them. We had never seen a Totem-Pole Cactus before.

This is larger then we expected with a quite a few

memorials spread out throughout the area.


These small replicas  were lined up along each side
of the area called Adamsville.

Walking around Celia's Rainbow Garden one gets a sense
of serenity. There are many benches available throughout
where you can sit and reflect. 

 As we left there was a feeling of sadness about the overall neglect of this place. Many of the memorial are missing the words off of the plaques and many of the statues are broken. We are not saying it is not still a special place just that it is sad to see it deteriorating. One thing it is, is a testimony to how many people loved this place and a caring little girl.

We then decided to take a ride into the long term areas. We started at LaPosa South and drove back where we had stayed when we had out 5th Wheel the Crusader. Coming back out we crossed US-95 and drove through Tyson Wash to a road that took us north  into LaPosa West. Crossing US-95 again we drove into LaPosa North past the camping area and back towards the mountains. Our map was back in the motorhome but we kept hoping the road would turn towards the mountains and back into LaPosa South. The road was getting rougher and after talking with a couple in a Jeep coming from the direction we were headed about what the road was like ahead we decided to turn around. It was getting late and it sounded like it was going to get pretty slow going and possibly to narrow for our Trailhawk to make it through.   The next six pictures I took while on the ride in LaPosa North.

Yes, I am totally in love

with clouds.  These just added  

to the beauty of the mountains

as they just hung out skimming the tops of the peaks.

I just liked the look of these Saguaros

and then in the distance some Ocotillos. We have not seen
any with tiny green leaves yet.

Back at Discount Solar watching the sun go down as
they finish the last of the installation.

We left a few dollars behind today but we feel it was money well spent. We, also, can not say enough about how good we feel about our decision to have our solar installed at Discount Solar. Even though  it was past closing when they finished the gentleman who walked us through the components while explaining how everything worked never rushed and was extremely patient answering all our questions. Actually everyone we came in contact with today was very welcoming and helpful. After explaining and demonstrating for Tom, on their model, how to put the panels up and down the owner spoke briefly with both of us. Re-emphasizing what Tom said he had also told him earlier, if we have any issues we need to contact them and they will take care of it. One of the last things he said was if we have any questions do not hesitate to stop back with our list. There was a mention that on average customers come back three times with questions. Tom and I both agree this is a man who takes pride in the product he sells and cares about his customers. He wants you to walk out the door satisfied with the service you received and as a customer it is a good feeling to know this.

We made it back to our spot out at the Roadrunner BLM
just as the last of the light was leaving the sky.
It was a good day.

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Even though I had completed most of the Solar Installation on our Trailer myself Discount Solar was where I got the remaining components that I needed to finish the job. They were also instrumental in replacing all the Standard Bulbs to LED which helped to cut back on Battery Power drainage. Everyone that works there takes pride in what they do and guaranty their work.
    Great scenic Pictures. We're missing Quartzsite and all our friends already.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We are missing you both, also.
      In total agreement about the people that work there.

  2. Glad to hear there are still good companies to work with.

    1. It is a good feeling to walk away feeling like the company you just dealt with will stand behind their work and product.

  3. Congrats on the solar. A good choice. Enjoyed the cloud photos. Ocotillo are greening up here near Yuma.

    1. Thank you, glad you like the cloud photos. Looking forward to seeing those green Ocotillos...😎
      Be safe.

  4. We had them redo our solar install that a competitor had messed up and were pleased with their work.

    1. Thank you for sharing that information. Makes us feel even better about our choice to go with Discount Solar.

  5. Congrats on the solar! You are officially boondockers now.
    It sure is becoming harder to find folks with that enthusiasm for their work. Good to hear.

    1. Thank you, Dave. You are right we are now
      It is nice to find a reputable business who cares about their customers.

  6. Wow .25 cents for a cup of coffee, that's amazing! Welcome to the wonderful world of solar and it sounds like you found a great business to purchase them from :-)

    1. I know 25 cents a cup. I was just thinking we paid more then that per cup when we bought pods for our
      We are happy to join the world of solar and are thrilled with Discount Solar's service.

  7. Congrats on the solar, I agree that the folks at Discount Solar look after you with pride, Always enjoy dealing with them. We hope that you are going to join us for the last two weeks of January in La Posa South, you know the spot, same as last year.

    1. One of the reasons we decided to go with Discount Solar was because others we know had mentioned how happy and impressed they were with their service. You are one of them, so thank you.
      We are looking forward to being there in January.

  8. Never heard of the Bad Boys Cafe, but love a good breakfast, lunch place! Congrats on the solar! I know you've been wanting to get it done and sounds like a wonderful company! Sad about Celia's garden :( It would bench if some of the town volunteers would take it on to keep it special. I so agree with your saying at the bottom today :) Of course I usually do :)

    1. I am pretty sure you would like the Bad Boys Cafe...
      I know we probably mentioned wanting that solar several times when we were together last month...😎 and it was nice to find out they were such a nice company to deal with.
      I cannot imagine you and Ken not saying "I love you" to each other. Hugs.

  9. We had our solar install in March 2007 , pick easy instal at Discount Solar no issues and still works no issues at all, still works like a charm 12 years later glad you went there great friendly service and they do take pride in their work. Now enjoy the benefits!