Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Sun Peeked Out to Start Our Day

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We were both up before the sun this morning and could see the clouds on the horizon in the east. Then the sun peeked out between the mountains and the clouds above.

Today's sunrise.

The sky and the clouds all around us were beautiful.

Some pink surrounding the spot of blue to the north.

Then the sun popped above the clouds and joined the day.

Bringing a brightness to the clouds above

and shadows to the desert floor.

After lunch I decided to take a walk and Tom decided to join me. We headed off  towards the area northwest of us.

Looking out towards the mountains as we start out.

You see the most interesting things, in my opinion, when you
are looking down as you walk. 

I think they are interesting but you may be saying, each to

their own. Which is okay.
We all have a right to our opinion. It is what makes
life interesting.  

Spotted this clump of tiny green in a wash.

There must have been a lot of water that ran
through here. We could see that the ground
was still wet. We noticed this in several
washes today.

Two more these were my favorites.
I cannot explain it I just do like them.

A small warning watch were you park people do leave nails
out here. Tom picked these up with a few more and put them
in a fire pit we were walking past.

The Saguaro on the right and it is on the left, different view.
We could see it swaying in the wind today. 

More "marks" on the desert floor.
The top right is a useful one.
The bottom right picture was right in the center of the  one
on the left. 

Tonight's sunset.

The afterglow to the north. It looked like the clouds
were reaching out to each other.


South of us.


Dinner was cooking on the grill. Tom had built a small 
campfire so we were still sitting out when the sun gave
 us a last burst of color from behind the mountains.

Another day just enjoy this lifestyle we are lucky to be living. Good Night from our home parked in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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  1. We too love the quiet desert scenery so interesting for us as well and peaceful, thanks for the great pictures and walkabout your area.

    1. You are welcome, George. The desert is definitely peaceful.

  2. I always look down when I walk ... mostly so I don't step on a rattlesnake! I do love the sunsets and sunrises! Fabulous!!

    1. I look down as to not trip and now I will be watching for

  3. Beautiful pictures once again! Love your quiet days in the beautiful desert! Gorgeous sunrise and sunset!

    1. Thank you, we are loving our time here. The sun always seems to start and end the day with beauty.

  4. Beautiful. I like to see what people do with the rocks. Have you been to Valley of the Names?

    1. It is interesting what people do with the rocks.
      Yes, we have left out "mark" out at the Valley of Names...😎

  5. Always wise to walk with a partner in case something happens.
    Lots of people used to say there's nothing to see in the desert. Your pictures prove them wrong.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Lifestyle.

    It's about time.

    1. It was nice to take a walk together. When I walk alone out here I like to keep the Stinger "B" in sight. It never ceases to amaze me the beauty that surrounds us. Which is why I enjoy all the pictures people post of where they are. Be it the desert, the mountains, the water and yes even the snow.

  6. Love the Saguaro photos. Wise saying at the end. Thanks for sharing it. Nothing quite like a walk in the desert to awaken our senses. Seeing things differently is a good thing, it means we are individuals, unique and special in our own way.

    1. I always find it interesting when reading blogs when others post pictures of the same place we and others have been the difference in what we each see. You are so right about how it is what makes us each unique and special in our own way.

  7. Good job Tom on picking up the nails! I have never seen a Saguaro sway in the wind, that's pretty cool.

    1. That swaying Saguaro was a first for us. I was standing close and Tom was like you might want to move away. We could see that there is not a lot holding the upright arms in place.

  8. Beautiful sunset and I like how you show the Saguaros as many really are--rough around the edges.

    1. Thank you.
      The first year when we would see the Saguaros and they were not "perfect" I was somewhat disappointed and I was always hunting for those "perfect" ones. Then I realized that is all part of the "circle of life" and there is beauty in all the stages.

  9. Another nice day in the desert. can't beat it.
    I love looking at the designs in sticks and trees. Nature at work.
    Keep enjoying.

    1. You are right it was another nice day in the desert. What is fun about the design in the sticks is what each of us sees. Sometimes Tom is like,