Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A Colorful Sky Ends the Day

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tonight's afterglow was the  reward for the mostly cloudy day.
It was beautiful and will take the blame for picture overload.

Starting our day it looks like the clouds are with us again. It was raining lightly when we went to bed and I woke up once and could still here it on the roof. It was sprinkling when we got up but stopped shortly after.  Not enough to make puddles or show up in the wash, though.

Around 9:30 the sun did peak out from behind the clouds

for a bit and I was able to get outside and capture some

sunlight on the mountains around us.

Nice while it lasted it was quickly gone.

A couple of hours later around 11:30 we saw some blue sky.

Then a little after 1 o'clock it started to rain again.
Taken through front windshield
with some raindrops in the way.

About 4:30 I noticed there were clouds on the mountains
to the northeast of us so I took another walk.

About 5 o'clock some blue sky showed up.

Looking straight up there is blue sky over the Stinger "B".

More clouds on the mountains this time to the northwest of us.

Looking North as the sun is setting.

Did not really see the sun slip behind the mountains this
evening. Just the afterglow which looked like fire on the
on the mountaintop.

Looking East

then back towards the west.

We never actually saw the sun today

but it put on a nice show after it slipped
behind the mountains this evening.

Then faintly towards the north I could see two short rainbows.

Then towards the east the other end of the rainbow.

Back towards the west still brightness in the clouds.

The rainbow looked like it was going to connect

to the other end but I could not see it even faintly.

The sunsets afterglow slowly fading into the what will soon be
the darkness covering us in the night's quietness.

Today's sky was a mixture of blue, white, and grey with a little rain sprinkled in. Then the beauty of the sunset's afterglow was a wonderful ending to the day.

With this thought, that goes both ways, 
we say goodnight!

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  1. Those desert skies are spectacular and ever-changing. Keep enjoying!

  2. love the desert skies thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful sunset. I guess the desert needs some rain.

    1. It was a beautiful sunset. Maybe if we have the rain now we will have those beautiful flowers in a few months.

  4. The changing sky is one of the best parts about the desert!

  5. Beautiful pictures Deb! Love those skies! I really love the husband/wife at the end :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      When I saw that "conversation" on Facebook I just knew I wanted to share it at some point on the blog.

  6. Really enjoyed the desert and cloud pictures. Looks like you had more Sun then we did.
    We both thought the Husband and Wife sign was Cool.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Desert.

    It's about time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.
      I thought that "conversation" was great. Glad you and Kathy liked it.

  7. My camera can't get enough of the sky pictures even though I try to contain it!
    Funny how we get such joy out of a small patch of blue sky after multiple clouds.
    Cute hubby comment - he's a keeper!!

    1. Glad to know my camera is not the only one out of control...:) I just loved that "conversation" with the perfect hubby response.

  8. I love the little quote at the end. Very nice.
    As you commented, it looks like we had very similar days. Nothing quiet like those kinds of days.

    1. I always get up wishing for s sunny day but the cloudy days really are beautiful, also.
      I agree I loved that "conversation".

  9. For a cloudy day you have some beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you. Like I mentioned to Deb above, I always do wish for the sunny days. Yet days like this, when it is not one large solid grey sky above, are really beautiful, also. Of course the show that nature added at the end of the day helped...LOL