Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bloggerfest 2018, Happy Hour, Sunset

January 27, 2018

Today was a day we had looked forward to since we read about the date it would be held, Bloggerfest 2018. (Yes, I am a day late posting this just as I finished writing it last night the battery ran out before I could hit publish.) We had been able to attend the second one and had such a good time and after missing the third one we were looking forward to spending time with with this group below. We had a beautiful day. Wonderful blue skies and even though it was not real warm it was actually nice to walk around and visit and not feel uncomfortably hot. (Coming from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan any day in the winter we do not need to wear heavy coats, boots, hats, scarfs, and mittens is a wonderful weather day.)

Thank you George, for this great group photo.

I know it is blurry but it is the only shot I had of
George setting up to take the above shot. 

Paula, organized this years gathering.
After welcoming everyone she started our self introductions
by telling us a little bit about herself.
Thank you, Paula.

As we went around the circle you could see everyone listening intently as we introduced ourselves, talked a little bit about why we have chosen this lifestyle, why we blog, and what the name of our blog is. It was a nice way to start our time together.

Paula, of In the Shadows, Gaelyn, of Geogypsy,
and Doug and Yuma, of Miss Adventure Travels

Starting on the left: Rick and Kathy, of  It's about Time,
(Rick secured the Ramada for us this year, thank you Rick.)
then going right Jan and Steve is hidden, of  Rolling From Wasaga,
sitting next was Stacie and Bob Osborne, of Maxx Trails

On the left: Bill, On our Way and Patsy, Chillin' with Patsy
On the right: Dave and Cheryl, Our View From Here
Just before Bill I know this is where
 Shirley and Ken, of Seeing America with Ken and Shirley, were sitting.

Tom and I were in the next two chairs.
Then this couple from Texas, and I feel bad but cannot remember their names,
they do not blog but read different blogs and decided to join us.
I did have the opportunity to chat with them, what a nice couple.

George and Suzie, of  Our Awesome Travels

After we had heard from everyone we did what we do best we started visiting and getting to know each other a little better.

As we were chatting Anne, of Right Brain; Right Lane, joined us and we were all so busy talking that I forgot to take a picture.

All and all it was a good day.
Caught this group still chatting as we all were parting ways.

Bill's drone making a landing after taking some pictures of the group.

 Thank you, Bill.

Heading home we took the back way.

Patsy and Bill have there Canadian Flag and the US Flag flying above their Suite.

I always seem to be enjoying the Happy Hour so much that I forget to take a picture and tonight was no exception but I wanted to include one in this post because it is the last one that Shirley and Ken will join us for in LaPosa South this year. Since, I wanted to include everyone I took the top one from George's Blog and the bottom from Patsy's Blog. Thank you both for always remembering to take a picture of us together.

Our Happy Group.

Yes, we are still Happy.
Not long after this picture we were saying  see you down the road to Shirley
and Ken. We will miss you guys and look forward to crossing paths down
the road in the future.

The sun slowing making its way behind the mountains.
As it slips away in the west the sun lights up the mountains in the east.

As the light fades so ends another wonderful day parked
in our part of the desert.

I have said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, Tom and I feel so lucky to be able to be living our retirement dream. What struck me today, as I listened and talked to others at Bloggerfest, is what a diverse group we are, from different backgrounds and different countries, yet we all had a common dream. The fulfillment of that dream brought us together today under gorgeous blue skies in the shadow of tall mountains surrounded by the vast beauty of the desert and all it has to offer. We walked away looking forward to next time and knowing we have met special dreamers.

We are glad you took the time to join us today.
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Meeting a Fun Couple Face to Face and A Ride into the Kofa Wildlife Refuge

(Clicking on the pictures will open them larger in a new window.)

January 23, 2018

Today was a slow day at the Stinger "B" eventually a little after 11:00AM we headed into the post office to see what time we could pick up a General Delivery package. We arrived just before noon and as luck would have it the time to do so was Noon till 1:00PM. After a "little" time in line we left with our package of mail that our daughter had sent. We made a stop at the General Store for a few items then a stop at the Dairy Queen for a treat before heading back home.

Happy Hour was at the Stinger "B" tonight and Shirley and Ken, Seeing America with Ken and Shirley, joined us. We have been following each other's blogs and it was great to meet them in person. They had met Suzie and George a couple of years ago and Patsy earlier in the day but this was the first time Bill, Tom, and I had the chance to meet them. There were hugs all around. What a fun couple. All of us have gotten to know each other because of our blogs and the conversation flowed because we were sitting down with old friends.

George and Suzie in the front.
In the back starting at Tom's chair going right: Myself, Shirley, Patsy,
Bill, and Ken

The last little bit of light as the sun slipped behind the mountain
ending another wonderful day parked in our little corner of the world.

January 24, 2018

Our day started at a little after 7:00AM this morning. The plan for today was to take a ride over to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and check out the Kofa Cabin. We tried to take this same ride last year and did not make it all the way. The conclusion we have come to is, if we want to make it to the Cabin we cannot get distracted on the way, no side trips, and we have to be on the road no later then 8:00AM. Maybe next time will make it.  We still took a wonderful drive that we enjoyed and fair warning I had fun taking pictures.

The first of this morning's light, that I captured,

and then the sun popped over the mountains to start a new day
in this beautiful place we are calling home at the moment.

Leaving LaPosa South this morning
we drove by Shirley and Ken's home on wheels.

Several ATV's passed and left us in their dust.

My first picture of the desert's plants had to be my favorite, the Ocotillo.

The cute Cholla/"Teddy Bear" Cactus.

The Cholla looks cute and fluffy but get to close and
they will painfully hook into you.

The stately Saguaros are every where you turn.

The road can be a little bumpy at times...okay most of the time.

The beauty of the mountains is all around us.

We decided to turn unto a road that would bring us by Scott Well.
We have been down this road before
and knew it was a manageable ride with the Jeep. 

(As I was going through the photos to decide which ones to use I noticed some of them where hazy. It took a moment then I realized they were the ones I took through the dirty front windshield.)

We saw a lot of these signs today.

Looking down one of the many washes we drove through today.

Did I mention the bumpy road.

No, this may not be a good idea and besides

if we back away

we can take the high road

and join back up again.

We may be wrong but we think they want us to stay on that road.

The other choice had a few rocks blocking it.

In the distance down the "not" designated road.

Tom only had to remove one rock today as we headed into a wash.
It looked to be a good size from above and the right tires would have
had to go over it.

Riding in the wash.

The road ahead was looking fairly smooth.

When I was going through today's photos I found this one.
Without realizing it I had framed the MST&T Tower with an Ocotillo.

A whole field of  Cholla/"Teddy Bears".

At times the road was rocky.

Spotted this Saguaro in the distance, the above picture, and was
able to zoom in on its cute face. 

One lone Saguaro at the top of the hill.
I love having a zoom.

I really like being able to take pictures and bring the subject in closer and closer.

We stopped and I took this photo as we were leaving the
Kofa Wildlife Refuge behind for today.

So ends the light of another day enjoyed in our neighborhood.

Caught a light pink along the edges as the sunset.

A short reflection about being parked in this wonderfully, quiet, beautiful place in the Sonoran Desert. Often when we are sitting with friends and enjoying the end of the day or when Tom and I are driving we talk about how wonderful it is to experience the vastness and beauty of the Southwest. Yet, there are people, we know, who do not understand how we can say "brown" is beautiful or ask why would you want to park where you are not hooked up to water etc... What many do not see and never will is the many shades of brown and green all around us and how at different times of the day the sun lights them up and it is breath taking. What they do not realize is there is a quietness in the desert you cannot experience in a RV park. (Then I think maybe that is a good thing if everyone wanted to be here it would get really crowded. Plus, we all have to find our own comfort zone and I respect that.) Yes, there is dust but even that brings out some of the beauty you can view in the distance. Yes, sometimes the dust is annoying but we live with it to enjoy the gift of being in a warm beautiful place. As we head home to Michigan in a few months we will be sad to leave all this behind but then we will begin to see the wonderful forest and rivers as we head East and North. The closer we get to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan the more we realize how lucky we are to live in the midst of the beauty of the forests and when we turn the corner and drive along Lake Michigan for the last sixty miles of our trip we know we have the best of two worlds. There are days we wake up and cannot believe how lucky and blessed we are to be living our dream. The real gift is all the truly wonderful people we have met and call family and friends along this journey of life. Each one beautiful in there own way.

"Everything has its beauty
but not everyone sees it."

( I would change this quote and add "Everything and Everyone")

Our days are wonderfully relaxing as we get to enjoy our dream!
Thank you for reading about our day and hope yours was wonderful.
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.