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We Have Hot Water! (Filling in the Rest of Our Time Parked Out on Ogilby Road.)


The Cargo Muchacho Mountains

Monday, March 25, 2024

When I started to write this on Monday we were at the Campgrounds of the South a Passport America Park in Gulfport, MS. Last Thursday our hot water heater decided it really did not want water to go through it. All that hard water we have used the last seven years in Arizona we are sure did not help. Anyway, today a young man by the name of Justin, Owner of Beaver Valley Mobile RV Repair and Inspections came buy to help us out. He was actually ten minutes early for the appointment. He was pretty sure after talking to Tom on the phone what the problem was and brought the part to fix it with him. It was in fact our check valve and in no time at all he had are hot water running through again. We felt what he charged us for his time was very reasonable. He serves the Mississippi Gulf Coast and if you are ever in this area and have an RV problem that needs to be fixed we would recommend you give him call. 

Wednesday, March 27th, we pulled up stakes, hooked up the Jeep "with no Name" and continued our journey East. We are now in Florida.

Back to moving us forward with the goal of getting the blog into real time. 

I blogged about the beginning of February here and the end of February here. (Again I do not expect anyone to go back and read these it is a FYI for us.) This blog will fill in the middle. At least as much as Tom or I can remember...😊

Saturday, February 10, 2024 through Wednesday, February 21, 2024

On the 10th of February we had some beautiful white fluffy clouds.

Clouds added or like tonight, the 11th, clear skies
 the sunsets out here are always beautiful.

We visited Los Algodones on the 12th
Upper left: Riley and I    Upper Right: Tom
Bottom left: Ken    Bottom Right: Kim and Deb
( I know we went one last time after this but I have no pictures
so I have no date to confirm that.)

Shirley and Ken joined our neighborhood for a couple of days arriving on the 14th. Keith and Oreo, also rejoined us for the night.

Happy Hour on the 14th.
Top Picture: Kim, Shirley, Ken, John, and Brenda
Bottom left: Ken, John, and Brenda   Bottom Right: Brenda and Deb

Sadly this was the last time we would see Brenda and John as they pulled out soon after this and then we heard on March 14th that John had passed away on the 12th. We had just met them back in December and  thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together. John so soft spoken with his cowboy hat pulled low telling wonderful stories from his life and Brenda so animated when she talked about our world and what is happening. So glad  our paths crossed and we had the opportunity to meet them. Rest in Peace John Brown you will be missed.

Later in the evening we had a campfire.
Top Right: Shirley and Riley   Middle: Deb and Tom
Bottom Left: Keith   Middle: Ken and Kim   Right: Ken and Shirley 

I have no pictures from the 15th but I remember spending some time chatting over coffee in the morning. Plus, I know there was a Happy Hour or Two. Also, as I recall Keith left after spending the night parked by us. He was heading East and then eventually home. 

On the 16th Elva and Jerry drove over from their place in Welton to spend a few hours visiting. Shirley and Elva have known each other for several years back to when they worked together. So they wanted to spend some time together and we were all glad they decided to come our way so we would see them, also.

Elva, Jerry, Ken, and Shirley
In front of Elva's Jeep...😊

The sun is making its way down and I am looking west.

Ken and Shirley in the sun's afterglow.

Our Neighborhood.

Last glow of the fire on the 16th
looks like a heart to me.

Time goes by way to fast when visiting with friends. They got here on Wednesday and now on Saturday the 17th they are off heading back north and home.

All to soon it was time for Shirley and Ken to depart. 
There they go with their mansion following close behind.

But before a quick selfie.
Starting on the left: Shirley just behind Deb, Me with Kim and Ken behind me.
Tom on my right with Ken behind him and then Riley.

The clouds do add color and beauty to the sunsets.

A little bit of pink over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

On the way to Mass this morning, February 18th, I had an idea. Our friends, Mellissa and Lyle had moved to a RV Park on the East side of Yuma and we were headed to that side for Mass so maybe they would be able to join us for a late breakfast or early lunch. Even though I knew it was a last minute idea/invite I went ahead and texted Melissa. Well as luck would have it they did not have any plans and had not eaten so they agreed to meet us after Mass. We always have such a great time together and these couple of hours were filled with non stop conversation and a few laughs. 

Breakfast at Wheezys Grill and Sports Bar in Yuma

Yes, another sunset!

On Tuesday February 20, 2024, Tom had the last of his dental work done for this year. He had a bridge put in on the front bottom not long after he was discharged from the Navy. It was service related and the work was done at the VA Hospital near where we are from. This year through the VA it was replaced and another bridge he needed was put in. He was able to have this dental work done in Yuma.

The sky before sunset

on the 20th.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

I had hardly taken any pictures this month then on the 21st we took a ride along the power line and a couple of detours closer to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains. We also rode into the Gold Rock RV Park and the results of these few hours was picture overload. The ocotillos were so green with several flowering and the shadows on the mountains so beautiful I just could not stop taking So after deleting several these are what is left. 

The road into Gold Rock Ranch RV Park is not the best but we would take the Stinger "B" down it slowly. It actually would not be a bad place to spend some time at if we wanted to be in a park. We were surprised as to how many rigs were in there. Along the road is BLM land and we did see a couple of rigs boondocking.

Deb took this picture sometime at the beginning of February of
the sun coming up on our neighborhood.
She said it was one of her favorites. I do love it the color was so vivid.
So I just had to "borrow" it and post it here.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time parked at Roadrunner and out just off of Ogilby Road during this our Tenth Adventure. We spent time with friends. Some we parked by others we enjoyed some meals and Happy Hours with. We had some wonderful campfires and even a movie night. We shared stories, listened to a guitar being strummed along with songs, and the air around us with filled with laughter.  We watched sunrises, sunsets, storm clouds roll in and rainbows across our sky with mountains in our sight. We enjoyed the softness that the sunrise brings to a place that is anything but soft and the quiet as the inky darkness descended and surrounded us. Whenever we look back on this time it will be with joy.

We are so glad you stopped by!
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