Wednesday, February 7, 2024

We Have Moved

After 19 days parked in this lovely spot
at the Roadrunner BLM

we have moved south back to this spot just off of 
Ogilby Road.

We have left the majestic Saguaros behind,
though we will see them again before we head east,

and are now parked by these beautifully green Ocotillos.

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

The time has flown by and it is hard to believe this will be our last Happy Hour in this place for this Adventure.

Ken brought his guitar out and played and sang 
as we enjoyed the sun's warmth.

We then headed into Quartzsite to the Outback Pizza where Patsy, Chillin' with Patsy, and Bill, On Our Way, joined us for some pizza and conversation. The conversation was lively and the air was filled with laughter, it always is when we get together with this group. Plus, we all agreed the pizza was very good.  

Left to Right: myself, Patsy, Kim, Keith, Ken, and Bill

When we arrived back home Keith said grab something to drink and bring your chairs over we are going to have a fire, he has a "Little Red Campfire". So we did just that and gathered around the fire pit. Ken, Journey with Ken and Kim, brought out his guitar and we enjoyed the fire and some music. It was a wonderful way to end out time in this beautiful place with special friends. Thank you, Ken for sharing your beautiful talent with us and Keith for bringing the campfire.

Top picture: Ken and Kim
Bottom picture: Keith and Ken

We have enjoyed our time in this place and I will be doing a couple of "Step Back in Time Posts" for our memory book about our time here. For now it is time to move back to Ogilby. Tom has some dental work he needs to get done in Yuma and that location is more convenient. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Today is moving day! It is always bittersweet to leave a place we have enjoyed our time at. This spot is no exception and spending it parked by friends has made it extra special. So as we finish packing up this morning we are sad to be leaving yet at the same time excited to be on our way to the new adventures that lay ahead down the road.

Watching the sunrise over the Kofa Mountains for the last time

parked in this spot for this  Adventure.

Saying see you down the road to Ken, Kim, Keith, and Oreo

After hugs all around Tom started up the Stinger "B" and headed out. Before we point her nose South she needs to be dumped, filled with fresh water, her propane tank needs to be filled. and she needs some diesel so she can get us to our next destination. While Tom does that I am going to make a stop at a bead store I really like on Kuehn street and then stop at Coyote's to pick up some meat for our freezer. The plan is to eventually meet back out front at Roadrunner to have some lunch, hook up the Jeep, then head south.

As I headed out in the Jeep behind Tom I turned for on last
picture and wave. It looks empty where the Stinger "B" was.

We eventually did make it back to Roadrunner. I got there first. As I was pulling in a very familiar car pulled in behind me. Kim and Ken had run into Quartzsite and were headed back what a nice surprise. We chatted for a bit until Tom pulled in then they headed for home. We had some lunch then hooked the Jeep up and for the first time in all the years we have done this when Tom pulled ahead for me to check the roll the wheels did not roll. He checked the brake airline unhooked it and hooked it back up. We then tried the roll again no change. So we unhooked the Jeep and I am still having trouble getting it in and out of tow but I did manage it and then we started the process over again. I got it into tow and when I took my foot off the break the Jeep moved out of reach of the tow bar which meant I had to take it out of tow yet Then Tom moved the motorhome to a more level area and we started the process yet again it was about this time Keith showed up, he was headed back after taking a hike to see the "Palms". By this time I was slightly frustrated and suggest I would just drive the Jeep back to Ogilby. But Keith said he would help and we eventually got the Jeep hooked back up and the wheels rolled this time. I told Keith he must have the magic touch. I share this just to let it be known not everything always goes as planned and it can get frustrating but it is important to step back and breath or have a friend stop by and change the mood. Thanks Keith.

As we travel south this is my favorite view
on US-95 between Quartzsite and Yuma.

 The Aerostat Balloon was up in the air today.

Hovering 15,000 feet in the sky above the mountains northeast of Yuma Proving Ground’s headquarters area is the helium-filled aerostat balloon.

This amazing piece of technology keeps its state-of-the-art eye focused on one thing: low-flying airplanes. Part of a six-aerostat team forming a radar fence along the southern United States, it's watching for drugs being flown across the international border.

Although the aerostat is on Yuma Proving Ground property, YPG just provides the location and airspace security. The Department of Homeland Security operates it.

We noticed a lot of green covering the ground as we drove along.

Along with my favorite view this is another picture 
I take every time we come this way.

Then we are going by fields filled with vegies or ready
to be planted.

This train is headed the same way we are

and I am pretty sure it will be at the railroad crossing on
Ogilby when we get there.

That same train stopped as another going East passes by.
We are across the tracks and not far down when we 
hear its whistle as it crosses Ogilby.

This was the view when we stopped 

near American Girl Mine Road  

to unhook.

We are almost back to the place we will call home for the 
next few weeks.

I can see the Igloo and the Dogsled just ahead and our spot 
is open and waiting on the right. In a few minutes I will
park the Jeep and get welcome back hugs from Deb and Riley.

As Tom is pulling in he is looking at me
and this view behind me.

Tonight's Sunset did not disappoint.

We pulled in got parked back in our spot and put up our chairs to watch the sunset. Deb joined us and it is good to be home.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Up and moving early this morning as Tom had the first of three dental appointments over the next few weeks this morning.

The sun peaked out over the Cargo Muchacho Mountains 
before going behind the clouds,

Looks like it is raining to the west of us.

Today it rained and when we got back from Tom's dental appointment we spent the day inside. Tom and I talked about it then I texted Deb to see if it stopped raining by morning would they, Deb and Riley, like to go to Los Algodones for lunch and maybe a Margarita. There were a couple of things I wanted to pick up, no pictures because they are surprise for our grandchildren. They said yes and now the hope was it would stop raining.

Friday, February 2, 2024

The rain stopped and the sun came out. The shopping was successful and we tried out a new restaurant for lunch. We all agreed the food was really good and we would come back. 

The La Parrilla Restaurant and Bar

Some more shopping and then we stopped at El Paraiso
for a Margarita. I personally think theirs are the best. 

The line at the border was long so we stopped in here for 
a soda. The Pueblo Viejo de los Algodones.

The line was considerably shorter when we crossed the street
to join it. 

It was a perfect day spent with special friends.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Saturday was a stay at home day though we did have a Happy Hour with Deb.

I never get tired of the sunsets out here.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

When Tom saw Deb out taking pictures early this morning I knew it must be a beautiful sunrise and it was.

Tom took these out our livingroom window.

The Altar Area at St. Francis of Assisi
Catholic Church

We had a delicious breakfast at the Landing Restaurant 
in Yuma. We would definitely go back there.

After picking up a few groceries we headed home and enjoyed a Happy Hour with Deb.

Another Beautiful Sunset to End Our Day.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Up before sunrise this morning we had another sky filled with color to start our day.

After coffee and a very nice conversation with my sister I sorted laundry and Tom headed into Yuma to do wash. Later we enjoyed a Happy Hour with Deb and Riley. It is always nice when Riley joins us "Old Folks" for a bit. The clouds took over today and the sun stayed behind the clouds as it set tonight. So no picture.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Moving early today, Tom has another dental appointment, it is cloudy and the prediction is for rain. There is a pattern emerging here it has only rained twice since we have been here and both times Tom has a dental appointment. 

Looking west out the door this morning towards the sand dunes.

Ogilby Road and the sand dunes are ahead' the clouds
and the rain have obscured the mountains from view.

Coming into Yuma in the rain.
It is the first time we have ever seen this Port of Entry Open.

Heading home we are on Ogilby Road and we can see the 
mountains to the west of us again.

Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

It did rain again this afternoon  but nothing like they got to the west of us. Sounds like some areas of California to the west of us were hit by some pretty bad weather. 

It had stopped raining and I stepped outside to take a picture
of the sky as the sun was setting.

Then looking to the East and North of us took these pictures.

Then I heard this guy coming. I only had my phone but 

then he turned around and I had time to grab my camera

and get a better shot of him.

We are enjoying out time here and Tom is getting his dental work done and that is the reason we are here. The plan was to have started east today but plans change all the time and we have moved on to Plan B. 

I know this was a long blog but I wanted to get it caught up in real time. Tomorrow we are off on a different type of adventure for us and I wanted to be at this point before we leave. More on that in the next blog in a few days. 

Life is good and we are enjoying our days. I know I have said it before and I know I will say it again, we feel blessed to be Living Our Retirement Dream. Tom and I realize everyday just how lucky we are to be able to being do it. 

We are glad you stopped by!
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Welcome back! We had a blast in Mexico! It looked like a good time at Road Runner! I am excited about your up coming adventure and can’t wait to see the pics and hear all about it. Safe travels. Enjoy.


  2. There are always glitches in our plans. Right place right time for Keith to drive by!! I’m trying to enjoy the rain and screaming wind, but it’s putting a hitch in my git along.

  3. I was wondering where you were just yesterday. Good that the jeep hookup went well after all. Hopefully no issues again. Your boondocking spots are in such a romantic setting. No wonder you come back to it when you can and after a while it feels like home. The Ocotillos are still brown over here.

  4. I'm glad you tried out The Landing and enjoyed your breakfast.

  5. Beautiful Pictures.
    Glad Tom is safely getting his dental done.
    Really miss being out in the desert.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your next adventure.

    Jt's about time.

  6. Sounds like you are having another wonderful adventure. Love all of the pictures. Hope Tom’s dental work is going well. We went to dinner with Ann & Dale before they left. Talked to Dick & Cecilia at church Sunday. They also want to go to dinner. Hopefully, when you get back we can all manage to get together. Miss you guys! ❤️