Friday, February 26, 2021

Time Added to Our Memory Book.

The sun has slipped below the horizon as the daylight ends 
on our last day parked out off of Ogilby Road near
Winterhaven, CA this Adventure Number 7. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

By now having checked out the weather reports for Winterhaven and Quartzsite we knew this would be our last night here. I always find it bittersweet when it is time to leave a place we have truly enjoyed but then if there is not a little sadness in leaving why spend time there. At the same time with leaving there is always the opportunity of adventure ahead. 

(A reminder for myself this evenings pictures were taken using my zoom lens.)  

As the sun was slowly making its way down I took these 
pictures. The Ogilby Hills are in the distance.

The Imperial Sand Dunes

The Cargo Muchacho Mountains

As the sun drops lower in the sky 
the shadows slowly stretch towards the east.

I believe those are the Chocolate Mountains
behind the beautiful Ocotillos.

The sun making its way slowly down in the distance.

Just a touch of color over the Ogilby Hills.

Our neighborhood in the soft glow of twilight.

Using the Photo Illustration Effect

It is gone leaving only a soft glow of light behind.

The wind and the temperature cooperated to make it a lovely evening for a campfire, a lovely way to end our evenings out here with friends.

Saying goodbye to my Valentine's Day Roses.

The fire is definitely dancing.

We had a tiny little visitor and he seemed to be enjoying the 
fire as much as we were. Tom had to take a tiny stick to 
convince him to leave in order to add the last of the wood.

Left to right: Tom, Shane, my chair, and Cathy

As the last of of the wood turned to red coals our friends
headed home and Tom and I sat for a bit more watching
the last of the flames and glow slowly disappear.
It was a perfect ending to our day.

Wednesday Morning, February 24, 2021

Our last morning here and I was determined to enjoy every minute. It was one of those perfect mornings to sit out and watch the sunrise over the mountains. Though a little bit chilly there was no wind and the early morning desert was quiet. I could hear highway noises in the distance and a train then its whistle as it crossed Ogilby Road just a short distance from us. Yet even those noises seem muffled in the early morning light where everything seems soft and just slightly blurry.  At some point I could hear that Tom had gotten up because I could hear the sounds of coffee being made. As always a welcome sound because I know he will bring it out and join me in a short time. In the mean time I will enjoy this alone time watching the beginning of the day unfold.

I made it out just in time to see 
the sun come up over the mountain.

Taking a walk to the other side of the Stinger "B" I can 
see the shadows starting to stretch towards the west.

Even the shadows are soft in this first morning light.

As the sun makes its way up everything slowly brightens

on the desert floor. The shadows stretch farther out 

and even the rocks pick up the early light.

I enjoy sitting and watching the sun light touch the small 

and large desert plants.

As the light brightens everything around us

comes into a sharper focus.

As the sun rises higher the shadows creep

 back towards their owner.

I can now feel the suns warmth on me and it is wonderful.

Then the coffee magically arrived. 😊

It is time to just enjoy the sun's warmth. In awhile we will 
start getting ready to move on. There is no rush as it will only 
take us a couple of hours to get where we are going today. 
For now we will just sit and enjoy this moment
drinking our coffee. 

We have enjoyed our time out here spent across the wash from Cathy and Shane. There is a certain sadness in the leaving but we know we will see them again down the road. For now they have adventures to enjoy and so do we. It was a wonderful nineteen days.

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Time is Going To Fast

It is Thursday, February 25,  2021 and we are presently parked at the Roadrunner BLM listening to the wind howl around us. This was a one night stop on our way to spend a week in the Park Place RV Park in Quartzsite to enjoy full hook ups and clean out some of the desert dust. 

The Sunset on Tuesday, February 23, 2021
We were parked in the desert off of Ogilby Road.

Time continues to fly and I continue to try to keep this blog in some sort of order while telling myself it is what it is and just enjoy life as it flows. That is the philosophy I am living by yet at the same time trying to record where we have been and what we have done during this wonderful time of living out our retirement dream. 

Monday February 22, 2021

Below the sun rises on our day and the view looking straight out from our patio area out here in the desert. We are so enjoying our time out here.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Today's sunset from outside the door of Cathy and Shane's lovely tent room where we spent several Happy Hours out of the wind enjoying the company of our fellow "Yoopers". If questioned as to what we talked about at any given time Tom and I would not have an answer. What we both do know is that letting the light of the day slip into evening chatting with friends is a day well lived.

Taking a trip back a few more days.

Sunday February 14, 2021

Sunset pictures for our memory book.

Clouds southeast of us as the sunset this evening.

Doug's White Lion in the rosy afterglow.

Cathy and Shane's Rig in tonight's afterglow.

The end of the color and the day's light.

Monday February 15, 2021

Another end of a wonderful day spent enjoying life in the desert. We never get tired of the sunrises and sunsets out here where the land seems to go on forever.

It was a little chilly tonight but a warm fire with friends
makes for a special evening. 
Left to right: Doug, Cathy and Shane

Tuesday February 16, 2021

Did I mention I never get tired of the sunrises out here?

We took a ride at the exit for Algodones today. We were totally surprised to see an RV Park that has been abandoned since we have been coming out this way totally redone: new water faucets, sewers, and electrical boxes. Though it is not open yet the name on the sign was Sleepy Hollow RV and it is just before the turn into the parking lot.

Heading back towards I-8 before crossing the canal we took a left down a road along the canal.

We saw several ducks enjoy the water.

We had taken this road a few years ago so were not surprised
when we came upon this Pet Cemetery. 
It looks to be taken care of and still being used.

There are several areas that you can tell people have parked in.
This one and a couple others had an area for stacking wood.

This wishing well was just off the road between the site above 
and another similar site.

Down this road off to the right a ways we could see a Class C 
parked. Though they had gotten there on another road.

Just off the right of the above road we found this area

it looks like someone spent a lot of time moving rocks.
Or was it could have been what was left of a building.
Saguaros are not usually found here naturally; so the guess
is someone planted it here a while ago.

Another bit of landscaping done by a former occupant.
It is a strange area down here it almost feels like you are
in a dried up swamp. 

Going up a small hill back to Algodones Road we could see
the roof of campers below us. There is a small compound of
campers down there and we did take a ride down a road and 
drove into their area. Taking pictures of their neighborhood
 seemed like it would be an invasion of privacy. 

Ahead is were the road crosses over the canal.

Just to the right across the road near the above picture is this.
Clicking on it should enlarge it enough to read what it says.

We then decide to take Sidewinder Road 
back over to Ogilby Road.

We have stopped here before and taken pictures before.
We have asked questions in Felicity, CA at the Center of the 
Earth; we know others who have made inquiries and still
have no idea what this is our who put it out here.

What I do know is, is no one damages it. Everything is 
still intact like the first time we saw it several years ago.

The statues are still there and still in one piece.

What I did notice this time is there is several layers of 
paint on these statues.

It is a mystery but maybe one of those 
mysteries better not solved.

The sun leaving our day in a burst of color.

Wednesday February 17, 2021

Today we took a ride by the canal behind Pilot Knob LTVA. Turning down the road we noticed this on the sign at the Chevron station. Yes, it is in California but this is high even for there and the sincere hope is that this is not a sign of what is to come.

Turning left on the road along the canal we can see the
fence and Mexico on the other side.

Lots of ducks seem to enjoy their time along here.


This is as far as we can go in the Jeep.

We can see ATV roads off on our left where we turned around.

Going right were we originally turned onto the road along 
the canal we soon came to end of our access.

More ducks floating in the canal.
At this point we could have taken a road above this one.
We have done this a couple of times in the past but today
we decided to just head back home.

I just really liked the little wisp of cloud above.

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