Saturday, February 13, 2021

There are Tiny Leaves on the Ocotillo Near Winterhaven

Ocotillos are all a lovely green on Ogilby😊

 Saturday, February 6, 2021

We settled into this spot in the Roadrunner BLM 19 days ago and have enjoyed our time here. Not sure of the date when our neighbors across the way moved in but I do know it was before we found out our leveling/stabilization jacks would not retract.  What I do know is how lucky we feel that Marilyn, Gary, plus there cute little dog decided to park across the wash near us. We had several wonderful chats across that wash before leaving today and we will miss being parked by them.  (Marilyn and Gary if you are reading this I hope you follow us occasionally through our blog and God willing we are all out at Roadrunner or even somewhere else at some point next year and we can make a plan to park next to each other again.) It has been a strange year this year with all the social distancing and mask wearing but this time across the wash reminded us about the best part of this lifestyle which is meeting new people. As you head back home we wish you safe travels. Hope to see you both again down the road.

Our neighborhood

and our wonderful neighbors Marilyn, Gary and their fur baby.

After a few pictures it was time to pull out and move down the road. While Tom drove the Stinger "B" to top off our propane, then dump or tanks, and fill our fresh water tank. I thought I would make a quick stop to replace a small pan Tom occasionally uses on the grill at one of the venders on Kuehn. I obviously misjudged the crowd that would be there on Saturday as there was no parking and there was not going to be anything quick about the stop. We are hoping to visit the Arizona Market Place while on Ogilby Road so I will look there. After hooking the Jeep up the decision was to drive back to Ogilby Road the same route we took getting here in January. So we merged onto I-10 going west, took the CA-78 exit, and continued west until we reached Ogilby Road. At this point we made a left turn and headed south towards our new neighborhood. 

Leaving Quartzsite behind 

we are heading West on I-10.

This section of I-10 is one we have been on  several times 
over the years to get groceries in Blythe, CA.

I never get tired of the views along here and look
forward to this view every time.

We cross over the Colorado River and are in California.

Today we were waved through.

Turning onto CA-78 we drive by fields of 
vegetables on both sides for several miles.

When the sign says dips on this road they are not kidding.
In the next two collages I tried to capture some of the
"roller coaster" moments.

We have made a left turn and are on Ogilby Road.

I thought the Ocotillos I saw on CA-78 looked green

but now I can see they are green. 

Lets just say as we drive down Ogilby Road I mention to
 Tom more then once, you do not want to go off the road.

This is one of several washes we drive through and the road
is disintegrating and the shoulder definitely looks soft.

When we turned on to the road we would be parking on this
was the first rig we spotted. How can you see this and not
smile. My thought is a happy person needs to live inside.

So that was the last picture I took on Saturday. Just a little farther down Cathy and Shane drove up in their truck to show us how to get to the area they are parked in. After finding a nice level spot for the Stinger "B" and getting a few things set up we grabbed out chairs and took a walk across the wash to spend some time catching up since the last time we were together. A couple hours later we spotted the White Lion heading our way with Doug and Yuma inside. A few instructions and he was parking his rig and joined us. It is really wonderful to be with friends.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Cathy and Shane invited Tom and I along with Doug and Yuma to a Super Bowl Party they had set up in there outside room. They had everything from snacks, to dinner which they served at half time, delicious ribs, baked beans, and potato salad,  and they topped that off with ice cream sundaes during the fourth quarter.  There may have been a football pool and I may have won a then there was total score and I never win this sort of thing and now I have several flashlights and the cutest little lantern that I am using on one of our tables outside.  Now you would think there would be pictures of this fun day and there are a couple. You need to click here and the link will take you to Doug's Blog, Miss Adventure Travels, because he did take pictures. I do not have one picture of the day. I am going with it was so much fun, and it was, taking pictures totally slipped my mind. 

Monday, February 8, 2021

Happy Hour was outside the Stinger "B" tonight and we were treated to a lovely sunset and rosy afterglow.

Cathy and Shane's home across the wash.

Caught Doug looking out just before he snapped a picture.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Today I took a walk around our neighborhood to check out the Ocotillos up close.

Then we took a ride closer to the Cargo Muchacho Mountains and I took a couple more pictures of  a few the Ocotillos out that way. Anyone who knows me or has read this blog knows this is my favorite plant out here. There are a lot of them in this area and they are all happily dressed in green. 

The last of the sun's light coloring the clouds above us.

Even has it slowly faded it was beautiful.

Looking down the wash between us and Cathy and Shane
the White Lion is slightly visible behind the tree on the right.
Plus, the last of the color towards the South.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Just caught the sun before it slipped from view tonight.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

I actually was up and made it out the door in time for today's sunrise.

One reason I was up and moving early today was we wanted
to visit the Arizona Market Place. We picked up a couple of 
things including a cookie sheet for the grill.

I was sitting out and Yuma showed up for a short visit.

Happy Hour
Left to right: Doug, Shane, Tom and Cathy

The end of the sun light on another wonderful day spent
parked in the desert off of Ogilby road with friends.

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  1. What beautiful sunsets. I miss the openness of that area. I showed Jerry the picture of that camper. He saw that rig at the post office in Wellton. And I love your friends tent. It's a beauty.

    1. The sunsets out hear are beautiful. It certainly is a unique rig. They are really enjoying the extra room that tent gives them.

  2. It makes me so happy, and just a little bit sad, to see the Ocotillo's with their green leaves and pretty flowers. And I really do miss those beautiful sunsets ... thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    1. Thank you, the sunsets out here really are beautiful. I do love the Ocotillos they remind me that there is a time for everything and there is always hope.

  3. Really beautiful sunrise. I'll have to awake earlier 😀.The sunsets are a bright red and orange making for beautiful pictures.

    1. We certainly have been had some beautiful sunsets to take pictures of.

  4. Glad you are still Enjoying the Lifestyle with Friends.
    Stay Safe!

    It's about time.

    1. We feel very lucky to be enjoying this time with friends.

  5. I'm sad ... the ocotillos are still brown sticks in Tucson. With all the rain I drove through, they should be perking up soon.

    1. I was happy to see they had their green leaves out here. They were still sticks by Quartzsite, also.

  6. Nice to see green Ocotillos, finally.
    Enjoy your new setting with friends. :)

    1. It was nice to spot the Ocotillos and realize they were green. Noticed today more are getting the red flowers on top.

  7. Awesome catch up and beautiful pictures! Glad you are having a wonderful time with friends and making new friends!

    1. Thank you. I think we all agree the best part of this lifestyle is the friends we make along the way.