Thursday, February 4, 2021

Our Last Four Days in January

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Pictures from a day quietly enjoyed at home.

I know what I could see as the sun was going down tonight
I was surprised how well the camera captured it.
Even if you only see dark clouds 
it is in my opinion beautiful. 

Then we were treated to a rosy pink afterglow.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Today we took a ride down Palm Canyon Road and turned on to Queen Canyon Road. We were in search of a skull rock but we did find it. (Doug, the next time we are all in this area maybe you and Yuma can show us where it is. We are in need of a guide.) It was a pretty ride just the same.

Straight back from the Teddy Bear Cholla in the front to the 
Saguaro and then to the mountain is where the parking to 
to take the walk to the palms.

I do not know if you can spot the rock right in the middle
but it is the type you look up and say, please stay there.

This is a pretty ride you are in a wash with tall walls on 

each side and we were lucky to be able to see 

wonderful blue sky above us with white fluffy clouds.

We parked and walked a ways with no luck. 
We never did see the skull rock.

We have turned around and are headed back out.

Large fields of Teddy Bear Cholla in this area.

I wanted to get some sunset pictures from out on

what we now know is Mitchel Mine Road.

Looking out towards I-10 in the distance.

Looking out towards Quartzsite.

One last beautiful burst of color to end the light of Friday.

I think everyone can relate to what I am about to say. There are places we park that speak to us and others for whatever reason we never quite settle into. We may park there for a night or two but never feel the need to return. Other spots we look forward to pulling back into. We parked out in the Scaddan Wash BLM one time and we have driven out there a couple of times but for some reason it is just not where we have ever wanted to park and spend time. I have said it more then once, thank goodness we do not all want to be parked in the same place it would get awfully crowded. The sunsets out there though are beautiful. There is an openness at the end of the road and just enough Saguaros to make it all come together as the sun makes its way down for the day and the last of the light lingers.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

I am not sure exactly what either of us did on Saturday so I am guessing we did the ordinary every day things that life is about.

I do like how after the sun has dropped behind the Dome
Mountains we can see the Kofa Mountains still in the sunlight.

Not full anymore but still pretty.

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Found out some new information today. According to Google Maps when you take Kuehn Street East towards Riggles Road and you keep going straight instead of turning left onto Riggles the Road becomes Dome Rock Road East. That road takes you to the Scaddan Wash BLM. If you keep going on that road you come to a dead end and when you turn right you are on Mitchell Mine Road and that takes you back all the way to what is an open pit mine. The last time we went down this road was a couple years ago and at that time there were no trespassing signs. You can now go down that road and our Jeep Trailhawk took us a ways and then the road definitely became better suited for either a small Jeep Wrangler or an ATV.  We also noticed there was some sort of camp back there not sure how they got the travel trailer and Class C down the road but they both look like they had been there a while and were occupied, a man did wave at us as we went by. It also looked like they had some equipment out there for digging.. Did not take any pictures as we felt that was there business and not ours.  We took a second road after this one and stopped at the open pit. (As I was rereading this and the information under the pictures I realized this can sound confusing. This information is mostly so we remember the ride. I hope you just enjoy the pictures.)

Patsy this one is for you.
I had never noticed this Saguaro before it is by the 
Scaddan Wash BLM 
We will not see the hand by Lake Havasu City this year.

The sign on the left was were we had seen 
no trespassing signs in the past.

The little white rectangles in the distance are vehicles on I-10.

We could see what looked like a house in the distance.

There was definitely what looked like discarded 
mining equipment which was mostly behind a fence 
and a manmade berm of large rocks.

This was a little farther down were we took a short detour. 
 We found after a short distance this road turned and went
back towards the mine.

We decided to continue down the road we were on and when
we had a choice right or left we decided right since that was
the direction we had come from. This was the fourth and 
deepest of the washes we encountered it also was the last one.

Tom coming back after making sure 
we could make it up the other side.

Looking back after we came out of the wash and then out over

 towards what I am pretty sure are the Dome Rock Mountains.

We then took this road just past the first one and what looked

like a house from the other road is in fact a house that is 
occupied. We saw several vehicles, a no trespassing sign
and at least one dog.

The road kept going around this large pit, there actually was
another one in the upper left of this picture.
We turned around here.

We could see equipment and some buildings 
across the road from the house along with 
no trespassing signs on this side of the road. 

We went in to the Scaddan Wash BLM from the back and 
cut across on various roads towards the front entrance.
Then there in the wash were a large covey of Quail.

We were driving along the powerline when we saw them.
 I got out and followed them for a about a block trying 
to capture their picture. They are quick.

No sunset to close this with as it clouded up and we did not see the sun again until Tuesday.
It is hard to believe how quickly January flew by.

One last thing the Jacks that level and stabilize the Stinger "B" when we are parked have been retracted. They are not fixed the gentleman who came out and checked them out is working on getting the part that he believes needs to be replaced which is our touchpad.  Like we all know though so many issues with RV's is a process of elimination. He was able to eliminate a couple of things while he was here. So fingers crossed he is able to get us the part and that is the problem. Oh, and the really fun part he got here had Tom start it up and try to retract them so he could check out the motor etc...I have no idea what he needed to check out. Well Tom hit the retract button and up they went. Though once he put them down again they did not want to go back up. Then another try and up they went. Which is were they will stay for now. One of life's fun little mysteries.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Nice pictures and looks like some nice drives :-) Whenever I tell hubby something isn't working, the minute he checks it out it miraculously works so I'm not surprised your jacks worked when the repairman was out ... good thing they also stopped working, hopefully he can fix the problem soon.

    1. It was a good thing it all happened the way it did with the jacks and at least now they are up. The part we need he was told is a six week wait before it will be sent out. So it will be something we will see about getting fixed closer to Michigan.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful today, Deb. Thank you so much for the hand!!! It is just as beautiful, if not more, than our waving one at Lake Havasu on Lone Tree Hill. :) My other 2 favourite pictures are #6 and #37.

    1. Thank you, glad you liked the hand. The minute I saw it I thought you might just like it.

  3. Isn't Nature an artist. All those beautiful pictures prove it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the beauty.

    It's about time.

    1. Nature sure does a great job of making our world brighter.

  4. I think I see a Queen Canyon trip in our future 😀 That hand Cactus was perfect. I drove out to that mine area a few years back. Saw people working from their cars digging for gold. Great sunset and cloud pictures. Never get old.

    1. That would be a nice ride, we definitely need a guide...😊 It looked like the people out there could possibly be doing some digging. You are so right the sunsets never get old.

  5. Wow ... for once I can say I've been on that road!! Out that direction is where the Escapee group meets every year. There's just nothing better than Arizona skies. Thanks for the directions and the pictures!!
    Booker Washington was a wise man!!

    1. Booker Washington was indeed a wise man.
      I knew the RTR met out there did not know the Escapees did. There are some nice spots out there but the beginning of that road is rough.

  6. Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful way to spend retirement!

    1. Thank you, Romy. We feel blessed and lucky to be able to be living out our retirement dream.

  7. Gorgeous pictures Deb! What a beautiful area. Sure hope your jacks are fixed with the part the repairman ordered! Keep on enjoying!

    1. Thank you, Shirley. Well the jacks are up and we can move. It looks like the wait for the part is longer then we plan on being in the area. Looks like we will be looking at getting fixed closer to Michigan.