Sunday, December 8, 2019

Quartzsite Christmas Light Parade

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Today started under clouds and ended with those clouds letting the rain come down. The only way to describe today was grey, dreary, and wet. It is like we bought these solar panels and the sun laughed and said, I am going on vacation..,lol

The Quartzsite Christmas Light Parade was scheduled for 7 this evening and when it stopped raining right around 6 Tom said, lets take a ride in and see. We could see Christmas lights looking towards the QIA and then when we turned on to the Main Street we saw cars ant trucks parked on either side of the street. So we found a spot and waited. Right around 7 we could see lights coming our way and people getting out of their vehicles to stand on the street so we did the same. The first three floats went by in a blur of lights then someone shouted, don't leave there are more. I would say the rest of the parade was about a distance of two blocks back. They were going a little slower but they all still went by at a good pace. There may have been the hope of beating the rain, I am not sure.  I only had my phone with me and it usually takes decent night pictures, not so this evening. I apologize for the blurry pictures but I wanted some for the blog and picked out the best ones.

The parade was led by several motorcycles, upper right.
The camel in the center kept changing colors.
There were several ATV's decorated all very bright
with Christmas lights.  

I had to include these. two.
The name of their towing business is: A Toe Truck.
What a great name. 

These two went by the slowest.
You can see how they really took the time to decorate
the floats and vehicles.

There were several decked out like this.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus were the closing act and by now it was
raining and they were flying.

In all seriousness it really was a shame the weather did not co-operate. You could tell that everyone who participated had put time into creating a "picture of Christmas" with their floats and vehicles. We are pretty sure they were trying to get all of the floats down the street and pass the judges before it really started to rain.  It was a fun 17 minutes even though we got a little damp. Just a side note: I have stood in the cold and snow many times watching the Christmas Parade in Escanaba. It was nice not to be freezing as we watched but if I had a choice I would prefer snow falling down on me it never feels as wet.

Driving back home into the Roadrunner BLM  the road was
a  "mini wash" and easy to follow.
Turning the headlights caught the Stinger "B" and
the puddles around her.

The following is just something cute I wanted to share. I decided to try this it is as the packaging reads, powdered heavy cream. (The only ingredient listed is sweet cream solids. There are no preservatives or fillers.)  I use heavy whipping cream in my coffee. For two reasons: one I do like cream in my coffee and two it is the lowest carb milk product available. I do my best to follow a diet low in carbs. So I had purchased this to have on hand if for some reason I run out of Heavy Whipping Cream and I thought it could also be something I could take to use in my coffee when we are out. What I wanted to share, though, is the packaging.

Middle picture: across the top of the package.
Bottom picture: on the bottom of the package...😎

So that was pretty much our Saturday. Tom did go into town to purchase ice, it is our on going fun. I did some beading which I will share another time, after they are received. We ate dinner and then we went to the parade. It was a day in our lives and we would say it was a good day.

We are glad you stopped by!
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  1. Yuma’s close enough to Quartzite so I think it’s fair to blame you for the wet day we had yesterday ☺ It looks like sunny days to come so hopefully you will have a chance to test out those new panels.

    The Yuma Christmas parade is next week and while I do enjoy all the great entries it just feels strange to watch a Christmas parade when it’s warm and there is no snow.

    I love the packaging on your heavy cream, it would be worth buying a package just to show it off and give people a laugh!

    1. Tom is planning on resealing our roof at some point this year. If we are still in the area when he orders the sealant I will give you a heads up so you can prepare for the monsoon...LOL

      I agree watching a Christmas parade with no snow and not dressed for subzero temperatures is strange but I am willing to make the sacrifice.

      That packaging was a hoot.

  2. Great packaging!!!
    Interesting parade, too bad about the weather.
    Eventually the sun will shine and those panels will be well worth the money!

    1. I do not want to say it to loudly but that may be blue sky and sun out there today...:)
      It was to bad it had to rain on their parade...I cannot believe I just wrote that...LOL

  3. We've seen the Side by Sides gathering in the Quail Run RV Park in 2016 but didn't realize what was happening until the next day. Glad you had the chance to see it even though you got wet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. They asked for volunteers to help decorate the church float after Mass otherwise we would not have known about it either. Need to check the Quartzsite calendar out more.

  4. Im glad you enjoyed the parade. So sad that it rains on a parade though, all that hard work. Snow is definitely better.
    Fun package. Not sure about the cream product tho. Hmm. 🤔

    1. That is the first thing Tom said, all the time and work put into the parade and then it rains.

      I have only tried it once in a cup of tea not the same creamy taste.

  5. That cream package is hilarious! I love their sense of humor!! Too bad about the rainy weather at the parade. I'm glad you went anyway!

    1. I did not even notice the packaging, I had just stuck it up in the cupboard when it came, until I went to try it the other night. Now I am wondering about their other products. Will have to check out their almond flour...:)
      We are glad we went, also.

  6. Nice little parade. Too bad for the rain. It hit our area closer to midnight so didn't see it. Wonder what that heavy cream tastes like.

    1. It was a nice little parade, they just went by a little fast.
      After trying the cream I would say nice to have on hand, if I had nothing else, but the taste is not anywhere near the fresh.

  7. What a fun parade, too bad about the rain but at least not too cold and no snow snow. Soon you will have sun for your solar.