Saturday, February 17, 2018

Insert for 2-13-2018 (We Have Been to The Center of The World)

There is an amazing amount of recorded History on the granite slabs at the museum. 
The pictures I am posting will only give you a quick glimpse of what is there. 
Clicking on the pictures will open them up larger.

February 13, 2018

When I was looking at our California Benchmark I noticed that where Sidewinder Road and I-8 meet the words:  Official Center of the Earth. Well this peaked our interest and as we reached the spot we started to look for a sign telling us where it was. You eventually find it on Center of the World Drive which I never had noticed on the map or the sign post, as I mentioned in our previous post, before today. Well when we turned in we hesitated for a moment but I still wanted to see the Little Chapel and was hoping someone would be able to tell us about the circle with the Statues we had seen earlier. So we put the $6.00 in the tin box and drove in. So where exactly is the Oficial Center of the World?

It is in the town of Felicity, California

Inside the Museum of History in Granite.
More information about this museum at the link below.

When we were standing next to the green, Tom remarked it needed cutting.
As we were leaving they were cutting the grass and
the wonderful smell of newly mowed grass filled the air.

"The Arm of God"
It is pointing to the Church on the Hill.

The Official Center of the World is the dot on the bronze plaque within the pyramid. 
The center of the world, or universe, can be anywhere. 
It was set by law, based upon a now popular book for children - who argues with a fairy tale? 
or states that Red Riding Hood wore a blue dress? 

In 1989, the law was recognized by the Institut Geographique National 
                                            of the Government of  France.                                            
                                                                                                        Information from their website.

In the center of this pyramid is the Official Center of the World.

We were invited by our tour guide to step onto the spot and make a wish.
She then recorded the time on our Official Certificate.

Our Official Certificates proving we have stood on the above dot.

Looking out from the pyramid at the Church on the Hill.

A unique attraction of the town of Felicity, California is the Museum of History in Granite. The museum exhibits monuments made from Missouri Red Granite. Each is 100 feet (30 m) long. Conceived as an historic record of humanity designed to last for four millennia, the Museum of History in Granite is a collection of over 900 large granite outdoor panels.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If I remember correctly there are sixteen of these on the grounds.
The end caps tell you what is on each one.

There is a lot of information and history documented
on these granite slabs.

Looking out the Church on the Hill doorway.

The inside of the Church on the Hill.
They do not hold regular services here but they do rent it for special occasions.

As it was getting late we did not walk over to the "Maze of Honor"
To learn more about it Click Here

There are eight of these with the History of Humanity inscribed on them.

The Felicity Stone
This is located in the center of the eight History of Humanity monuments.

There are still some blank areas.
Our tour guide mentioned there is a plan to have all the animals of the
world etched on one of them.

It is amazing how much information is on these monuments.

The Marine Corp and Navy were represented during this dedication.

When they dedicated the ones containing information about the French
Foreign Legion they had dignitaries from France in attendance.

The sun setting behind the pyramid.
No enhancement.

This plaque explains the staircase.
It is actually a section of the original stairs in the Eiffel Tower.

The Church on the Hill
One last look and we headed home.

I could see the question mark from the distance and it peaked my interest.

The founder of Felicity and the Museum of History in Granite is Jacques Andre Istel. He named Felicity after his wife, Felicia Lee.

This picture of Mr. and Mrs. Istel is off the Internet.
The Fascinating History of the Massive Pyramid and Granite Monuments in the California Desert
The above article is an interesting read about how the whole Museum came into being
and how a fairy tale played an important part.

Interesting side note: We did not know it at the time but Tom and I met Felicia Lee. In fact, she served Tom his Apple Pie Ala-mode at the little cafe on the grounds.  We had stopped so I could take a picture of the "Arm of God" when she came up to us with the woman who ended up being our Tour Guide. She explained, we needed to see the movie and hear the explanation of what is there before we started walking around. Tom mentioned he was disappointed there was no one in the Cafe so he could have a piece of pie and she said she was the one who served the pie. We did not realize who she was until I did some research on line about the Museum and saw a picture of her and her husband. Looking back we will always remember our interaction with her and how much she personally wanted us to enjoy our visit. (One other note: the Cafe was actually closed for the day when she did this.)


  1. Thanks for fixing the link nice to see all that are again , when we were there they we about 1/2 finished the granite , to was a work in progress, looks like it is finally all done. The church was an interesting one to check out as well.

    1. Thanks for letting me know it did not work. I did learn something new about setting up a link now if I can

      It is still not finished there were still a couple of blank sides. The person who was our tour guide said they were going to be adding the animals of the world soon.
      It was certainly interesting to see it.