Thursday, February 8, 2018

Hike to the Palms...Check!

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February 7, 2018

Today was the day we planned to see the Palms and we were expecting our hiking companions around 9:00AM so Tom and I were both up around 6:00AM.  I even remembered to step out and catch the sun coming up over the mountains. The sky is a wonderful blue and the wind we had last night has died down. It is cool but for a hike it seems perfect.
(Side note: except for the sunrise and sunset pictures today's picture were taken with my little Olympus Stylus which fits nicely in my pocket.)

Warning: Picture overload.

Linda and Len driving up this morning. 

We met Linda and Len two years ago when we were parked next to each other for two months at the Saddle Mountain RV Park in Tonopah, AZ. They have since bought a winter home in Yuma and drove up to do this hike with us today. We always have a great time when we get together so I know we are going to have a fun time today.

After a little catching up we all got in their truck and drove up to the parking area. Stepping out of the vehicle we are greeted with wonderful views of Palm Canyon.

Palm Canyon, the sun is still low in the sky as we stand looking
towards where we will hike in today.

Last year when Tom made this hike he did see Desert Bighorn Sheep
on his way out. We all hoped we would have the same luck this year.
Unfortunately, I have to say we did not.

After taking a few pictures and reading some information we are off on our adventure. It is not an easy path to hike. There are lots of ups and downs, loose rocks, and larger rocks to get up and around. Then there is a teaser of fairly flat path and again a serious of  "steps" basically larger rocks you need to find foot spaces to climb up or down and around. The brochure says it is an hour round trip hike but I think it took us more like two. Mainly, because I found in order not to lose my footing I had to be looking down while I walked. So there was a lot of stopping to look at the gorgeous views all around and above us. The pictures below really do not do the views justice but honestly since, we will probably never do this again they still will remind us of this day and what we saw.

Looking back the views go on forever.

Even the shadows on the walls added to the beauty.

Another look back.

Linda and Len stop to look above and take a picture and
yes, they are on the path.

A picture of the path.

With a lot of cropping, our first sighting of the palms.

We made it and all decided we wanted proof that we did.
Tom said, last year someone had aimed this sign so it was pointing down
instead of up and it took him awhile to find the palms.

Which are above where we were standing.
They can be seen in the niche in the center of this picture.

Besides the Palms there is a lot of greenery up
and down the hillsides. Including quite a few Saguaros.

The sun is now lighting up the area just next to the palms.
Looking up was dizzying.

A look out over the area towards 95
The Stinger "B" is out there somewhere.

There is beauty and greenery every where you look.
Not to mentions lots of rocks.

One more picture before we start back.

A last pictures of the palms from the point we first saw them.
Then we continued on our way back out of the Canyon.

Looking ahead.

Turning and looking back as we make our way out.

Glancing back, yet once again, at the path behind and the beautiful scenery.

Palm Canyon Road snaking its way up to the parking area.

Looking up at the wonderful walls of rock surrounding us.

Following the leader.
Yes, that free clear bag from the Honda booth did come in handy!

Tom staying ahead of me and helping me make my way over some
of the ups and downs over larger rocks.

Taking another look at where we have been and the path behind.

Seemed only fitting to include one rock, we went by up close.

The sun is higher now as we exit Palm Canyon.

As I mentioned above it was not an easy hike, certainly not because of the length or all the ups and downs but because of all the loose rocks and rocks you have to climb up and over, but I am glad I did it. Tom has decided twice is his limit and I am thinking once is mine. Seeing the palms themselves is something special but, in our opinion, not the most spectacular thing about walking into Palm Canyon. The shear beauty of the walls and surrounding landscape is really what made the hike worth the effort for me.

We ended the day sitting out on our "patio"
watching the sun slowly slip behind the mountains.
A perfect ending to a perfect day.

You are never given a dream
without also being given

the power to make it true.

We had one of those perfect days and hope you did, too.
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  1. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Your pictures are great. Nice to share the hike with others. I definitely need to get that hike done before we leave Q.

    1. It is great to be able to say we did it. The one thing I would mention is if we had done the hike in the afternoon there may have been sun on the Palms which would have been nice.

  2. That's a cool place to visit. Nice views too!

  3. Glad that you got to experience the palm Canyon, we were there once back in 2008 and enjoyed it, one was enough for us.

    1. Yes, we would agree...glad we did it but once is probably going to be it.

  4. What spectacular pictures! Beautiful place and you did awesome on that climb! Doesn't look my kind of trail but you got really high up there! Your sunset picture is beautiful too. Something about those sunsets, just a perfect end to a perfect day!

    1. When you are going back into the canyon you really do not feel the height. As far as the pictures looking back you have made most of that height driving up to the parking lot...:)
      We never get tired of the desert sunsets.

  5. Looks like you had a nice hike! Good for you, doing that climb. You are a new woman now!

    1. I had wanted to do that hike for awhile and it makes me smile to know I finally did...:)

  6. So glad you made it this year Deb! The pictures never do portray the beauty you see with your eyes, but I enjoyed reminiscing the journey you four took.

    Good to have friends join you on your climb. Now you can mark that goal off your list.

    1. Even though, like you said, pictures never "see" what we see they do help with the reminiscing of the journey.
      There is a big check next to this

  7. Congrats to both of you for making the hike. Sounds like a rough one in places. Perhaps walking sticks may be in order to help in those areas.

    Love the views, amazing how far you can see from up there. The sheer walls on the canyons are breathtaking and I'm certain they are very dizzying to look up at.

    Glad your friends came along, nice to hike with others and share the views. I think we'll have to check that out another time we're in the area. Very inviting looking views.

    Congrats again on the accomplishment.

    1. Thanks, Deb. A solid hiking stick would be helpful in several of the spots. In fact, we saw several people with wooden ones on the trail. We have hiking sticks but they are not the ones to use for that type of support.

      It was nice having our friends to share the beautiful views and hike with.

  8. Beautiful scenery. Glad you enjoyed your hike to the Palms with your friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We did enjoy the hike and the scenery it was well worth the effort.