Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Leaving LaPosa South, One Night at Roadrunner BLM, Parked Near Palm Canyon

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February 5, 2018

Today was our last day here, at LaPosa South, for this year and I did not want to miss the sunrise. The sun put on quite a nice show as it colored the clouds before making its appearance over the mountains.

The moon between the pink clouds.

Where we have been parked for the last four weeks.
It hardly seems possible it has been that long the time has flown by.

Enjoying the sun on my back standing between the Jeep and the Stinger "B".
After all that I missed the sun popping up over the mountains.

Leaving our "neighborhood"  Tom is headed out to
get our tanks dumped and fill up with fresh water.

The ribs of a Saguaro close to the road covered in dust.

After taking care of business we met up with Shirley and Ken at their old parking spot and headed in to Silly Al's for one last pizza, this year. We had a little blip when the waitress brought Ken the wrong beer and I know my drink was wrong but she insisted they were right and I agreed with Ken when he said , I am not going to let it take away from our time. The pizza itself was good but the time we spent chatting and enjoying Shirley and Ken's company that is what going out to lunch was really all about. Thank you, for lunch guys it was a nice way to end our time visiting until we cross paths again.

One last picture of Shirley and Ken, Seeing America with Ken and Shirley,
before we head out in different directions.

We dropped them off at their rig and after several hugs Tom and I headed across the road to pick up the Stinger "B". I turned in our door just in time to see them pull out and head down the road towards 95 were they would turn North. Safe Travels.

Tom started up the motor home and was heading into Quartzsite to top off the propane and diesel before he would head down 95 going South. 

I got in the Jeep and headed South on 95 towards Palm Canyon Road to check out the two sites we had scouted out last week hoping one would still be open. Score, our second choice had no one parked in it. I called Tom to let him know. He was just finishing up and said he would call once he was heading out.

The call came but it was not the one I was waiting for. He had noticed when fueling up that the front left tire looked a little soft. In search of  a place to put air in he ended up at Loves where he decided to have them check the tire to make sure there was no leak. This is when he called me, as it was getting late he suggested I head back to where he was. When I got there they were still working on it and not wanting to just sit there I took a ride over to Gem World. I figured a little browsing, okay shopping, would take my mind off of it. He called when I was there and the good news was that after thoroughly checking the tire they could not find a leak. 

At this point we decided to just park at the Roadrunner BLM for the night and see what the tire looked like in the morning. That way if it was soft again we would be closer to where we could get help. Tom headed that way to find us a spot somewhere near where we had parked last time and as I was about to check out I would not be far behind. 

Enjoying Happy Hour as the sun slowly sank in the West.

It was a beautiful sunset.

I do not remember what setting I used, it was one of the "effects" but
I loved the look. I think it sort of looks like snow.

After spending time enjoying the sunset we decided to go out to eat. Driving back to Quartzsite the decision was Mexican at Taco Mio's. It was our first and last time there this year and we enjoyed the food and chatted about the days to come. Sometimes things work out as planned sometimes they do not but if you can go with the flow you can still look back on the day and say it was a good day. After all it was only one little bump in the road.

February 6, 2018

We ended up sleeping in this morning and missed the sunrise. After Tom made coffee we sat and planned the day. After checking the tire, it was still good, we decided to go ahead with our plan to park out at Palm Canyon. We are meeting friends, who are driving from Yuma, so we can hike in to see the Palms together and it will be nice to be parked near by. Tom made the hike last year but I could not because of my knee so I am really looking forward to it and it will be even more fun with Linda and Len joining us.

While I took care of some things here at the Stinger "B" Tom drove into Quartzsite to run a few errands. Since, we had one more day on our LTVA sticker he stopped to fill up our water bladder, then drove to the Post Office to pick up our mail our daughter had sent, then stopped to pick up ice. There was one more stop before the ice and that was to pick up a bulb for the right blinker which will need to be replaced before we leave here. Just in case we want to let the people behind us know when we are turning right. Though the ones on the Jeep are working so they would see those. The one good thing, today's turn into Palm Canyon Road is left.

When he returned I took the Jeep and drove ahead to Palm Canyon Road to check if the site was still open and as luck would have it, it was. Called Tom and he said he was on his way.

Looking back at the Stinger "B" as I left to hopefully find
our next parking space.

I think they were waving goodbye.

One more look back and I am off.

The Stinger "B" has finally made it to Palm Canyon Road.



and she is on the road to our new neighborhood for a couple of days.

This is the view we came for.
There will probably be more pictures of it.

Another of our views sitting out on our patio.

Not a bad view for Happy Hour.

As the sun dipped down the shadows extended across the desert floor.

Another of our views, this one standing behind the Stinger "B".

Another wonderful sunset.

Our time in the desert has been a little dusty.

Our home with the last of the sun's rays shining on it.

The sun has set on what has been a good day.

It is always bitter sweet when we leave LaPosa South each year. 
We know there are new adventures ahead and are excited to move down the road. 
Yet we will miss the quiet and beauty that is this place in the desert.
We take with us lots of wonderful memories that we will cherish forever.

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  1. Glad to see you two finally made it. I loved that pastel sunset on the 5th with rays coming through the brush.

    Glad the tire was okay and hope your hike went fine. Pretty tough climb to the palm trees but worth it.

    1. So are we...:) Just wish the site you vacated would have been open but across the road is a pretty good second choice.
      The hike actually went well and you are right it is worth it.

  2. A wise decision to spend an extra night close to the tire repair shop......just in case.
    Looks like a wonderful spot you chose on Palm Canyon Road. Enjoy and be safe!

    1. We agree and in the end it all was okay which was the best part. We enjoy staying at Roadrunner so it was a nice evening.
      Not a bad spot out here at all.

  3. Phew! Glad to hear the tire was fine and at least around the Q there are lots of blm places to stopover when necessary.
    I hope the hike went well.

    1. When Tom said it looked like we might have slow leak I was slightly upset and the front tires are the newest ones. But all is well that ends well...:)
      The hike actually went really well, you and Bill will love it.