Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We Have Moved to Borrego Springs, CA

February 16, 2018

On Friday we decided it was time to move on. This spot, even though we could see Ogilby Road and hear the trains, was a peaceful place to spend some time. As always we are sad to be leaving while at the same time looking forward to our next adventure just down the road.

The sunrise was behind the clouds this morning and the sun was a ways
up in the sky before it made its appearance.

The clouds did eventually open up and leave the blue of sky show through.

The clouds formed a line of lace scallops across the sky.

Soon with one last look it was time to leave.

Then we were out on Ogilby Road to hook the Jeep up to the Stinger "B".

After I did my part inside the Jeep I took a walk up to this monument, on
the side of the road, to check out what it said.

Some history about the area.
Clicking on the pictures will open them larger.

As I turned to walk back I could see Tom talking to a someone. It was their
first time boondocking in the area and had stopped to ask some questions.
 He was wondering where we had been parked, and would he be able to turn
around in the spot. After giving directions Tom  also mentioned the soft sand.
Patsy and Bill, they were pulling a very familiar looking 5th wheel.

One last picture of our view of the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.

Tom could see he had pulled in one area short of where we had been parked.
This actually was the spot we had spent one night in last year.

After we finished our checklist and started to pull away
I could see they were parked in the spot we had vacated.
It was a nice feeling to pull away knowing another couple would be
enjoy the views and peacefulness of that wonderful space.

As we headed North, I believe that is the Chocolate Mountains,
we could see in the distance.

Turning onto California 78, not sure why but this gentleman was very
interested in this sign,

we could see the he well remembered "Dips" ahead of us.

Once you have driven this section it is hard to forget the roller coaster ride.

Not much farther and the GFOC Mine is ahead of us.

Then around the corner and the Imperial Dunes can be seen on the horizon.

Getting closer.

A busy place.

Going past the West side it is just as busy.

We passed quite a few of these small toy haulers today as we continued
west past the dunes.

Then there were green fields

and lots of sheep.

We spotted irrigation systems,

 irrigation canals,

along with this large reservoir.

A Border Patrol Checkpoint is ahead of us.

One line slowly making its way to the checkpoint
way up there.

We passed the "sniff test" and were waved through.

Turning we continued on 78 towards today's goal.

A wonderful view to be riding towards.

I have spotted Ocotillo.

Our turn, Borrego Springs Rd is just ahead.

The Texas Dip and the Stinger "B" took it with ease.

Leaving the American Legion after using their dump station
and filling our fresh water tank. Plus, our garbage had
been disposed of. Yes, the front window is dirty again.

We had seriously thought about parking here for a couple of nights but when we pulled in the place was full. While Tom was having "fun" at the dump station another couple came up to talk to us. They asked if we were going to be staying actually they said they hoped we were staying. They said when they got there earlier in the week they had the place to themselves but then this group showed up and it is all men, no couples. We chatted a while and it would have been nice to park by them but there was no way the Stinger "B" was going to fit. In fact, when Tom went in to pay to use the facilities the post's commander said he hoped we were not looking for a parking place as they were full.  (There was a large group parked in the area all wearing red t-shirts with some sort of logo on them. When one stopped I did ask what was going on and he explained that they were a rescue group. Basically a group of veterans that visit different American Legion posts to make sure they have the funds and means to keep going each year. Plus, they help out at different National Monuments and they do this all with their own funds. What a wonderful group this is.)

The Santa Rosa Mountains, our destination is just off to the
right out of the picture. 

One last stop to unhook the Jeep before we ride down Rockhouse Canyon Rd.

February 17, 2018

We are parked out on Rockhouse Canyon Rd. The middle picture is the view of the Santa Rosa Mountains that we are here for. The two top views are the bonus.

The bottom pictures are our neighbors. The group on our right is a square of four Class C Motor homes, three of which are rentals, they arrived after dark on Friday. Getting the motor homes parked and their area set up was a loud project, lots of parking directions, and I am sure doing it in the dark did not help. Once they were set up they entertained our area with music until 11 o'clock.  They are a lively group and there are at least twelve kids of various ages riding bikes, playing games, running around, and generally being kids but not overly noisy. The adults on the other hand believe we all want to hear their music pretty much all day and into the evening. We understand that they are enjoying the weekend and will be gone come Monday so having them close by is not an issue. In someways it has been entertaining and besides most of what they are playing is music we recognize. (They where gone Monday morning.)

Our neighbors on the left are not going any where soon and have two big dogs. Dogs that we have only seen out a couple of times. Mostly they are inside the trailer, you can see in the picture, and do like to bark on and off during the day. Especially when left alone which seems to be most of the time. At least it is not constant barking which would get annoying. Mostly we feel sorry for the dogs.

We thought about moving but we like our spot and are enjoying our views. So for right now we are happy where we are at.

February 18, 2018

It is Sunday and I have no pictures. I did not get up in time for the sunrise and we had a call from our daughter and missed the sunset. This morning as we drank our coffee out on our patio enjoying the view it was actually quiet and the sun was wonderfully warm.  I again sat out and read in the lovely warm afternoon sun. Tom, the good guy he is, went by himself to get some of our laundry done.

As the day progressed so did the wind and every once and awhile the Stinger "B" did some rocking. The next couple of days will be getting cooler and windier but it looks like we will be under sunny skies so no complaints here. We want to take a couple of rides and do some hiking so cooler temperatures will actually make the experience more fun.

That was our Sunday. I could say nothing really special happened. 
Yet, any day you get to spend living your dream is pretty special.

As much as you can.
As far as you can.
As long as you can.

Life's not meant to be lived in one place.

We are enjoying our time parked out in the desert by Borrego Springs, CA. 
As we drank our morning coffee we were looking at the Santa Rosa Mountains
and wonderful blue skies with the occasional white fluffy cloud floating by.
Not a bad way to spend a morning. Hope you enjoyed yours.
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Hoping you are warmer on Rockhouse Canyon Road then we are.
    Continue having great adventures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thankfully the wind has died down but it is a chilly here. The good news is the sun is shining which is great.

  2. Love that roller coaster ride through the dunes we have done many times.
    Presidents Day Weekend is always busy time in those remote areas always party time. A few more rigs here for the weekend than usual but otherwise quiet.
    Enjoy Borrego Spings a favourite spot of ours that we sadly not get to this year.

    1. It is a fun ride through the dunes.
      We expected the "weekend warriors" so we were not surprised and remembering those days in our past we smiled at the thought. Plus, though they were loud at times they were not what we would call rowdy.
      We will give it our best effort to enjoy this spot...:)

  3. The pictures are wonderful again Deb! Nice that you found a place that you like,even with the neighbors. I don't know why some people think everyone wants to hear their music, maybe they don't realize that the sound carries. But good it wasn't rap music or something else. That's so nice that the one couple wanted you to stay, you probably would have enjoyed happy hour with them if it would have worked out. Enjoy your time,it looks really nice. 6 degrees here in Yerington this am..brrr..:)

    1. Thank you, Shirley.
      We are loving our spot and as we knew they would be they were gone on Monday. They seemed to be having so much fun we could not be upset about the Thank goodness it was not rap!
      If there would have been a place to park we would have stayed and I am sure we would have had a great couple of Happy Hours.
      Six degrees sounds...very cold!

  4. We loved Borrego Springs. So much to see and do there. We parked on the other side of the road a bit further down on the corner. We had some pretty good views as well but not as close up as you have.

    The roller coaster ride is an experience. We enjoyed our quick view of the dunes as headed on past with out stopping either.

    Glad you arrived safely, enjoy your time there.

    1. That area is where we stopped and unhooked the Jeep. The advantage we have when looking for a spot is being able to search with just the Jeep. The views from there are pretty fantastic, also.

      It is beautiful riding through the dunes but not a place we would probably ever stop. To busy.

  5. Glad you made it. Surprised that the Legion was packed. Empty when I was there. I guess they have their groups like everywhere else.

    Looks like you have a great site with lots of great views. Hope you enjoy your time there. I certainly did.

    1. Thanks, we were surprised it was packed, also, but what a wonderful group to be taking up the space.

      We are loving our spot and will do our best to enjoy our time...:)

  6. Nice that you are settled in Borrego Springs. That Texas dip picture is very cool! Look at all those sheep!
    Enjoy your time there, you know we loved the spot we had when there.

    1. There are rigs in both spots I hope they are enjoying them as much as we did. This years spot is pretty great. If only the owners cared about their dogs.

      I could not believe all the sheep.

  7. I just hate it when people move in next to you and make a big racket. It makes me want to play really loud music about 4:30 AM!!! Hopefully they are gone and it warms up a tad.

    1. Playing music at 4:30 AM is a temptation or turning on the They actually left earlier then we thought they would Monday morning.