Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Mountains, the Clouds, the Sunset

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February 21, 2018

Waking up this morning with no real plan in place we slowly started moving and enjoyed the morning and our coffee. We thought of taking a ride out to Fonts Point but then we could feel the wind picking up and see the clouds coming in and decided to wait for a sunny day. Our second thought was we could get the wash done but our priority after Tom checked our tanks was to go and get water. So we headed out with the American Legion as our destination and after we accomplished that we would take care of the wash. We had a plan, sort of. The one thing nice about this lifestyle is we can just let most days unfold as they will.

Wonderful dark shadows on the Sana Rosa Mountains out our front window.

Dark clouds moving in over the mountains as we head into Borrego Springs.

I mentioned that after looking through my pictures last night I  would
like to retake the one of Spanish Padre so we turned to head that way.
The shadows on the Santa Rosa's from a different angle.

A Diamond Cholla

Dark clouds, dark mountains and a little spot of light in the middle.

American Legion Post 853 in Borrego Springs
Were we filled our water bladder today. Thank you!

Stopping to capture a small blue hole in the clouds.

The scene kept constantly changing.

We turned our heads and there were the sun's rays
shining beautifully down on the mountains. 

I just kept taking pictures as Tom drove us home.

Standing next to the Stinger "B" looking west.

The light continuously moves on the mountains,
in our view, as the sun slowly descends. 

We are in the shadows.
While in the distance the sun still lights up the land.
I love to stand and watch as the light moves across the desert and the mountains.

The sun's light reaching out through the clouds.

Then the sunlight reached out from between the clouds.

We could see a hint of pink here and there as the sun left us.

Slipping behind the mountains its light quickly leaving us.

Then a touch of color before total darkness descends.

The wash, it will wait for another day.

"Slow down and enjoy everyday.
Life goes by way too fast."

Some days are just meant to be quiet enjoyable days. Today was such a day.
Hope your day was one to be enjoyed.
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  1. The beauty of this lifestyle is to do what we want, when we want and go where the wind blows us.
    Keep enjoying that amazing scenery.

  2. Love the way you love the desert and your feelings that come across. The pictures are beautiful! The mountains and the shadows are something else. Sounds like a lovely day for the two of you :)

  3. Amazing pictures although the subject of the pictures makes it hard to take a bad one, don't you think? It's what I find at least.

    It's the nice thing about this lifestyle, you can change plans easily and often without it being an issue. I think you had an amazing day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank you, Deb. You are right the subjects we have to work with does make taking a good picture easier. Though I do use the delete button
      We did have a wonderful day.

  4. Neat pictures. You have a talent for seeing the shots.

    I saw an angry wolf peeking over the mountain in the one with the little blue hole. On the left.

    1. Thank you, Doug.
      It is amazing what we can see in the clouds.

  5. Your pictures are lovely, you are certainly putting that camera to work!
    Nothing better than saying 'I don't feel like doing that today, there is always tomorrow!'
    Enjoy your choices and decisions every day!

    1. Thank you, Patsy and I am having fun with the camera. Some days to much and then I have to spend time going through all the pictures...:)
      The nice thing about this lifestyle there is always tomorrow.