Monday, February 5, 2018

Taking a Jeep Ride With Friends at Dome Rock (The Blog has made it to February)

February 1, 2018

We were up this morning just in time to see the sun come up over the mountains. I am playing/trying different things with my camera. I used an "Effects" on  the camera called, Super Vivid to take the sunrise and sunset photos today.

Can still see the roof of the Big Tent in the distance.

Tom and I had talked about taking a Jeep ride down a road over at Dome Rock BLM to see what was back there. I contacted Suzie and George to see if they would like to join us and I am happy to say they said, yes. We picked them up at around 10:00AM and took a ride to do some exploring.

We can see Dome Rock in the distance.

We are on our way.

It is hard to believe sometime just how much beauty there is in the desert.

Tom and George checking out the road ahead.

We were talking today and are going to check at the BLM office in
Yuma to see if we can get some maps that have these roads on them.
We do have one we purchased at the office where you check in for the
LaPosa South LTVA but it only covers a certain area. It would be nice to
know where, for instance, this road goes before we go down it.

Tom and George making another decision as to which road we should take.
 It looked like the one they decided against went
 into and back up a steep wash. Good choice guys.

Suzie spotted what looked like a cave. It looked like someone has
been doing some digging up there.

The greens  and different shades of brown all added
to the beauty that surrounded us.

Always love how the shadows add to the beauty.

We have come to a dead end. Tom, George, and Suzie checking out
a bunch of bullet casings on the ground.

Staghorn Cholla

We never get tired of views like this

or this

or this.

Suzie and George at the spot we turned around and headed back.
Can I just say they both have great smiles.

Off in the distance we could see some very black smoke.
Looked like something burning on I-10.

After dropping them back home, and a few hugs along with a see you down the road, we headed back into Quartzsite to run a couple errands before heading home to have lunch. Thank you for joining us today, Suzie and George it was fun.

Another peaceful day comes to an end.

This day was filled with good moments and we hope yours was too.
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  1. Your Jeep ride reminded us of our stay on Dome Rock Road last winter. That was where we hiked to and climbed Dome Rock. Also the day we found out we were being followed by a Cougar.
    That is quite the effect those pictures have. Very vivid.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I remember when you posted about the Cougar.
      The effect's button on the camera is fun and yes, vivid is vivid.

  2. Wow great post Deb! Pics are incredible! I agree with what you say about George and Suzies smiles:) Now with Ricks comment..that's one other reason not to hole in the desert! 😦

    1. Thanks, Shirley.
      That is why next time you and Ken will have to take a Jeep ride with us. No snakes or Cougars in the Jeep...:)

  3. Thanks guys for the jeep right it was fun, places we would not take our car.
    Love your pictures and borrow the one you took of us.

    1. We are glad you enjoyed it, I know we did.
      You both had such great smiles; I am glad you liked it.

  4. We love to follow the hood ornament on the Jeep once in a while. You never know where it will take you. You feel like such an explorer travelling those trails.

    1. It is fun to see where the road will lead you. Though, after some of the spots we got ourselves into last year, this year we check ahead better...:)

  5. I'm glad you got George and Suzie into a Jeep ride. That is a good idea to get a map. I need to do that. Makes life easier.

    Lovely sunset. Have fun.

    1. We keep saying it would be nice to know where the roads go. Though even with the map we have we still got ourselves down a few washes we should have turned around at...:)

  6. Good job getting George and Suzie out! I'm sure they enjoyed it very much, as we did.
    Your pictures are lovely, even the Staghorn cholla makes a commanding picture.

    1. I love that you had a book that identified the Staghorn and I finally know what it is...:) We were glad they decided to come and it was fun.

  7. Excellent day. George and Suzie always look happy.

    Interesting picture with the super vivid setting.

    Some very nice pictures today Deb.