Friday, February 2, 2018

(January Catch up, 1 of 3) Driving to Parker for Mass and Shopping

January 28, 2018, Sunday

Today we were up and out the door by 7:15AM to make 8 o'clock Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Parker, AZ. It is a nice early morning ride, very little traffic, and the sun comes up behind us lighting our way as we go.

Shirley and Ken's, Seeing America with Ken and Shirley,
home on wheels in the early morning light.
They are hooked up and ready to head out today.
We could see a light in the back window as we drove by.
We are only guessing, of course, but our guess is they were enjoying
a relaxing  morning coffee before they headed out for their next adventure. 

On 95 we can see the first of the sun's rays hitting the mountains
in front of us.

I turned and between utility poles caught the sun making
 its appearance over the mountains.

Love how the early morning light creates shadows in the mountains.

We have turned left and are now chasing our shadow.

Never get tired of the views on this ride.

After mass, along with several other people we recognized from church, we
headed over to the Crossroads Cafe for breakfast. This is our second time here
and it will be our go to place for Sunday breakfast whenever in Parker.
The food is delicious and the service is excellent.

After breakfast we headed over to Walmart and then Safeway to pick up some needed groceries before heading back to LaPosa South and home.

The "plan" for today, once we got back, was to just relax and enjoy Happy Hour with our friends and we did just that. Though we did miss Shirley and Ken.

Today, like so many of our days, was a good day and we enjoyed it.
We hope as you look back you realize you enjoyed the day, also.
If you leave a comment we will enjoy hearing from you.


  1. Looks like you just finished posting when we arrived. Thank You for the wonderful visit and if we don't see you again tomorrow we'll see you down the road.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I had posted this one a little earlier but I had just shut down the computer I had been working on my other "catch ups"...:)
      Glad you and Kathy came by yesterday it certainly was nice being able to sit down and do some catching up.

  2. That's a great picture of our truck and little trailer. Love the pink hue behind it :) I never tire of the beauty all around this area. Especially here in Quartzsite. Nice spending a couple of hours with you two yesterday, seems the conversation just flows :) Your pictures are wonderful!

    1. Glad you liked the picture of your truck and little trailer it looks so peaceful sitting there; I just had to snap a picture.
      It is always nice visiting with you and Ken, you are right the conversation does seem to just flow. Welcome to the neighborhood...:)

  3. It's nice to see others enjoy the desert as much as I do.

    1. We do enjoy the desert. It keeps pulling us back year after year.