Sunday, February 4, 2018

(One More January Catch up, 3 of 3) Sunrise, Sunset and a Special "Catch Up"

January 30, 2018

I was up this morning in time to catch the color before the sun rose above the mountains. The clouds put on a wonderful show.

 I could see Patsy was out taking pictures of the color at the same time.

Patsy and Bill's flags from our side waving in the morning breeze with
some of the wonderful pink clouds in the background.

With my phone I captured the sun coming up over the mountains.

The sunset using the vivid effect.

Our neighborhood under the clouds as the light slowly slips away.

More of the evening's clouds. Do you see it?

The disadvantage of playing "catch up" is I do not always remember everything we did. I do
know we enjoyed our last Happy Hour, for this year, here at La Posa South with Suzie, George,
Patsy, and Bill.

From the left: George, Suzie, Patsy, Bill, Myself, and Tom
Thank you Patsy for bringing out your cute tripod
and getting us all in the picture.


One last important January "Catch UP".

Happy 3rd Birthday Nathaniel!

He was having so much fun splashing in
the puddles. With all the rain this past
summer we had a lot of puddles.

Nathaniel is our daughter's middle child and her only boy. A typical little boy he hardly ever sits still and the picture above is a picture of pure joy. He turned 3 on January 17th and when he gets on the phone and says Hi, Nana and Papa it melts our hearts. We love you forever and always!


  1. You took some beautiful sunset photos. I miss those.
    You captured the important stuff from that day. :)

  2. Did you know that Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday? That is the problem with trying to catch up. You would have to glue yourself to your chair to get totally caught up and then you would miss the Here and Now.
    Beautiful Pictures as always.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. That is true and I do never want to miss the present moment...:)
      Thank you.

  3. Great pictures.
    You remembered the most important events to you. That's what matters!

  4. Beautiful pictures once again! Happy Birthday Nathaniel...what a cutie :)

    1. Thank you, Shirley. We may be just slightly prejudice but we agree, he is a cutie...:)

  5. Nice to see that you are catching up, we enjoyed our Happy Hours there with you guys always fun. Keep on enjoying your travels.

    1. We will always have good memories of our time spent parked out here parked by you guys and the Happy Hours.

  6. Pretty hard not to enjoy the gorgeous skies in the desert.