Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Lazy Day, A Trip to Mexico, and Julian for Apple Pie

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(A Catch up post)

February 23, 2018

Today was a day we had nothing special planned. By the time I got up and looked out the window the sun was up but caught between two clouds. So this is my sun in the morning sky photo.

Love how the clouds make shadows on the mountains as they float by.

Tonight's sunset.

Every once and awhile I just have to turn the camera dial to effects.
This is Super Vivid.

This is Photo Illustration.

So this was our quiet day, well except for the dogs barking next door. Even though we know it is not their fault it is now starting to get somewhat annoying. We cannot hear them when we are indoors but the minute we step outside we can. It is not constant but still annoying. We knew at the time we would be gone most of Saturday and Sunday so the decision we made was to move  when we take the Stinger "B" to have her tanks dumped. We love where we are parked but it is time to move on.

February 24, 2018

Today we were up before the sun, in the Jeep, and on our way by 6:30AM. Today's destination Los Algodones to have our teeth cleaned at Dr. Eva Urena's office.

The sun was just peeking above the horizon as we backed out to start our journey.

Heading East on S22, the Salton Borrego Seaway, the sun is just coming
up over the mountains.

We have turned onto 86 and it is always nice to see fields of green.

Looks like hay was recently cut here.

On I-8 there is construction.
I know it is a blurry picture but it is Saturday and they are working!
Many times, as we have gone through signed constructions zones, we never
see a worker in sight during the week. Let alone Saturday.

Dr. Eva Urena's office is on the
first floor over on the right in the corner.

By the time we were ready to leave there was a line. But even though it
was sunny the temperatures were chilly so it was not a bad wait. 

Going by the Imperial Sand Dunes on I-8 on our way back.

After we left Mexico we drove over to Yuma to have lunch at Five Guys and to fill the Jeep with gas. Then we stopped in Felicity to pick up four more of the children's book, COE the Good Dragon at the Center of the World. When we were there last week I wanted to purchase six of them for our little grandchildren but Tom thought one for each family was enough. I knew we would be back. We had another opportunity to chat with Felicia Lee Istel who the city of Felicity is named after which made it a nice stop.

February 25, 2018

Today we are up again before the sun rises. We are heading to Julian this morning to purchase Apple Pie. Plus, the ride through the mountains will be beautiful.

The sun was almost up over the horizon when I opened the curtain.

Heading towards Borrego Springs, and our turn for Julian,
this is a view we never get tired of seeing.
Even with the utility poles and wires.

The palm trees,

the Ocotillo ,

the mountains all add to the feast for the eyes.

The sky is a wonderful blue above the mountains.

A head we can see what looks like snow on the mountain top.

I think this was my favorite view this morning

and it opened up to this.

We saw strange wiggle worm signs

and normal wiggle worm signs. Lots of them.

Which is possibly why we have seen this sign on 78.

The views as you drive west on 78 really are wonderful and just keep coming.

By the time we reached Julian and the Pie Company the
temperatures had dropped to about 44 degrees.
This by the way is Tom's favorite view.

Side note: when we got out of the Jeep here we saw a Mom putting snow pants on her daughter.  Then on the way out, after buying our pie, we realized there was about a 4 foot square area around a tree with about a half inch of snow she was getting her ready to play in. I had to chuckle and if you are from the frozen north I know you just did, too.

Sitting in the parking lot across from St. Elizabeth of Hungry
Catholic Church we could see patches of snow on the  hill across the way.

Inside this small church where we attended Sunday Mass
it was quite beautiful.

We could not remember the last time
we had seen a pay phone.

You have to love a gift shop that is honest.

Lunch at the Miner's Diner. 

Heading back down the mountain.

Yes, there was a little bit of snow along the edge of the road.

The temperature has jumped up 10 degrees, we have turned onto
San Felipe Road, and we can see clearly that this is snow on the mountain.

A trip up to Julian and back down through Ranchita would not be
complete without a picture of Bigfoot.

Back in the State Park that surrounds Borrego Springs. 

We are headed down S-22 to Borrego Springs Valley

The views are spectacular.

In our opinion this is the best one.

Not sure what keeps those rocks up there
but whatever it is hope it keeps working.

Looking down Palm Canyon Drive on a Sunday in Borrego Springs, CA

We arrived back at Rockhouse Canyon Road and decided it was time to dump our tanks and take on fresh water. The decision was made at this point to pack up everything and move over to the American Legion where we would be taking care of business. We will miss this spot.

One last picture of the Santa Rosa Mountains through our front window.

Tom has turned the Stinger "B" around and we are headed out.
Goodbye, beautiful view.

"No matter what happens,
enjoy life..."

We enjoyed out time parked out on Rockhouse Canyon Road, though, warmer temperatures 
and less wind would have been nice. Still the views are so wonderful we are sure 
we will be back at some point in the future.

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  1. Nice to get caught up again, and get things done. Always enjoy the drive to Julian and the views.

    1. Well, I am almost caught up...:) but I have accepted that with the blog that will be an ongoing quest. The drive to Julian is beautiful.

  2. What a beautiful drive up the mountain. Got snow here too. The mountains were covered with white!! Apple pie ..... YUM!!

    1. It is a beautiful drive and the pie was...yum. In fact, do not judge us, we just had the last two pieces for breakfast...:)

  3. What a great catch up..The drive to Julian is beautiful and everyone's pictures are just a bit different...nice! Looks like a beautiful day you had for it! We love your shadows on the mountains pictures! Too bad those dogs weren't told to be quiet, that can get really annoying. Enjoy your time at the Legion

    1. Thanks, as I mentioned in my reply to George I am always playing catch up and I have accepted We did have a beautifully sunny day for the ride.
      The people who owned the dogs were hardly ever there, at least that was the case the 9 days we were parked, and the dogs spent the day closed in a trailer which was just sad. Someone would come and let them out a couple of times a day but that was it. We think they may have been working close by.

  4. Looks like some fun packed days. Glad you got those days to your blog before they are forgotten.

    Dolly and I saw snow on the side of the road one year. Not this year for me. Way too warm.

    Too bad you had to leave a nice site because of barking dogs. Owners need to control that I think. Enjoy the Legion. Hope your cell reception is okay.

    1. I know I have three more catch ups to do before the memory goes...:)

      A little snow on the side of the road is all we ever want to see from now on.

      The Legion was nice and quiet. The cell reception was a little slow but we have experienced worse. Took lots of patience to download

  5. I hope you enjoy the Legion with hopefully less barking dogs. It becomes annoying quickly doesn't it?

    Glad you made the trip up the mountain. What fantastic pictures you have here. Such a beautiful drive. We too had lunch at the Miner's Diner.

    The snow is pretty but I can do without it. Too funny about the ski pants though.

    Keep on enjoying the area. It's a wonderful place to rest.

    1. The Legion was very quiet and we enjoyed our stay.
      Once Tom tasted the pie last year there is no way we would be in this area and not take the ride besides like you said it is a beautiful drive. Okay, I think the pie is pretty good, the drive is what I love.

  6. We enjoyed that drive up the mountain and the pie is so yummy!
    Nice to see you got your teeth cleaned with Dr. Urena, hope it was a good experience for you. We like her.
    Barking dogs are annoying but you're right, it isn't their fault. Should be quiet at the Legion.
    Enjoy your stay!

    1. The ride is great and the pie yummy...a
      We did like her and we both need some work done...:( but it was a good experience.
      It was quiet at the Legion and we did enjoy our stay.