Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Last Day Near Palm Canyon, "Enjoying the Moments"

February 8, 2018

We got up this morning after the sunrise. Tom made and served our coffee and I said lets not do anything but relax today. That did not totally happen, Tom washed some of the dirt and dust off of the Stinger "B" and the Jeep. Yet, for the most part, it was just one of those special days to be enjoyed and  just be here in this wonderful place. A day to enjoy the blue sky and the every changing colors of the desert floor and plants. While at the same time being able to see the ruggedness of the Kofa Mountains to the East of us, I believe the Hidden Valley Hills to the South, plus the Chocolate Mountains are off to the Southwest, and the Trigo Mountains way off in the West. (I know from looking at the Arizona Benchmark these are the mountains surrounding us.)
I did a few things inside and then decided to take a little walk around our neighborhood to see what I could see.  Below are some of the pictures from the walk.

I am thinking this one may be a teenager.

It looked to me like a bird was taking flight off
of the branch on the left.

One good thing about looking down a lot when I am walking is sometimes I see things that are interesting. Well at least to me they are interesting. Today's find were several pieces of weathered wood that my imagination helped my eyes see something in. (Clicking on the pictures will open them larger in a new window.) I did not touch or move any of them I snapped their picture as I saw them, hoping someone else will see them, and enjoy seeing what I did. One last note, I have decided not to put a title on the pictures but let anyone looking at them decide if they see something and what.  Some days it is just weathered wood yet beautiful in its own way.

When I was finished with my walk I attached my zoom lens  to see what I could see in the distance.

Wonderfully stately Saguaros.

I love this view even with A-95 and the electrical wires in it.

A whole field of Saguaros.

This was my second favorite view as I sat out on our patio.

Have I mentioned the sky is blue?
Sitting, relaxing, and looking straight up.

Well it is.

Not a bad patio view to look out at while enjoying Happy Hour.

As the sun starts to set it lights up the plants on the floor of the
desert and they seem to glow.

The sun sets slowly in a golden/orange glow.

This is my favorite view, especially with the last of the sun's light on it.
We can see the entrance to Palm Canyon in the shadows from our site.

We enjoyed the colors of tonight's sunset.

Someone left a few pieces of wood behind so Tom built us a small fire.
There was a slight breeze which kept the flames at an angle.
It was a nice way to end our time in this spot.
Tom did not burn the last two pieces of wood. 
He decided, we should leave them for the next people who enjoy this spot.
I love that thought.

We enjoyed out time parked out near Palm Canyon. It was peaceful and quiet.
If you would like to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you. We do read them all.


  1. What a wonderful area that you can enjoy the wide open spaces. love you amazing pictures too !

    1. It was a wonderful place to be parked for a couple days. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Looks awfully familiar.😊. Glad you enjoyed your stay there. I know I did.

    I saw snakes and lizards and even a walking stick. When I first saw the fire it looked like sparkling gems.

    Save travels.

    1. I am sure it did look familiar :). Only wish we would have had the site across the road, you had the better site, but it was taken when we got there.
      I thought the same thing about the fire when I looked at the pictures. I knew I would want to do a collage so I took those with my phone.

  3. Amazing pictures Deb. I seen a running horse, a serpent, a roadrunner and some flowers. The views are stunning and I agree the desert sun sliding down in the sky seems to set the foliage to glowing.

    It sounds like a visit will be in order for us on another trip. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the wonderful views.

    1. Thank you, Deb. I love how you saw some of the same things and some completely different things.

      If you would decide to visit the area I am sure you and Riley would like it out there it was very peaceful.

  4. What a beautiful area Deb. Great pictures and I love the way you express yourself. Love the sunset! I agree I love the fact the Tom didn't burn the last two pieces of wood and left them for someone else to enjoy :)

    1. It was beautiful and very peaceful even with 95 in the distance.
      When I asked him why he was not putting the last two pieces on the fire and he said that I loved it. The man has his moments...:)

  5. Just catching up here and it looks like you are too.
    Nice pictures from Palm Canyon. The fire pics are beautiful!

    1. Yes, I am playing catch up as usual. Though, ever once and awhile I amaze myself and I am blogging in real time...LOL
      I took the fire pictures with my phone and was so surprised when I looked at them.