Wednesday, February 14, 2018

We Moved to More Expensive Digs, Arizona Market, Valentine's Day Dance, Spending Time with Friends

(Now back to our regularly scheduled catch up)
February 9, 2018

We were up with the sun this morning. It is moving day and as always I want to capture our last sunrise in our spot. We are not going that far today but still want to get and early enough start and Tom wants to be at the From the Farm Yuma - Grill in time for lunch; he is looking forward to his date shake.

The sun is just peeking up over the Kofa Mountains.

The shadows are reaching out across the desert.

Out on the road one last look at our parking place.

The Stinger "B" is about to turn onto Palm Canyon Road.

We stopped at a parking area just before turning onto 95 to see if
we could hook up the Jeep. It was not level enough so back to Plan A.
I know they are utility poles but I like how they march off into the distance.

A lovely decision either way.
Today it is Yuma, friends, and three free days at a RV park.

I am stopped in the parking area in front of the Stone Cabin waiting for Tom
and the Stinger "B" this is where, Plan A, we would hook up the Jeep.
The first picture of my views had to be the Ocotillo across 95.

There was no one in the parking area when I pulled in.
Then this guy came in and parked right smack in the middle of the area
making it hard for anyone else to park let alone drive through.

Some of our views as we headed south on 95 today. We always seem to see a lot of RV's along this route. We are a society on the move and it is nice to be able to take our home along.
(Most of the following pictures are through the front windshield and it is not clean.)

Driving by the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds  and the
Imperial Dam LTVA.

Workers out in the field.

In the back of this photo is the Historical McPhaul Bridge.

Around the corner and there is the place we are looking for.
From the Farm Yuma-Grill
Tom got his date shake with a hot dog. I enjoyed two of there
From the Farm tacos.

There was so much dust we could not see his tail lights.
The hope was he did not have a blinker on to pull out in front of us.
He did not.

A very nice detour through this subdivision as they are working on the
North Access Road which would bring us to Fortuna De Oro RV Park.
These were very nice homes and I wondered how much they were enjoying
the traffic through their neighborhood.

No pictures of the RV Park as we pulled up. (Though I did take a couple on our last morning which I will publish in the next post.) Our first impression was this is a very large park. The woman at the front desk, that we talked to, was very welcoming. Considering we were there on a free three day coupon I was impressed. When we made the reservations they had assigned us a site number and since Patsy had sent me a text with the number of the site they were in we asked about the possibility of parking closer. There were two possibilities near them but she thought we would be to long to fit in either of them. Just the same she did arrange for us to take a ride and look at them and the site we were assigned so we could decide for ourselves.. Sorry to say she was right we would not have gotten into either one. The nice part was while we looked at the sites the guide also gave us a quick tour of the park. Back at the front desk we registered to park in the original site we had been assigned.

After we got parked I took off to take care of getting some very important cards mailed out and make a quick stop at Fry's for a few groceries. While I did that Tom, hooked us up, got our patio area set up along with pushing out the slides.

Not long after I got back we had a nice surprise visit from Patsy, Chillin' with Patsy, Bill, On Our Way, and Clemson who were out walking and stopped by for a short visit to say hello. Since, we knew Bill was having some work done on his teeth in Los Algodones today we did not expect to see them until Saturday so it really was a nice surprise.

February 10, 2012

Saturday we were up and moving early so we could have our coffee before we took off to visit the Arizona Market Place. With it being Saturday we wanted to get there just as they opened so we would be able to get a good parking space. Which we did. We had mentioned to Patsy and Bill about coming along but they declined. Something about having left enough of their money at this place for this year. After one visit we see the problem as we left enough of our money their for this year, also.
We did find a larger patio rug that we liked and a couple of other things we hope the grandkids will like. So it was a successful shopping spree.

Earlier I had heard from Patsy about getting together for Happy Hour which we totally agreed to. Then she texted about a Valentine's Day Dance they were having at the park that they had decided to attend and would we like to join them. After talking it over with Tom I let her know we were in. We road over to their Suite for Happy Hour and spent time catching up. We agreed to meet at the hall around 6:30.

When we got there Patsy and Bill already had a table picked out and after paying our $5.00 per person entry fee we joined them. You could either BYO or they had a cash bar available. Except for Tom, there is always one in every crowd, we had all brought our own adult beverages. When we found out drinks were only $2.00 each we could have easily skipped the cooler.

It was a fun evening and it was soon apparent Tom had competition for once when the three of them starting naming who originally recorded the song we were listening to. For some reason, though I remember the songs and most of the words to them, I can hardly ever remember the artist who first recorded them.

Patsy and Bill

Tom and I

Patsy and Bill under the heart enjoying a dance.

Later the gentleman at the next table took a picture of the four of us for Patsy.
A nice memory of a wonderful evening spent with friends.

February 11, 2018

Sunday morning we went to Mass at St. John Neumann Roman Catholic Church. What a beautiful church. Afterwards we stopped for breakfast at the Foothills Eatery and Spirits. We were headed for the Kountry Kitchen Cafe but when we drove by the Foothills Eatery and Spirits there were so many cars in the parking area we decided it was probably the place to go and it was. The service was fast, friendly, and efficient and most importantly the food was good. Sometimes you get lucky.

Even the choir loft, upper right, looked beautiful.

These small niches were on either side of the altar.
The depiction of the Holy Family was beautifully joyful.
Many of the churches down here have pictures of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
the patron saint of Mexico, but this is the first time I have seen the addition
of Juan Diego. Whom she appeared to on December 9, 1531.

Last Happy Hour with our friends for this adventure.
From the left: Patsy, Bill, Tom and my chair.

We enjoyed these three days at this beautiful park. 
It was especially nice to have the opportunity to spend a couple of
more days, this year, with our friends, Patsy and Bill. 
With some final hugs we all mentioned looking forward  to the next time.
Tomorrow, which was Monday, they were heading east and we were heading west
all of us on to our next adventure. Taking memories with us.

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  1. We enjoyed our time at Fortuna de Oro as well and having a couple more Happy Hours and a dance with you guys was a bonus! We would go back, we think, it was a very nice park.
    Safe travels!

    1. It was a nice park not sure if we would go back but then you never know. I have learned to never say never. The best part was getting to spend a couple of more Happy Hours and the Dance together!

  2. Nice that your got your 3 days free camping in there. we did that park last year. And the happy hours and dance with Bill and Patsy.This year we are next door at Sundance a much smaller park but we are enjoying it for free. Looks like we just missed you guys. Got here on the 13th. Take care and travel safe where ever you end up.

    1. It was wonderful to spend the three free days there and having the time to visit with Patsy and Bill was a special bonus. Plus, having full hookups was very nice. Enjoy your time at Sundance.

  3. Beautiful pictures.

    Always nice to spend time with friends. Goodbyes are sad but meetings in the future will be joyful.

    Safe travels.

    1. Thank you.
      You are right about the goodbyes but the possibility of crossing paths again always brings a smile to my face. Looking forward to crossing paths with you and Riley down the road.
      Stay safe.

  4. Exciting few days with friends. That's great. Seems like everyone has free three day RV park visits. Wonder how they make money.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you both and safe travels.

    1. It was a exciting couple of days.
      You have to wonder about it...hoping for a paying return, maybe...LOL
      Safe travels to you and Yuma, also.

  5. What a beautiful church. Happy Valentines Day to you two!!!

  6. Love the pics Deb! The Arizona Marketplace is something and took a bit of our money too while we were there, definitely looking forward to going back. The church is beautiful! The Holy family statue is adorable. Red is definitely one of your colors!

    1. I am sure we will be going back in the future, also, and leaving more money
      I had never seen that Holy Family one before, I loved it.
      Thank you.