Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Eastward Trek Continues, Making Our Way Across Texas

Monday, April 8, 2019

Since the last time I posted our blog we spent two days, this past Thursday and Saturday, just sitting around and relaxing. Wednesday we took a ride on the Billy the Kid Scenic Byway, Friday we visited the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, and Sunday we went to Mass at the beautiful St. Joseph Apache Mission Church in Mescalero, New Mexico. All these adventures deserve a blog post in our memory book. Tom and I took a lot of pictures that I need to go through and it is taking a while to make decisions. In the meantime back to the present.

Today we left the Spring River RV Park in Roswell, NM and continued our trek East. After 292 miles, mostly on US-380, we stopped for the night at the Walmart in Stamford, TX. It was a long day and we did not leave the park until a little after 10:00AM this morning. The plan is to get to Texarkana on Wednesday and then decide the next part of our route at that time. We are watching the weather and it looks like there will be some bad weather going through the central part of the country in the middle of the week and possibly the weekend. We have 9 days to make it into Michigan  if it looks bad we will just stop and wait it out.

Packed and ready to go. Tom is waiting for me to back out the Jeep so
he can move the Stinger "B"  to spot that is more level to hook up.

Traveling east on US-380 it seems strange to not see mountains
ahead of us. Though, you can sense we are still up high.

Going through Tatum, NM the elevation is around 4,000 feet.
These were on their light poles.

We have crossed into Texas and the road ahead is still very flat though
we do see some trees and wildflowers along the road.
We are now in the Central Time Zone and one hour disappears quickly.

As we continued East we were getting a little hungry as breakfast had been several hours earlier. We only saw one "Picnic Table Rest Area" and we could not get into it. Patsy, Chillin' with Patsy had posted about a free will donation park they had stayed at on their way east in March and though we were pretty sure we wanted to make more miles today I had written it down in case we changed our mind. So we found the park and had lunch in Brownfield at the Coleman RV Park. (Side note: just a few miles past Brownfield there is a "Picnic Table Rest Area" that is easy to get in and out of.)

We can see wind turbines in the distance.

We are in Tahoka, TX

There is nothing written on the their water tower.

These yellow wildflowers were beautiful.

Going through downtown Post.

The scenery is changing as we continue east.
I even saw some windmills today.

After several tries I got a picture of these two horses.
I kept saying to Tom we cannot be in Texas and not have a picture of a
horse in the blog. It is out my side window through the screen  which
is why it is blurry.

On TX -283 I finally got a picture of the Brazos River, not sure which
branch. It is out the side window like the one above but I got it.
We went over it several times but I never had the camera in hand.

As I finish writing this, this morning we are enjoying our coffee before we continue our journey. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

We are glad  you stopped in.
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  1. A good travel day and like us going through Tornado Alley at this time of year we watch the weather closely. Continued safe travels.

  2. Hopefully the weather holds out for you :-)