Friday, April 19, 2019

Kentucky Behind Us We Are in Ohio

Saturday, April 13, 2019

We left the rest area this morning under cloudy skies. As I mentioned it was actually a fairly quite stop and even the highway noise was not bothersome. Today's route will take us north on I-65 to Elizabethtown where we will connect to the Blue Grass Parkway which will take us east to Lexington. Just north of Lexington our home on wheels will be heading north on I-75. Though we will not be on it the entire way to our destination near Marine City Michigan we will connect with it again north of Flint, MI. It will then take us back up across the Mackinac Bridge and into the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Back to today the "plan" is to stop, as mentioned in our last post, at a RV Park near Wapakoneta, Ohio. After 316 miles we pulled in to the park to find out the only site they had available we would fit into was basically dirt and mud. The thing that is somewhat upsetting, okay honestly really upsetting, is we had called the day before and told the person on the phone what size our rig was. This was a well established park and they certainly had to have known we were to heavy for the site they had available. So now after a long day we had to scramble to find a place to park.  They mentioned a KOA down the same road just the opposite way off of I-75 so we stopped at a rest area just down from them to call to see if they had anything available. Luckily they did so we headed over to the KOA which was a very nice park though the sites are tight and more money then we really wanted to spend. At this point we were just happy to find a place and booked for two nights. This would give us time to rest a little, get some wash done, and find a place down the road for a few nights. More about that fun when we move on Monday. After 326 miles we ended our day at the Wapakoneta KOA.

Our spot at the Kentucky Rest Area near Munfordville.

The Blue Grass Parkway.

The scenery is wonderful.  

Sort of wish is was a sunny day.

We are still seeing fields filled with yellow.

When we asked about this route at the Kentucky Welcome Center

the woman on duty described the ride

as rolling hills. 

A perfect description of the ride.

I love the older over passes.
One thing we did notice was there was no mention of the height.

This is basically what most of the scenery was like along

the parkway. 

The only time it became more "commercial" was when we went by a town.

We are just about at the end of the parkway here.


Then we are in Lexington.

We did not see any signs so I have no idea what this is.

Finally horses across the way. I was beginning to think I would
not get a picture of any while we were still in Kentucky.

 I-75 and heading North.

A detour "Hazel" took us on.
She claimed it would save us 30 minutes.
We took it but will never know for sure
if she was on a power trip or if we did save time.

We are back on I-75 still heading North.

When we saw this sign we knew we were getting close to Cincinnati.

Then coming down at a nice pace Cincinnati is in front of us
and I can here the theme from WKRP in Cincinnati.

Then we are in Ohio

and being welcomed by Cincinnati.

Not in the right order I am sure but over passes in Ohio.

There is construction.

Then the Solid Rock Church.
That is one large statue.

A couple of things I found interesting as we traveled along.
A very green building and a very red building.

Dayton is ahead.

This sign flashed above us several times.
They obviously care about "AL".

These are along I-75. At least we saw them in Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan.
Lets truckers know how many parking spaces in the rest stop ahead.
Nice for RVer's also.

One of the rest stops we stopped at today.

I am pretty sure we did not heed this advice today. One thing we talked about is the fact that we need to spend time in Kentucky. There is a lot to see and enjoy and all we ever seem to do is drive through.
One more thing to add to the bucket list.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and we hope you enjoyed the pictures from today's ride.
If you have time to leave a comment we would enjoy hearing from you.


  1. I thought if a bridge isn't marked it is good for trucks. No need to put height.

    1. We had never heard that. Since, there were semis on the road we just figured it was safe. I am going to do some checking that would be good information to have, thank you.

  2. Hope you had the same Tail Wind we did. Same KOA we left that morning when you arrived later in the day. Our favourite stopping spot.
    Hoping you made it home for the Due Date like you planned.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being with Family again.

    It's about time.

    1. We did have some tail wind which was nice. It is a nice KOA and we were lucky they had a spot. To bad we were not a day earlier.
      We did make it to Michigan and the spot at the State Park as planned Now if the rain would

  3. WKRP also enters my mind when I come down that hill into Cincinnati. Also, "Mother listens on a clear from Dayton" as we approach Dayton. Always gives me a chuckle.
    You're making some great time. I loved the road along the parkway. Very scenic, looked peaceful and unhurried. I like those kinds of roads. Sorry to hear about the park issue. Never fun, and they should know better. However you made the right decision and you will know for next time. I think the wet spring leaves folks scrambling from time to time. Continue safe travels.

    1. Oklahoma is another place that gets me humming...:)
      We did put the miles behind us quickly and we talked about leaving earlier to start back in the future so we can slow down a bit in the east. The Parkway was a beautiful ride.
      We have now learned we need to ask more questions when calling RV Parks especially in the spring. The bright spot nice to know we can still learn something new...LOL
      Take Care.

  4. Too bad about the park site but even though KOA's are pricey, they usually have good sites.
    Sorry Deb but I had to laugh at this comment on your picture of Heavenly Hills Bourbon Distillery. 'A perfect description of the ride.' Sounds to me like you and Tom were tipping the elbow along the way! haha
    The green building maybe isn't finished? I hope not! Love the duck crossing sign and I sure hope nothing happens to Al.
    It is indeed a nice drive even without sun.

    1. I agree KOA's usually do have good sites and we were lucky they had a spot later in the day on a weekend.
      I meant to put that remark on the next Oh well, I think I will leave it there. We actually talked about that next time we come this way we need to make time to stop at some of those distilleries...:)

  5. Wapa is a goo place to stop though the KOA is pricey, just down the road from our Membership park. Nice to get things done, before carrying on More safe travels. We have been to marine city a few times over the years, a nice small town.

    1. Wapakoneta was a nice place to stop just wish it would have been at the other park.
      Marine City is a nice small town. Actually, all the little towns along the water on this side up to New Baltimore make for a nice ride. (We have seen the ferry from Canada come in a couple of times.)

    2. The other park could be doable, I will e mail you.
      We have taken that Ferry across from Ontario a few times. Check the town , go for lunch and stop at the duty free to stock up.

    3. Thank you, we got the email and I replied.
      I thought you had mentioned doing this in the past.

  6. Haha, as soon as you said you were in Cincinnati the theme song from WKRP ran through my head :-)

    1. I know, whenever I read that some one has driven through Cincinnati that theme is in my